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 on: Jan 17th, 2022 at 10:30pm 
JRyan, I would like to add a couple of thoughts to your post:  Being a corrections officer is likely one of the toughest jobs in the CJ sector for several reasons, such as having to be locked up with criminals, as well as being in the same buildings as the management, dealing with endless layers of self-serving bureaucrats, lower pay than LE and legal arms of CJ plus much less respect from the general public that the LE and legal arms.  In fact, I can think of no movie or TV show I have ever seen where CO's were given any respect, and are usually cast as evil, dumb and corrupt characters.   i.e., the movie the Longest Yard.
These are some of the reasons why there are often shortages of COs.
Now, shame on the Arkansas DOC for knowingly using the known bogus NITV CVSA to play games with Officer Bianca Fletcher.  Arkansas DOC is ultimately contributing to the Arkansas crime rate by discouraging prospective employees from considering working for Arkansas DOC in particular, and corrections across the USA in general.  I have seen both LE and legal branch employees get their starts in CJ fields from a beginning job in a jail or prison.  It is important for corrections management to support their officers, and not use them as pawns, and making an already tough job even tougher.  It hurts all of us in the long run.
One thing I have not been able to find out is if the Arkansas DOC is still using the CVSA?  I truly hope not.  The bogus NITV CVSA test used on Officer Fletcher probably cost the struggling taxpayers of Arkansas into the six figures and hurt the morale of corrections employees throughout Arkansas.

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 on: Jan 8th, 2022 at 8:30pm 
Investigative journalist Jeffrey Augustine reports on his Dirty Cops & PIs blog that the New York Department of State has sent Daniel Ribacoff a letter of admonishment over violation of state business laws. See "Dan Ribacoff, IIGPI Admonished by New York State for Violating General Business Laws, Subcontracting with Unlicensed P.I., Retired NYPD Detective Yanti Michael Greene; Greene Allegedly Raped Female Surveillance Subject While Working for Ribacoff."

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 on: Dec 29th, 2021 at 3:09pm 

ShadowDragon is a new software tool that has been in usage for some time, but only recently reported on.

US Federal agencies have been using ShadowDragon for two years.  2nd tier agencies include some state police agencies to date.

RT news service has produced a video that fully details how ShadowDragon is used.   

It searches just about every aspect of the internet to include social media sites, amazon, dating sites, and others. 


Another good reporting source, THE INTERCEPT has produced an article on ShadowDragon


It is reasonable to assume that agencies conducting polygraphs on applicants and others could use ShadowDragon for a host of reasons.

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In JAN 2021 NITV LLC, d/b/a NITV Federal Services LLC settled out of court with Bianca Fletcher, an employee of Arkansas Dept of Corrections.  As in previous lawsuits filed against NITV for product liability, fraud and false advertising, the monetary value is not listed.  For those readers who missed the earlier AP article, note the link below:


Part of what was addressed in the lawsuit is related to two other AP articles that were published that impeach the validity of the Chapman Study and 98% accuracy claims still being touted by NITV as listed on websites, brochures and training bulletins.





More recently NITV LLC, d/b/a as NITV Federal Services LLC
filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy back in August 2021.  Note the link below that provides details in regards to the bankruptcy to include the actual petition.


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This is a great post.   I followed this post but added using my apple watch to monitor my heart beat when practicing my visualizations and responding to my mock polygraph recording of questions.   Worked perfectly.

You can also practice countermeasures of biting your tongue by when you answer the no questions you can already have your tongue in place on your teeth so they can't see you move your tongue or bite down.

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It appears that Charlie is hell bent to destroy his CVSA scam by his history of suing his rivals, all of which so far to my knowledge have been nothing more than bit players.  I have never heard of John Ryan and his FVSA until the above post.  I did some quick research, and admittedly have not cross referenced everything yet, but Ryan appears to see himself as a cross between James Bond and Chuck Norris.  He calls himself a Lt. Col., but does not say if that title was given him by a military, a police force, or a mall security firm.  He also appears to have the fake Ph.D., which is near mandatory by principals in the VSA business.  Taking on Ryan appears to have given Charlie an additional $300,000 or so debt.  I am flabbergasted by how much money and effort Charlie has spent defending his phoney persona against such minor players in the lie industry.
Perhaps the old cliche really is true: if someone bullshits enough, eventually they will reach a point where they actually believe their own BS.

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To advise you on this, I would need to know details about your experience that it would be unwise for you to publicly post. Please consider getting in touch via any of the secure means listed on our Contact Us page.

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I recently failed a poly and was accused of countermeasures. I used breath control. I wrote a letter and have been invited back for a retest. What do I say when I start getting interrogated about countermeasures? I used breath control and holding breath. I think I was too obvious though.

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Two claims have been filed in the NITV bankruptcy case that are available via PACER but that do not appear in the RECAP archive. They are attached to this post.

The first is a claim for $327,398.49 filed by the Brinkley Morgan law firm that includes unpaid legal expenses incurred by NITV in connection with a lawsuit NITV filed against John Ryan of Australia. Ryan marketed a voice-based "lie detector" that he called the "Forensic Voice Stress Analyzer."

Brinkley Morgan also claims for unpaid bills concerning an unspecified RICO [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] action and for unpaid bills in connection with a lawsuit filed against NITV by competitor Vipre Systems LLC in 2006.

The second claim is for $464,310.52 and concerns NITV's judgment debt of $250,000 plus interest to Elwood Gary Baker.

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I applied for a cybersecurity position with a government agency at Ft. Meade Maryland and proceeded through the interview process including a polygraph exam and psychological evaluation.

A few weeks after the last steps in the process, I was contacted and told that my application was declined because of "unspecified personality issues" with no additional information.

I was pissed. I am a very well known and prominent expert and one of the smarted people in cybersecurity field. I served in the US military and have held security clearances prior.

This proved to me that the polygraph and psychological evaluation processes are a sham.

Just a wild guess here, was this government agency the NSA?  You should file a Freedom of Information Act / Privacy Act (FOIA/PA) request.  I forget which one it is but it looks like there is an online form at each of those links and the postal mailing addresses are the same. 

Satirically, the street name of the NSA FOIA/PA office is Savage Road.  A befitting name for how the intelligence community mistreats their applicants during the pre-employment polygraph interrogations.

It will take several months but you will get a thick file on everything the NSA has on you.  The pertinent information in the FOIA/PA documents that you receive back, including the polygraph report, will be mostly redacted. However, it will help you discern exactly what absurd reason the NSA had for rejecting you. 

If you had your security clearance denied, then the NSA is required to tell you exactly why and you can appeal.  If you were just found unsuitable, then you have to figure out the reasons yourself based on your recollection of the events during your polygraph and psychological processing and the information you obtain from the FOIA/PA office.