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M/R:  Proposed polygraph legislation (Amendment to DOD Authorization Bill for 
FY-84) limits use of polygraph in DOD and specifically prohibits taking adverse 
action re:  DOD personnel either solely on the basis of a polygraph examination 
or solely on the basis of refusal to submit to a polygraph examination.  Per 
OGC, the effect of the language precludes both the aperiodic polygraph (APG) 
and the NSDD-84 polygraph (i.e. compulsory polygraphing in connection with 
disclosure investigations).  The proposed legislation provides NSA with an 
exemption permitting polygraphing of civilian employees in accordance with 
regulations in effect on the date of the enactment of the legislation.  Instant 
SML restates NSA policy re:  mandatory use of the polygraph in un-
authorized disclosure cases.  Because the current penalties for violations of 
security regulations in the PMM pertain to security materials and do not 
encompass the penalty for refusing to take a polygraph examination per this 
SML, an addition to the PMM was required.  Per OGC, the proposed inclusion in 
the PMM of violations regarding "other security matters" is purposely general 
to cover a range of potential security violations.  This change to the PMM was 
coordinated with M333.  Expedite processing of this SML necessitated because 
legislation is scheduled to be addressed by the Senate the week of 11 July.
[**REDACTED***]M509, 8058s, 8 Jul 83, blk

M5   [********REDACTED********]

OGC  [********REDACTED********]

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