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27 September 1982
Personnel Security Procedures

     1.  The Deputy Secretary of Defense has announced a new personnel security policy for 
Department of Defense affiliated individuals (civilians, military, contractors) who 
are cleared for access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI).  This policy 
authorizes the conduct of polygraph examinations on those individuals affiliated with 
NSA who are cleared for SCI access.  Therefore, the following procedures are effective 

         a.  Civilian, military and contractor personnel cleared for access to NSA SCI 
shall be requested to take polygraph examinations on an aperiodic basis at any time 
after their initial clearance.  The examinations will consist of relevant counterintelligence-
type questions covering the following topics:

             (1)  involvement in espionage or sabotage against the United States;

             (2)  knowledge of others involved in espionage or sabotage against the 
United States; 

             (3)  involvement in giving or selling classified material to unauthorized 

             (4)  knowledge of others giving or selling classified material to unauthorized 
persons; and 

             (5)  unauthorized contact with representatives of a foreign government.

         b.  Failure to consent to a polygraph examination may result in denial of 
continued access and, in the case of NSA civilian employees, termination of employment.

         c.  NSA/CSS Regulation 122-3, Polygraph Examinations and Examiners, is hereby 
amended insofar as refusal to consent to a polygraph examination under the procedures 
set forth above is concerned.

     2.  I wish to emphasize that the foregoing topics include only those areas of 
interest designed to determine whether an individual is engaged in activities which 
will harm the operational mission of this Agency.  Our product is extremely perishable, 
as are the costly systems used to obtain it.  For these reasons we must all join in 
this necessary counterintelligence process to further safeguard our activities from 
those who would negate our efforts.

3. This memorandum establishes the new policy at NSA. Specific implementing plans are currently being prepared by M5 and will be promulgated in the near future. [signed] LINCOLN D. FAURER Lieutenant General, USAF Director, NSA/Chief, CSS DISTRIBUTION V (All Military and Civilian) Plus: NSAAB Contractors Consultants Experts Reemployed Annuitants 2

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