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up Parent Directory 07-Nov-2018 13:26 - directory al-qaeda-lie-detection 03-Jul-2016 11:48 - directory cbp-tes-c 22-Jun-2018 06:15 - directory dodpi_test_data_analysis 03-Jul-2016 11:49 - directory myth 29-Aug-2007 06:27 - directory nemesysco 25-Feb-2009 09:59 - directory polygraph-place 19-Jul-2018 05:46 - unknown (U) Physiological Features.docx 09-Jun-2018 06:43 24k unknown (U) Physiological Features.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:43 60k unknown 016738-F3.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:16 696k unknown 12m0250.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:16 32k unknown 193832.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:18 6196k unknown 2003 - CM at Mexico, July 21, 2003.pdf 29-Jan-2018 05:48 16680k unknown 2003 - CM at Mexico, July 21, 2003.ppt 29-Jan-2018 05:48 10452k unknown 219031.pdf 30-Jul-2007 11:15 2108k unknown 5520b4.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:20 3756k unknown 902-0470-14 CM_Worksheet.pdf 18-Oct-2014 18:04 48k unknown 902-0470-14 Poly_Report.pdf 18-Oct-2014 18:05 196k unknown 902-0470-14.lip 18-Oct-2014 18:06 880k unknown ADA382164.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:20 1100k unknown Anti-Countermeasures & Counter-Countermeasures.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:43 1932k unknown Anti-Countermeasures & Counter-Countermeasures.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:42 480k unknown Block #1 -Intro Back to Basics(rewrite).pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:52 18832k unknown Block #1 -Intro Back to Basics(rewrite).ppt 09-Jun-2018 06:52 17060k unknown Block #2 Physiological Features.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:50 11396k unknown Block #2 Physiological Features.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:48 8012k unknown Block #3 Internet CM Exercise slideshow.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:46 2352k unknown Block #3 Internet CM Exercise slideshow.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:45 736k unknown Block #3 Internet CM Lab Exercise Instructions.docx 09-Jun-2018 08:21 236k unknown Block #3 Internet CM Lab Exercise Instructions.pdf 09-Jun-2018 08:21 332k unknown Block #4 - CM Research.pdf 09-Jun-2018 08:23 4476k unknown Block #4 - CM Research.ppt 09-Jun-2018 08:23 2588k unknown Block #5 Other Testing Techniques.pdf 09-Jun-2018 08:24 5692k unknown Block #5 Other Testing Techniques.ppt 09-Jun-2018 08:24 6704k unknown C-Factor Definitions expanded(03OCT12).pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:59 28836k unknown C-Factor Definitions expanded(03OCT12).pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:55 19016k unknown C-Factor March 2009.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:53 12264k unknown C-Factor March 2009.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:56 15104k unknown CM Research-UNCLASSIFIED.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:57 1140k unknown CM Research-UNCLASSIFIED.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:56 100k unknown CM Slideshow.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:56 9792k unknown CM Slideshow.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:56 6492k unknown CM timelines.doc 03-Dec-2017 09:41 140k unknown CM timelines.pdf 03-Dec-2017 09:41 288k unknown Case Review 1.pdf 11-Jun-2018 04:12 4804k unknown Case Review 1.pptx 11-Jun-2018 04:12 3428k unknown Case Review 2 through 4.pdf 11-Jun-2018 04:16 6380k unknown Case Review 2 through 4.pptx 11-Jun-2018 04:14 4152k unknown Case Review 5.pdf 11-Jun-2018 04:19 7548k unknown Case Review 5.pptx 11-Jun-2018 04:18 5256k unknown Case Review 6.pdf 11-Jun-2018 04:18 5100k unknown Case Review 6.pptx 11-Jun-2018 04:18 3468k unknown Course Syllabus Comp Course INSTRUCTOR TEMPLATE.docx 09-Jun-2018 07:02 40k unknown Course Syllabus Comp Course INSTRUCTOR TEMPLATE.pdf 09-Jun-2018 07:02 180k unknown FPCECP SOP Nov 12.docx 09-Jun-2018 06:56 276k unknown FPCECP SOP Nov 12.pdf 09-Jun-2018 06:56 320k unknown I-12-16Feb01.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 24k unknown Interrogating Suspected Countermeasure Cases NCCA.pdf 09-Jun-2018 09:37 2064k unknown Interrogating Suspected Countermeasure Cases NCCA.pptx 09-Jun-2018 06:41 596k unknown Laf Test Data Notations (Apr 2011).doc 09-Jun-2018 07:03 188k unknown Laf Test Data Notations (Apr 2011).pdf 09-Jun-2018 07:03 248k unknown Nailing the Pre-test Interview.pdf 08-Jul-2018 14:27 6540k unknown Nailing the Pre-test Interview.ppt 08-Jul-2018 14:27 264k unknown OIG-18-68-Jul18.pdf 02-Aug-2018 15:05 1084k unknown PCASS_Battelle_report.pdf 10-Apr-2008 08:06 908k unknown PCASS_Camp_Cropper_memo.pdf 10-Apr-2008 08:06 124k unknown PCASS_DACA_studies.pdf 10-Apr-2008 08:06 136k unknown PCASS_Johns_Hopkins.pdf 10-Apr-2008 08:08 864k unknown PCASS_PowerPoints.pdf 10-Apr-2008 08:07 584k unknown RHTG40422.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:38 80k [HTM] RHTG40422.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:42 4k unknown RHTG40429.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:38 72k [HTM] RHTG40429.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:38 8k unknown RL31988-01-10-2003.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:38 72k unknown RL31988.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:38 60k unknown Re_ help help help please.eml 03-Nov-2013 12:21 12k unknown UF_Report_03_17_2006.pdf 20-Sep-2007 07:54 368k unknown a2801.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:20 24k unknown a2802.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:20 24k unknown a2805.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:20 28k unknown aapp-handbook-ch15-countermeasures-2008.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:24 300k unknown afosi-polygraph-countermeasure-handbook.pdf 15-Nov-2015 19:36 3228k [HTM] al-qaeda-lie-detection.shtml 18-Nov-2006 21:06 12k unknown alaska-state-trooper.pdf 04-Jan-2013 13:14 292k unknown antipolygraph.032009.mmpi-2.doc 21-Mar-2009 14:48 904k unknown article-037.pdf 26-Oct-2006 05:12 536k unknown atlas-patent-application.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 652k [HTM] atlas-patent-application.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:21 32k unknown az-sex-offenders.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 616k unknown barland-honts-barger-1989.pdf 13-Dec-2005 10:02 2020k unknown barnett-dana-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 648k unknown bassett-countermeasures-2010.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:24 1632k unknown batts-intercept-letter.pdf 08-May-2006 11:59 84k unknown beatty-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 384k [IMG] cappsm.jpg 20-May-2005 07:47 12k unknown cbp-cleared-shelf-initiative.pdf 06-Apr-2013 18:05 120k [CMP] 05-May-2015 17:42 106012k unknown cbp-ia-five-year-report-2012.pdf 12-Jun-2013 18:55 4252k unknown cbp-ia-newsletter-2013-08.pdf 10-Jun-2014 04:47 1192k unknown cbp-ia-organizational-chart-2013-06.pdf 15-Jun-2013 08:12 204k unknown cbp-ia-organizational-chart.pdf 12-Jun-2013 19:34 164k unknown cbp-ia-reminder-on-ipd-reporting-structure.pdf 12-Jun-2013 20:01 152k unknown cbp-ncca-inspection-report-2013-03-26.pdf 21-Aug-2013 14:42 1052k unknown cbp-ncca-inspection-report-cover-letter-2013-03-27.pdf 21-Aug-2013 14:42 128k unknown cbp-polygraph-handbook-2010-01-07.pdf 21-Aug-2013 14:42 1872k unknown cbp-significant-admissions-summary.pdf 04-Apr-2013 09:59 5324k unknown cbp-test-vs-no-test.pdf 06-Apr-2013 18:05 1120k unknown cem-polygraph-insurance-policy.pdf 04-Nov-2005 08:50 72k unknown ci-interrogation.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 644k unknown cia-polygraph-interrogation.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:21 312k unknown cid-polygraph-manual-2005.pdf 09-Aug-2005 13:00 320k unknown cipoly.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 188k unknown cist-1981.pdf 26-Oct-2006 06:22 740k unknown co-dps-12-2000-app.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 524k unknown co-dps-12-2000.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 340k unknown coffey-letter-2009-09-04.pdf 13-Sep-2009 08:27 880k unknown cohen-patent-application.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 712k [HTM] cohen-patent-application.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:22 32k unknown csotpoly.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 164k unknown csotpoly.wpd 27-Nov-2004 11:22 80k unknown d0222.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:22 308k unknown dhs-privacy-office-report-on-cbp-ia-2012-07-18.pdf 02-May-2013 12:06 916k [CMP] 18-Apr-2015 20:25 40712k [HTM] dirnsa-27-09-1982.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:23 8k unknown dod-email-2012-07-11.pdf 27-Jul-2012 21:09 4260k unknown dod-oig-montes-review.pdf 10-Jul-2016 11:37 15140k unknown dodpi-guidance-committee.pdf 20-May-2005 05:34 64k [HTM] dodpi-guidance-committee.shtml 20-May-2005 09:14 4k unknown dodpi-interrogation.pdf 26-Oct-2006 04:38 1588k unknown dodpi-lepet.pdf 26-Oct-2006 06:22 900k unknown dodpi-library-holdings.rtf 27-Nov-2004 11:25 2312k [HTM] dodpi-library-holdings.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:26 1880k unknown dodpi-numerical-scoring-08-2004.pdf 11-Apr-2006 17:17 188k unknown dodpi-numerical-scoring-08-2006.pdf 24-Nov-2006 15:53 368k unknown dodpi-polygraph-sensors-2002-08.pdf 12-Feb-2013 12:12 2660k unknown dodpi-practicum-activities-2002-05.pdf 14-Feb-2013 11:01 1776k unknown dodpi-racial-bias-study.pdf 18-Nov-2006 19:16 1524k [HTM] dodpi-relevant-irrelevant.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:10 8k unknown dodpi-test-data-analysis.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:27 556k unknown dodpi.pdt 27-Nov-2004 11:28 3364k [HTM] dodpi94-r-0008.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:28 92k [HTM] dodpi94-r-0009.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:06 20k unknown dodpi94-r-0015.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 852k unknown dodpi97-p-0009-appendix-i.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 32k [HTM] dodpi97-p-0009-appendix-i.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:29 32k unknown dodpi97-p-0009.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 1340k [HTM] doe-oci-31-05-01.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:28 8k unknown doe-oig-polygraph-policy-2012-04.pdf 28-May-2013 14:37 964k unknown doe-polygraph-consent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 72k unknown doe-polygraph-medical.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 56k unknown doe-polygraph-notification.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 36k [HTM] doe-polygraph-video.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:33 16k unknown doi-oig-polygraph-policy-2006-07.pdf 07-Feb-2013 05:19 104k [HTM] doi-polygraph-regulation.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:29 12k unknown doi-polygraph-regulation.wp 27-Nov-2004 11:29 24k unknown doj-use-of-polygraph-2006.pdf 19-Sep-2006 01:18 1056k unknown dot-oig-special-investigative-techniques.pdf 08-May-2013 13:22 7896k unknown drdak-polygraph-countermeasures.pdf 15-Nov-2015 19:54 14364k [HTM] fbi-polygraph-guidelines.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:29 12k unknown fbi-psp-leaflet.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:29 624k [HTM] fbi-psp-leaflet.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:43 12k unknown fbi_psp.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 12k unknown fd-328.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 84k unknown fd-328a.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 64k unknown fd-328b.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 96k unknown fd-328c.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 72k unknown fd-497.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 96k unknown fd-498.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 44k unknown fdic-oig-polygraph-policy-2005-09.pdf 07-Feb-2013 05:17 560k unknown federal-polygraph-handbook-01-03-2004.pdf 11-Apr-2006 17:17 964k unknown federal-polygraph-handbook-01-12-1998.pdf 01-Nov-2005 17:14 292k unknown federal-polygraph-handbook-02-10-2006.pdf 10-Jan-2007 07:27 984k unknown federal-polygraph-handbook.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 1012k unknown gelb-complaint-09-05-2006.pdf 09-May-2006 12:59 140k unknown gelb-complaint-cape-15-06-2006.pdf 15-Jun-2006 20:03 144k unknown gelb-complaint-reply-09-06-2006.pdf 14-Jun-2006 09:01 116k unknown griebl-fbi-polygraph.pdf 29-May-2007 09:58 4528k unknown handler-countermeasures-2009.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:31 53248k unknown handler-countermeasures-2009.ppt 21-Feb-2013 20:27 18252k unknown harris-olsen-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:30 704k unknown help help help please.eml 03-Nov-2013 12:21 156k [HTM] higazy-oig-report.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:49 28k [HTM] history.html 27-Nov-2004 11:30 4k unknown history.pdt 27-Nov-2004 11:31 156k [HTM] history.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:31 124k unknown history.wp5 27-Nov-2004 11:31 128k unknown holden-sexual-harassment.pdf 23-Mar-2008 07:12 608k [HTM] holden-sexual-harassment.shtml 23-Mar-2008 07:26 12k unknown honts-countermeasures-2009.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:27 1888k unknown keeler-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 476k unknown lapd-polygraph-guidelines.pdf 11-Apr-2005 09:52 348k unknown lapd-polygraph-letter.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 28k unknown lapd-polygraph-notice.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 76k [HTM] lapd-polygraph-waiver.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:52 8k unknown lasd-polygraph-pamphlet.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 344k [HTM] lasd-polygraph-waiver.shtml 18-Nov-2006 21:01 8k unknown lbj-memo-opinion.pdf 18-Jan-2009 08:38 388k unknown lbj-memo.pdf 18-Nov-2006 20:01 368k [HTM] lbj-memo.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:02 8k unknown lcflutter-02-04-1954.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 320k unknown lee-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:31 824k unknown marston-fbi-file.pdf 31-Oct-2006 14:33 736k unknown marston-razor-high-res.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:33 5200k unknown marston-razor-low-res.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:34 1724k unknown marta-rita-velazquez-arrest-warrant-and-indictment.pdf 28-Apr-2013 07:48 444k unknown menges-countermeasures-rome-2005.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:28 15068k unknown menges-countermeasures-rome-2005.ppt 21-Feb-2013 20:30 28300k unknown morris-weinstein-scoring-techniques-1988.pdf 17-Feb-2013 08:37 660k [BIN] mp1016.exe 27-Nov-2004 11:35 1872k unknown mp1016a.doc 27-Nov-2004 11:35 2252k [HTM] myth-of-the-lie-detector.shtml 18-Nov-2006 21:04 20k unknown nas-polygraph-report.pdf 23-Feb-2013 08:46 10064k unknown ncca-numerical-scoring-2017-08.pdf 12-Jun-2018 19:27 440k unknown ncca-research-overview-fy2013.pdf 13-Oct-2014 04:23 4656k unknown ncca-research-overview-fy2013.ppt 13-Oct-2014 04:23 5408k unknown ncca-test-data-analysis-2011-04.pdf 07-Nov-2018 12:04 7224k unknown ncca-test-data-analysis-2011-04.ppt 07-Nov-2018 12:03 5944k [HTM] nixon-polygraph-quotation.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:35 16k unknown nojos-polygraphy-policy.doc 27-Nov-2004 11:36 352k unknown nojos-polygraphy-policy.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:36 368k [HTM] nsa-memo-08-07-1983.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:24 4k unknown nsa-polygraph-leaflet.pdf 09-Mar-2010 09:44 1700k [HTM] nsa-polygraph-regulation.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:22 40k [HTM] nsa-sml-12-07-1983.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:25 8k [HTM] nsa-sml-27-09-1983.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:26 4k unknown onesimus-apology-letter.pdf 14-Mar-2006 17:26 120k unknown onesimus-letter.pdf 10-Mar-2006 05:26 676k unknown oro-s-85.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:36 880k [HTM] oro-s-85.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:36 44k unknown ota-polygraph-report.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:37 1192k [HTM] perserec-06-2001.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:18 56k unknown peterson-skrzypczak-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:37 268k unknown plea-guide-2010-02-25.pdf 15-Sep-2011 07:33 1832k unknown pliszka-declaration-ceglia-v-zuckerberg-2011-06-16.pdf 27-Oct-2012 06:43 1784k unknown polygraphs-and-security.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:37 124k unknown psp-applicant-polygraph-screening-booklet-2011-04.pdf 10-Feb-2013 08:18 332k unknown psp-lepet-applicant-package-2012-04.pdf 10-Feb-2013 08:18 256k unknown psp-polygraph-policy-2011-05-20.pdf 10-Feb-2013 08:18 168k unknown psp-pre-employment-polygraph-protocol-2010-12.pdf 10-Feb-2013 08:18 76k unknown r195_6.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:37 1436k unknown reid-11-2001.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:37 160k unknown reid-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:38 860k [HTM] richardson-memo-02-2001.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:48 16k unknown schwartz-interrogation-2007.pdf 07-Nov-2013 19:04 1408k [HTM] screening.html 27-Nov-2004 11:38 4k unknown screening.pdt 27-Nov-2004 11:38 308k [HTM] screening.shtml 10-Dec-2005 10:53 256k unknown screening.wp5 27-Nov-2004 11:38 264k unknown security-clearances.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:45 17092k [HTM] security-clearances.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:15 32k unknown sinclair-polygraph-barland-review.pdf 27-Feb-2008 06:07 276k unknown sinclair-polygraph-gelb-drugs.pdf 27-Feb-2008 06:07 160k unknown sinclair-polygraph-gelb-sex.pdf 27-Feb-2008 06:08 156k unknown skilling-polygraph.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:45 416k unknown slammer-12-04-1990.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:45 124k [HTM] slammer-12-04-1990.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:45 12k unknown sombguide.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:45 396k unknown stenbit-polygraph-memo.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:45 44k [HTM] stenbit-polygraph-memo.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:19 8k [IMG] stenbit.jpg 27-Nov-2004 11:45 12k unknown stoelting-countermeasures.pdf 15-Oct-2014 21:16 6792k unknown stoelting-countermeasures.pptx 15-Oct-2014 21:14 6976k [HTM] tes-briefing.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:45 20k [HTM] tes-expansion-validation.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:45 12k unknown va-oig-polygraph-program.pdf 11-Mar-2013 09:49 15028k unknown voelz-patent-1.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:46 600k unknown voelz-patent-2.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:46 1304k unknown wastl-poppy-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:47 600k [HTM] whelan-memo-03-01-01.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:57 12k [HTM] whelan-memo-03-01-01a.shtml 27-Nov-2004 11:47 4k [HTM] whelan-memo-03-01-01b.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:58 12k [HTM] whelan-memo-03-01-01c.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:59 8k [HTM] whelan-memo-16-10-01.shtml 18-Nov-2006 20:54 16k unknown wilhelm-burns-patent.pdf 27-Nov-2004 11:47 732k unknown wygant-countermeasures-2005.pdf 21-Feb-2013 20:31 6944k unknown wygant-countermeasures-2005.ppt 21-Feb-2013 20:31 2800k

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