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Contact AntiPolygraph.org

AntiPolygraph.org welcomes your comments, questions, or tips! We also welcome media inquiries and are glad to schedule interviews and provide research assistance. Contact us at:

Phone/SMS: 1-202-810-2105 (You can contact this number securely, and without it appearing in your billing records, using the free Signal Private Messenger for iPhone or for Android. Alternatively, you can contact this number securely via WhatsApp)

Wire: (What's this?): @ap_org

E-mail: antipolygraph.org@protonmail.com. To contact us privately (with end-to-end encryption), create your own free Swiss-based ProtonMail account and use it to e-mail us.

Postal mail:

c/o G.W. Maschke
Else Mauhslaan 39
2597 HA The Hague
The Netherlands



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