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This document, which is Attachment 3 to a polygraph policy recommendation letter dated 3 January 2001 by Margaret M. Whelan, General Manager of the City of Los Angeles Personnel Department, was obtained by under the California Public Records Act.
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                   substantiate the concerns which resulted in 
                   the decision to administer the polygraph.

              Candidates for whom the polygraph results show 
              deception in a background area other than those 
              which led to the decision to administer the 
              polygraph examination, and who have not admitted to 
              disqualifying conduct:
              (1)  may be referred for further background 
                   investigation, or
              (2)  may be considered for disqualificaion 
                   utilizing the polygraph results as a factor in 
                   evaluating the total background of the 
              A candidate being considered for disqualification 
              after completing an LAPD-administered polygraph, 
              may request that the General Manager approve an 
              independent polygraph examination in accordance 
              with the Board's approved guideline. An inde-
              pendent examination shall be at the candidate's own 
              expense and in accordance with the Board's approved 
              guideline and all examination conditions set forth 
              in this Policy, and shall specifically include 
              making the tape recording and charts available to 
              the Personnel Department for independent quality 
              control analysis and review if requested.
                    (Amended 1-11-91, 6-16-00 and 8-11-00)

     1.14  In those cases in which the appointing authority has 
           reasonable cause to believe that an eligible or 
           employee should not be assigned to duties which involve 
           the operation of a motor vehicle on City business, the 
           concerned party may request the Personnel Department to 
           review the case. On the basis of a review of the 
           duties and responsibilities of the positions in 
           question, the Personnel Department shall determine 
           what, if any, restrictions should be placed on the 
           person's operation of motor vehicles on City business. 
           The City shall not assume any responsibility for 
           modifications to equipment or vehicles necessary to 
           accomodate restrictions placed by the Department of 
           Motor Vehicles on a person's driver's license.
           Nothing in this Section shall limit in any way the 
           authority of the Personnel Department to otherwise 
           review the driving record of applicants for positions
           or classes which require extensive driving.
                                                 (Amended 6-16-00)

2.  Deleted 6-16-00

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