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On 6 June 2013, "Ex-Examiner" posted an archive of saved message threads from the then-recently closed Bulletin Board's private forum for persons working in the polygraph field. This archive, including over 1,300 message threads dating from 2002-2013, provides a wealth of insight into the attitudes, concerns, biases, and characters of some prominent figures in the polygraph community. Unfortunately, the format in which the archive was posted (Mozilla Archive File Format) has been deprecated, which makes direct use of the archive problematic. has rendered these message threads into a more accessible format. A slightly edited version of "Ex-Examiner's" introductory note to the archive is reproduced below, followed by reverse chronologically-ordered direct links to the message index pages.

The discussions on the Polygraph Place examiners' forum offer a rare glimpse into a closed community and could serve as rich source material for a master's thesis or doctoral dissertation on in-group/out-group psychology.

Dramatis Personae

A number of prominent figures in the polygraph community participated in these discussions. Screen names are indicated in parentheses where they substantially differ from real names:

Suggested Readings

Discussions about George Maschke and/or
(a frequent topic; these are just highlights):

Discussions about Doug Williams:

Polygraph Place Bulletin Board Private Forum

This archive comprises 33 message board index pages, each with navigable links to some 40 message threads. Many links within these pages refer back to the Polygraph Place bulletin board, which is no longer online, so use your browser's back arrow to navigate back as necessary.

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