Get Involved in Polygraph Reform needs your help in the effort to abolish the pseudoscience of polygraphy. Public education is key, because so long as most Americans continue to wrongly believe that more polygraphs equals more security (the opposite is true), it will remain politically too risky for elected representatives to take a public stand against it. Here are some simple ways you can help to spread the truth about polygraphs:

Write to Your Elected Representatives

Next, write your congressional representatives and senators, urging them to sponsor an expanded Employee Polygraph Protection Act.  

The loopholes in the current EPPA must be filled. We suggest taking the extra time to send paper "snail" mail letters instead of using e-mail for this purpose.  Like everyone else, representatives receive large amount of "spam" to their e-mail accounts and are less likely to receive your message if it is sent via this medium.

Below, you will find a sample letter. Feel free to use this letter, or parts of it, in an antipolygraph letter of your own. This is easily done using the "cut" and "paste" commands.

Sample Letter

In addition, contact your state and local representatives and encourage them to introduce comprehensive antipolygraph legislation.  Minnesota's law is a good model for state legislatures to follow.
If you need further information, or would like to have your anonymous letter considered for publication at, please contact us at