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"...the theory and methods of polygraphic lie detection are not rocket science, indeed, they are not science at all."

Emeritus Professor
David T. Lykken

"The so-called 'control' question 'test' polygraph is a technological flight of fancy. It is often used as a psychological rubber hose to induce confessions. Founded on lies, it spreads distrust while posing as the path to truth."

Emeritus Professor
John J. Furedy

"The lie detector, in many places, is nothing more than a psychological third-degree aimed at extorting a confession as the old physical beatings were. At times I'm sorry I ever had any part in its development."

polygraph pioneer
John A. Larson (1892-1965)

"[Polygraph screening] is completely without any theoretical foundation and has absolutely no validity...the diagnostic value of this type of testing is no more than that of astrology or tea-leaf reading."

former Supervisory
Special Agent
Dr. Drew C. Richardson, (1951-2016)
FBI Laboratory Division

"Polygraph testing has been the gold standard, but it's obviously fool's gold."

Prof. Stephen E. Fienberg (1942-2016)
Chairman, Committee to Review the Scientific Evidence on the Polygraph,
National Academy of Sciences

"If we had medical tests that had the same failure rate as a polygraph, then physicians that use those tests would be convicted of malpractice."

Dr. Alan P. Zelicoff, M.D.

"A polygraph is nothing more than a psychological billy club used to coerce and intimidate people."

Former police polygraphist
Doug Williams

"Polygraph is more art than science, and unless an admission is obtained, the final determination is frequently what we refer to as a scientific wild-ass guess (SWAG)"

CIA polygrapher
John F. Sullivan

"If you choose to implement this astrology surrogate, and to treat us with such deep disrespect, do not confuse our contempt for arrogance."

David Dearborn
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"People in the security community are so wedded to polygraph testing that they are just going to ignore the scientific facts about this."

Jeffrey D. Colvin
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

"Whether it is screening applicants or screening employees, the polygraph is a failure. I suspect that its days as a screening tool are deservedly near an end."

former FBI Special Agent
Mark Mallah

"The US is, so far as I know, the only nation which places such extensive reliance on the polygraph....It has gotten us into a lot of trouble."

convicted spy
Aldrich H. Ames

"[The CIA's] reliance on the polygraph is truly insane"

former CIA Director
John M. Deutch

"...the use of this highly flawed instrument should be radically curtailed."

former CIA Director
R. James Woolsey

"You have to go in there with a gladiator mentality."

retired FBI polygrapher
Jack Trimarco (1947-2018)

"It's kind of like...confessing to a priest..."

T.V. O'Malley (1951-2013)
Past President,
American Polygraph Association

"If you come in concerned and scared, that's normal and a good thing."

David M. Renzelman (1939-2016)
Former DOE Polygraph
Program Chief

"I don't know anything about polygraphs, and I don't know how accurate they are, but I know they'll scare the hell out of people."

Richard M. Nixon (1913-1994)

(Why not enhance your privacy by using the free Tor Browser?)

"The whole process smacks of 20th century witchcraft." U.S. Senator Sam Ervin (1896-1985)

Polygraph "testing" has no scientific basis.
The lie detector is itself based on lies...

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Educate yourself. Before playing Russian roulette with your reputation, learn how to protect yourself against this invalid test. Download AntiPolygraph.org's free book (4 mb PDF):

The Lie Behind the Lie Detector

(Also available in EPUB and MOBI/Kindle formats)

The dirty little secret behind the polygraph is that the "test" depends on trickery, not science. The person being "tested" is not supposed to know that while the polygraph operator declares that all questions must be answered truthfully, warning that the slightest hint of deception will be detected, he secretly assumes that denials in response to certain questions -- called "control" questions -- will be less than truthful. An example of a commonly used control question is, "Did you ever lie to get out of trouble?" The polygrapher steers the examinee into a denial by warning, for example, that anyone who would do so is the same kind of person who would commit the kind of behavior that is under investigation and then lie about it. But secretly, it is assumed that everyone has lied to get out of trouble.

The polygraph pens don't do a special dance when a person lies. The polygrapher scores the test by comparing physiological responses (breathing, blood pressure, heart, and perspiration rates) to these probable-lie control questions with reactions to relevant questions such as, "Did you ever commit an act of espionage against the United States?" (commonly asked in security screening). If the former reactions are greater, the examinee passes; if the latter are greater, he fails. If responses to both "control" and relevant questions are about the same, the result is deemed inconclusive.

The test also includes irrelevant questions such as, "Are the lights on in this room?" The polygrapher falsely explains that such questions provide a "baseline for truth," because the true answer is obvious. But in reality, they are not scored at all! They merely serve as buffers between pairs of relevant and "control" questions.

The simplistic methodology used in polygraph testing has no grounding in the scientific method: it is no more scientific than astrology or tarot cards. Government agencies value it because people who don't realize it's a fraud sometimes make damaging admissions. But as a result of reliance on this voodoo science, the truthful are often falsely branded as liars while the deceptive pass through.

Perversely, the "test" is inherently biased against the truthful, because the more honestly one answers the "control" questions, and as a consequence feels less stress when answering them, the more likely one is to fail. Conversely, liars can beat the test by covertly augmenting their physiological reactions to the "control" questions. This can be done, for example, by doing mental arithmetic, thinking exciting thoughts, altering one's breathing pattern, or simply biting the side of the tongue. Truthful persons can also use these techniques to protect themselves against the risk of a false positive outcome. Although polygraphers frequently claim they can detect such countermeasures, no polygrapher has ever demonstrated any ability to do so, and peer-reviewed research suggests that they can't.

Latest News

Personal Statement of Christopher J. Du Jardin
Imagine that you are on trial. After it is over, you are found not guilty. However, that verdict is only a recommendation and the final decision is made by the prosecution, who are so convinced of your guilt that they overturn the verdict and you are declared guilty. Sounds too Kafkaesque for real life?...

How to Anonymously Share Files with AntiPolygraph.org
If you have documents or information that you think we should know about, you can now send it to us anonymously via our OnionShare anonymous dropbox...

A Critical Examination of Converus Inc.'s Pseudoscientific "EyeDetect" Lie Detector
In "An Eye-Scanning Lie Detector Is Forging a Dystopian Future," Wired science writer Mark Harris investigates "EyeDetect," a new scientifically unproven lie detector being hawked as a replacement for the old scientifically unproven polygraph.

Suspected Serial Killer John Arthur Ackroyd Beat the Polygraph While Woman He Raped, Marlene K. Gabrielsen, Failed It
In June 1977, John Arthur Ackroyd raped Marlene K. Gabrielsen off Highway 20 in Oregon. Gabrielsen promptly reported the rape to police, who polygraphed both her and Ackroyd. Gabrielsen, a Native American, "failed" while Ackroyd, a white army veteran, "passed." Prosecutors declined to press charges.

The Polygraph Interrogation of Christopher Lee Watts (And How He Could Have Beaten It)
On 15 August 2018, Colorado Bureau of Investigations (CBI) Agent Tammy Lee conducted a polygraph interrogation of Christopher Lee "Chris" Watts of Frederick, Colorado regarding the disappearance of his wife Shanann and daughters Bella and Celeste. She was joined in the post-test interrogation by FBI Special Agent Grahm Coder.

5th Edition of The Lie Behind the Lie Detector Released
AntiPolygraph.org is pleased to announce the release of the 5th edition of The Lie Behind the Lie Detector. This is the first new edition in 13 years.

NSA Blocks AntiPolygraph.org on Twitter
The NSA (@NSAgov) has blocked AntiPolygraph.org (@ap_org) from following and viewing the NSA’s tweets....

Additional Documents from EEOC Case Implicating U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch
AntiPolygraph.org has obtained minimally redacted copies of six documents associated with the case of an applicant for a GS-15 information technology position with the U.S. Secret Service who received treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder and whose application was rejected following an allegedly failed pre-employment polygraph "test." Most of the audio recording of the polygraph session provided to the complainant and the administrative judge is incomprehensible.

Personal Statement of a CIA Analyst
A former CIA analyst describes her polygraph experiences with the CIA and as a contractor working for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), FBI, and Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).

Polygraph "Testing and the Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearings
As most readers will be aware, polygraphy has been in the news recently with respect to the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, whom President Trump has appointed to replace Judge Kennedy on the United States Supreme Court....

Depositions of U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Operators Ellen Ripperger and Edward D. Alston
AntiPolygraph.org has obtained minimally redacted copies of the 18 October 2016 depositions of U.S. Secret Service polygraph operators Ellen Ripperger and Edward D. Alston.

The AntiPolygraph.org Podcast: Episode 1 - Polygraphs and the Kavanaugh Nomination
In this episode, podcast host George Maschke discusses Professor Christine Blasey Ford’s polygraph examination in connection with her allegations against U.S. Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh, critical journalism on polygraphy inspired by this development, a proposed polygraph dragnet at the White House, a recent interview of polygraph critic Doug Williams on the Lions of Liberty podcast, and AntiPolygraph.org’s 18th anniversary online.

Complaint and Affidavit Concerning Malfeasance by U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Operator Ellen Ripperger
A complaint filed against the U.S. Secret Service documents how it used the polygraph as a pretext for blackballing a well-qualified senior electrical engineer with OCD.

U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch Challenge Coin
A U.S. Secret Service Polygraph Branch "challenge coin" has recently appeared for sale on eBay, and AntiPolygraph.org has obtained a specimen...

DHS OIG Whitewashes CBP Polygraph Complaints (or, CBP Dismisses 5 out of 6 Valid Complaints Against Its Polygraph Operators)
On 26 July 2018, the Department of Homeland Security Office of the Inspector General published report OIG-18-68, titled "Most Complaints About CBP’s Polygraph Program Are Ambiguous or Unfounded"....

NITV Hires Disgraced Ex-Cop Jerry W. Crotty II as Director of Law Enforcement Operations
The National Institute of Truth Verification, which markets a voice-based "lie detector" called the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), has hired disgraced ex-cop Jerry W. Crotty II to serve as its "Director of Law Enforcement Operations."

Former FBI Counterespionage Section Chief Peter Strzok Reportedly Failed to Pass Polygraph Screening "Test"
It has been reported that FBI Special Agent Peter Strzok, who was the chief of the Bureau's Counterespionage Section and who led the Bureau's investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's use of a personal e-mail server for official business, failed to pass a polygraph screening "test," but nonetheless maintained his security clearance (which has since been revoked).

“Nailing the Pretest Interview”: A Presentation by Skip Webb
AntiPolygraph.org has obtained a copy of a 2005 PowerPoint presentation prepared by former U.S. Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) Supervisory Agent and American Polygraph Association past president and past chairman of the board of directors Milton O. “Skip” Webb, Jr....

Credibility Assessment Standardized Evaluation (CASE) Prize Challenge
On 5 July 2018, the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) posted a notice about a "Credibility Assessment Standardized Evaluation (CASE) Prize Challenge" to encourage innovation in "credibility assessment" (the latest buzzword for "lie detection," which has fallen out of favor)...

Polygraph Discussion on Witwatersrand University Radio Academy Program "The Science Inside"
Among the topics addressed in the 26 June 2018 episode of the Witswatersrand (Wits) University radio program and podcast "The Science Inside" was polygraph "testing."

Polygraph Place Bulletin Board Private Forum
This index is the beginning of an ongoing project to make the Polygraph Place Bulletin Board Private Forum, which was posted to AntiPolygraph.org in June 2013, more readily accessible.

Google De-Lists AntiPolygraph.org on Key Search Terms
Search DuckDuckGo for "polygraph" and you'll find that AntiPolygraph.org, which hosts more documentation on polygraphs than any other site on the Internet, and you’ll find AntiPolygraph.org in the top 10 results....



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