The Lie Behind the Lie Detector by George W. Maschke and Gino J. Scalabrini


Executive Summary

POLYGRAPH "testing" has no scientific basis: it's entirely dependent on your ignorance and fear. Educate yourself. In this book, you will discover the trickery on which polygraph "testing" depends, and learn how to
make sure you pass your polygraph "test."

Our government's reliance on unreliable polygraph "testing" is both a danger to our national security and a hazard to the reputations of law-abiding citizens whose trustworthiness is judged by this voodoo science.
The Lie Behind the Lie Detector exposes polygraph waste, fraud, and abuse.

Chapter One covers the validity of polygraph "testing." Polygraphy can have no scientific validity because it is not a scientific procedure.

Chapter Two discusses polygraph policy, with special emphasis on the Aldrich H. Ames espionage case. In addition, the false positive problem in polygraph security screening is also discussed in detail.

Chapter Three exposes the trickery on which polygraph "testing" depends.

Chapter Four provides detailed instructions on how to use polygraph countermeasures to protect yourself against becoming a false positive.

Chapter Five discusses grievance procedures for those who have been falsely accused based on polygraph chart readings.

The Lie Behind the Lie Detector is free for non-commercial use and distribution.