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An Update: 

Due to the results of a Public Records Request that I filed and was recently provided with, the "investigation" into my polygraph experience was even worse than I previously thought. 

As you can see in the first image I've attached, Creepy Caputo's business partner Chip Morgan reaches out to him having already decided that my complaint was without merit. 

Creepy Caputo responds to Morgan's email by stating "Not that it matters, but the complainant was only asked about watching
pornography as it pertained to while at work or in regards to children." And then, without ever bothering to verify or corroborate this, Morgan includes the line "The entire polygraph interview by Mr. Caputo was recorded and the actual questions asked dealt with viewing pornography while at work and in regards to child pornography." Morgan makes his judgement using nothing but the word of Creepy Caputo, his business partner!

This grievance was used to justify the Internal Affairs complaint that I filed, meaning Creepy Caputo was absolved of any and all wrongdoing without anybody having ever watched the recording of my polygraph exam. 

As I've previously stated, this says a lot about why this abuse continues, there's no oversight!

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 on: Apr 10th, 2024 at 1:55pm 
Thanks for your reply.  I never said that I had "little prospect" of holding a security clearance again.  In fact, I may be going back into that field soon.  A couple DUI's don't ban you for life, it just suspends you for a period of time until you can mitigate the issue, which I think I did with treatment programs.

I guess I was being too paranoid.  This spy stuff never happens to me or anyone I know in real life.  I will likely rejoin the defense world soon but keep in touch with my friends from China who have lots of technical knowledge and can maybe even help me in my career.  You are right, there is no need to block them.  They can help me in my career.

I also found out that once I get my low-level Secret clearance, I may be upgraded to a Top Secret with polygraph later for more work . . . as long as I don't get any more DUIs.   I'm not sure how I should respond to the "foreign contacts" polygraph questions which may DQ me if I mention my paranoia about spies.  Maybe it is best that I deal with that later when the time comes.

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 on: Apr 10th, 2024 at 6:38am 
Considering that you no longer hold a security clearance and have little prospect of ever doing so again, it seems unlikely that you were recruited by spies. I see no reason to block and ignore your new friends.

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 on: Apr 9th, 2024 at 11:22am 
I was going to post this question on Reddit to get more replies in maybe the /r/securityclearance subreddit, but that site is heavily censored and people are quick to insult anyone and everyone.  My Reddit accounts always get banned on when I create them with TOR and throwaway emails. So I will just post here and hope for the best.

I was fired from a defense contractor after getting a couple DUIs and they yanked my clearance.  I went to Hong Kong for vacation and some Chinese people reached out to me on social media.  I will note that I am very active on social media and have my full resume, travel photos and videos, and even livestream for followers.  I ended up meeting with some of my Chinese followers while there and they treated me to lunch and tea and wanted to talk about my previous work.  I only told them unclassified stuff of course.  When it was time to return to the states, they said to keep in touch and gave me some cash as a friendly gift.  Now these same people are asking about my career plans and if I plan to reenter the world of defense.

I'm in the U.S. now so I assume I could just block and ignore these people for good.  But then I wonder what if they have a recording of our unclassified tea-talks and them giving me money and will show this video to the feds if I ignore them?!  Is this spy recruitment, or am I just being paranoid and should forget about this and move on with my life?

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 on: Apr 6th, 2024 at 4:09pm 
Thank you for the responses.  Polybeater - I am not confident that I passed, as I was told the test was "not complete" as the examiner could not come to a conclusion.  Based on what I have learned from George, the post test conversation was not a good sign.  However I did not receive much feedback about any of my reactions throughout the test.  After retaking certain portions we moved on.  It seems like I was able to leave the test convincing the examiner that I did not alter my physiology, but they had some doubts.

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EssentialLEO wrote on Apr 5th, 2024 at 8:01pm:
So my question:  Was it decided that I would not be going further in the process beforehand?

Probably not. Were that the case, the polygrapher needn't have spent six hours with you.

However, based on the use of the Silent Answer Test and the "Yes Test" (the instruction to lie on every question), plus your being asked if you were "altering your physiology, I think the polygrapher suspected that you were using countermeasures.

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 on: Apr 6th, 2024 at 4:45am 
If you did not make a disqualifying admission, you are more likely to pass.  The polygraph posse has to fail a certain number of applicants to make it appear that the stupid machine actually works.  So if you are the unlucky candidate that they just feel does not deserve the job for some reason, they might try to find a reason to fail you on the poly.  Otherwise, you are in good shape.   

I really wish the IC polygraph community would release the stats on how many "failing" applicants failed due to admissions versus those who "fail" due to having a "deception indicated" only chart reading.  Of course, they would never do that because it would give away the secret that the polygraph is just to make people confess.

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 on: Mar 31st, 2024 at 5:15pm 
We have obtained a redacted copy of a 2-page affidavit provided by U.S. Secret Service Special Agent Ellen Ripperger regarding the polygraph examination that was at issue in a U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint and that remains relevant to an ongoing Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General (DHS OIG) investigation.

Regarding the polygraph examination at issue, the recording of which, as provided by the U.S. Secret Service, was almost entirely incomprehensible, Ripperger under penalty of perjury affirmed, among other things:

4. On September 18, 2014, I recorded the polygraph examinaton of Mr. [redacted] using a microphone that plugs into my Secret Service laptop computer.

5. After I recorded the preamble to Mr. [redacted] examination, I unplugged the microphone from the laptop so that I could listen to the introduction. This is my usual practice, and I do this to verify that the audio recording software is functioning properly.

6. After I listened to the preamble, I plugged the microphone back into my laptop to record Mr. [redacted] examination.

7. Throughout the September 18, 2014, polygraph examination of Mr. [redacted] the display screen on my laptop monitor indicated that the audio recording software was functioning properly.

8. I checked my laptop monitor several times during the polygraph examination of Mr. [redacted] to confirm that the audio recording was functioning.

9. Because my laptop indicated that the audio recording software was functioning properly, I did not stop the examination to listen to the recording, aside from when I listened to the preamble. This is my usual practice when conducting polygraph examinations.

In order for paras. 7, 8, and 9 to be true, both the Lafayette software's "Warn on low audio" failsafe and the audio bar indicator mentioned in the Lafayette Instrument Company's affidavit must have failed. This beggars belief.

AntiPolygraph.org understands that the DHS OIG, in a meeting with attorney Thomas Gagliardo, admitted it sent the audio files of this exam out for forensic examination. If that forensic analysis did not suggest tampering, then why was this investigation not closed immediately? Indeed, it seemingly remains open in perpetuity.

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Nobody has posted in this section in almost three years!  This forum used to be full of posts from IC polygraph victims . . . I mean applicants, but now it has gone dead.  Let me try to revive it . . . 

Has anyone gone through the process with the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) lately?  This image from the NRO site says there are nine steps.   

How long between the interview (step 3), the conditional offer (step 4), and the polygraph (step 5)?   

What questions are asked on the NRO polygraph and where does it take place?

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Now that Signal (as of version 7.0.2) supports the use of user IDs instead of phone numbers when initiating contacts, we are launching a Signal user group for discussion of polygraph-related topics.

We suggest that you create a user ID and use that when joining instead of your phone number, and be mindful that your display name will be visible to chat group participants. So don't use your full name as your display name if you don't want to share it.

You can join the group by clicking on the following link or scanning the QR code below: