Co-founder George Maschke Interviewed on Publicly Buzzed Live Stream

On Friday, 15 September 2023, brothers Steve and Dan, the hosts of Publicly Buzzed, a YouTube channel focused on crime, mystery, and comedy, spoke about polygraphs with co-founder George Maschke in a live broadcast that can be replayed here:

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  • I could not find the video, but I heard they interviewed Susan Ribacoff on an earlier web cast. Sure would be cool if Publicly Buzzed could set up a debate between Dr. Maschke and either Susan or Dan Ribacoff.

    • I posted comments on their Lisa Ribacoff interview video about the crimes of Lisa and Dan Ribacoff and the cowards Steve and Dan erased them during the live interview and continued to interview Lisa as if everything was normal. But I saved screen shots of those deleted comments and will be adding a new video to expose them soon.

  • Dan Ribacoff’s employees were credibly accused of assaulting a surveillance target, and Dan was nearly responsible for causing the death of a young lady, and then telling lies on Facebook in a failed attempt to coverup his incompetence. Lisa Ribacoff, along with her father hold racist views which have been documented. Based on what I have seen, the Ribacoffs are not honorable people. I think we can all agree on this.
    The real hypocrisy is the American Polygraph Association. They preach they for are professionalism, ethics and evidence based science yet Lisa Ribacoff is an officer in this organization, and Dan is a member. This proves that the APA is not a credible organization and that by proxy, the APA is also a racist organization.

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