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The following document was obtained in Kodak Imaging for Windows format from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Electronic Reading Room. (To download this document in PDF format, click here.)

         R. W. Cook, Deputy Manager                             September 19, 1947
         J. C. Robinson, Chief, Clinton Production Division



         Reference is made to a letter of May 26, 1947, from Lt. Col. R. W.
         Cook to Mr. S. R. Sapirie, and a letter of June 3, 1947, from
         Mr. S. R. Sapirie to Mr. D. F. Shaw, on the subject "Continued and
         Extended Use of the Polygraph."
         Since the writing of these two letters, this office has been
         requested to review the clearance granted various individuals as a
         result of the FBI investigation when that investigation developed
         information that might, under certain circumstances, be considered
         to have an adverse effect on security.  In some cases of this
         nature, a decision regarding the clearance to be granted has been
         extremely difficult to make as the derogatory information revealed
         during the FBI investigation has not pertained to the individual
         but to close relatives of the individual.  The FBI investigation
         does not, and probably cannot, reveal the intent of the individual
         at or subsequent to the investigation.
         The Polygraph would not substitute or duplicate investigations made
         by the FBI as to an employee's past actions relative to security,
         but would be a guide in determining his intentions as to the execu-
         tion of his security responsibilities.  It is our understanding
         that the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation would consider
         its use at K-25 by the Clinton Production Division if authorized,
         and that the local FBI consider it in the same category as the
         Plant Protective Forces and have no objections to its use.
         It is recommended that the Clinton Production Division be authorized
         to utilize the Polygraph for the detection of theft of product mate-
         rial, and supplemental clearance of personnel having access to top
         secret information of the Carbide and Carbon Chemicals Corporation,
         both K-25 and Y-12.  The Polygraph will thus serve as an additional
         security device to assist the Clinton Production Division in fulfill-
         ing its responsibility of protecting classified data under its super-
         vision and control.
                                        J. C. Robinson
         Cpys. 1 & 2 to Addressee
         Cpy. 3 to K-25 CPD File
         Cpy. 4 to K-25 Reading File
         CPy. 5 to Y-12 Reading File
         Cpy. 6 to District File

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