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  GEORGE MASCHKE; Ready, Aim, Fire !!!!!!

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Author Topic:   GEORGE MASCHKE; Ready, Aim, Fire !!!!!!
posted 04-16-2008 11:06 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for thenolieguy4u   Click Here to Email thenolieguy4u     Edit/Delete Message
Three cheers for Nonombre who correctly identified Maschke as guilty of treason. At some point we must demand that our Government see him as both a traitor to his former Army Intelligence career, and an overt Treasonous bastard !!!

Further, congrats to Yankee Dog for his follow up. !!!

George's only reply was to repeat his Emporer's new clothes theme. That won't make much of a defense should our government ever get a motivated patriotic prosecutor to place charges against him.

I give these two gentleman full credit for their posts, and I can only hope I inspired this theme some weeks ago when I did so as well.

Nomnombre posted:

Re: How to Beat the Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening System (PCASS)

Reply #1 - Apr 9th, 2008, 7:30pm Treason: The crime of betraying a nation or a sovereign by acts considered dangerous to security. Encyclopedia Britannica

My. Maschke, today on the world-wide web you deliberately and with malice of forethought published a “primer” detailing a method you believe can be employed to successfully defeat the Defense Department’s Preliminary Credibility Assessment Screening Device (PCASS). You published this information knowing full well (and even proud of the fact) that Al Qaeda and others out to murder American soldiers and innocent civilians access your “public service” website on a regular basis in order to glean whatever information they can on American intelligence sources and methods.

You have in the past defended such actions (specifically in your attacks on polygraph) by making a number of statements including the following:

1. Truthful applicants for positions in U.S. government and law enforcement have been “wrongfully” branded as liars and therefore did not get jobs they otherwise “deserved.”
2. Citizens under suspicion of engaging in criminal acts have been subjected to this unfairly intrusive “pseudo-science”
3. Poor, misunderstood sex offenders have had their “privacy” violated.
4. The government is making a “mistake” by putting their trust in polygraph “testing” (quotes are yours, not mine.)

I add that you have said many times on this site, that the purpose of your efforts is to help truthful citizens “ensure” that they pass the polygraph test and that if a few bad people happen upon your site and use your methods to attempt to defeat the polygraph….well, no big deal.

Well allow me to explain what you succeeded in actually doing here today. You see, if you had read the MSNBC article and associated OFFICAL DoD documents carefully, you would have seen that the PCASS device is ONLY authorized for use on NON-U.S. CITIZENS and is being specifically fielded to a combat zone in a time of WAR to ASSIST in ferreting out terrorists, insurgents, and other murderers of U.S. troops and innocent civilians. The government, while admitting the device is not perfect, believes (rightly or wrongly) that it is at least better then “gut feeling”, which is ALL our soldiers have now when dealing in these very dangerous matters.

So what did the brave, ex-patriot George Maschke do? He immediately published on the internet a list on instructions (which he believes) can be used to defeat this technology.

But wait. I find myself confused. You see, George Maschke did not provide this information to some young FBI applicant. You see, the FBI does not test its applicants with PCASS.

This information isn’t being provided to some poor misunderstood sex offender in Cleveland, Ohio. He too will never be tested with PCASS.

My. Maschke, please explain to me how providing this information assists truthful American citizens “ensure” that they pass the PCASS test? Americans will never be tested with this device. Oh, I am sure you could argue that maybe one day they will be, but that is NOT the purpose at this juncture. Please don’t try to say that you just provided this information to terrorists because maybe one day, an American “might” be tested. That would be weak, even for you.

So why did you provide this information? You did not assist a single “innocent victim” by what you have done today. So in the end, who were you attempting to “help” by compromising the safety of our soldiers in this way? Oh, I am sure you will say that you were simply exposing the weaknesses of another “pseudo-science”. Hmmm, you exposed this “pseudo-science by publishing a way to “defeat” it (you believe). Hmm. Isn’t that sort of like publishing a way to easily shoot down an American military helicopter, because you don’t agree with the use of military helicopters?

What you actually did Mr. Maschke (quite stupidly) was “provide aid and comfort to the enemy during a time of war.” That, Mr. Maschke is a rock solid definition of “TREASON”.

You see, based on what you did today, you can no longer rationalize the outrageous behavior you have exhibited for YEARS on this website. You have finally allowed the bitterness of your true colors to bleed through. The truth is, you don’t care about anything other than your ongoing narcissistic “hissy fit” against the “system” that dared deny you what you continue to believe was your “right” to federal employment. In doing so you openly, intentionally, and with GREAT MALICE provided information you in fact HOPE will be used to circumvent American Intelligence sources and methods. My. Maschke, there is no other purpose for this technology. You KNEW that.

Finally, Mr. Maschke, I leave you with a simple question. If you had been one of those Iranian government officials you so like to hang out and drink tea with, and let’s say you disagreed with an intelligence method they employed. So you published a procedure on the internet you were sure could defeat that method, what EXACTLY would your fellow Iranians do to you?????? Hmmm????

So, in the end Mr. Maschke, you are officially, and undoubtedly a traitor, guilty of high treason against your countrymen and potentially responsible for the deaths of innocent people….

Sleep well tonight…

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posted 04-16-2008 12:44 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for detector   Click Here to Email detector     Edit/Delete Message
Very well written and much appreciated. I think I'll publish this statement in an upcoming newsletter.

Ralph Hilliard
PolygraphPlace Owner & Operator

Be sure to visit our new store for all things Polygraph Related

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posted 04-18-2008 10:44 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for skipwebb   Click Here to Email skipwebb     Edit/Delete Message
I noticed how quickly Maschke moved this off of the front page of the web site by moving it to a different thread after the treason comment burned him. I wrote a little piece to put him back on the front page where it belongs.

"I read with interest the comments in which the writer accused you of treason for your instructions for defeating the new PCASS tool to be used in a war zone on possible enemy personnel as a method of screening.

I write "Your response was about what I expected as were the comments of your allies on this site. Your "reasoning", however for your "instructions" was a bit confusing. You state that you exposed the inadequacies of the instrument so that the soldiers who use it will understand that it doesn’t work. How is that relevant? Even if the instrument is less than perfect or flawed, how are you doing anything for Americans by exposing a method by which our enemies can possibly defeat the tool that is being used?

Are you familiar with General George Patton’s creation of the “First US Army Group”? It was a cardboard and canvas “fake” tank division created and manned to fool the Germans into believing that Calais would be the primary invasion site. It was quite successful. I can assure you that the cardboard tanks were incapable of firing a shot at the enemy yet they performed extremely well.

We are extremely fortunate that you weren’t around in World War II. I’m sure you would have sent a communication out to the world to let them know that the tanks were really cardboard and that they don’t really work.

Your hatred for polygraph has driven you to a point that you are willing to jeopardize the lives of soliders in battle in an effort to make your point. Let’s face facts Mr. Maschke, it’s you who have exposed yourself and its your genitals that are showing here. You really screwed up this time and it’s apparent you know it based upon the quickness with which you relegated your comments and the response it received off of the front pages and back into the archives of your website."

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Barry C
posted 04-18-2008 11:31 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for Barry C   Click Here to Email Barry C     Edit/Delete Message

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posted 04-18-2008 11:33 AM     Click Here to See the Profile for stat   Click Here to Email stat     Edit/Delete Message
I can't believe that this current administration and justice departments---all being very eager to detain, torture, wire-tap, and/ or worse---refuse to charge or even formally investigate this guy. Something is fishy when groups of harmless activists at cookie parties are being investigated/tapped for dissent while this clown goes unquestioned. Something stinks----and something tells me that the DOJ and DACA will do anything to avoid polygraph scrutiny in a (another)high court. He seems to taunt the DOJ in his last post to Skip. Maschke, despite his lunacy cannot be prosecuted without the merits of his claims being brought in as argument. Am I missing something?

[This message has been edited by stat (edited 04-18-2008).]

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posted 04-18-2008 01:17 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for skipwebb   Click Here to Email skipwebb     Edit/Delete Message
Maschke got fired up over my comment and brought his stuff back to the forefront. I answered him with this:

"Mr. Maschke, You missed my point. You are not an expert in credibility assessment nor did you conduct the research. You may have an informed opinion about the equipment but it is merely your opinion. Let’s suppose that you had an opinion about some other piece of equipment in use by our forces in Iraq or Afghanistan. Maybe a IED detector or a night vision device. Let's also suppose that you believed (in your opinion) the equipment was not perfect or had some weakness. Would you print out and distribute to the enemy, the instructions for circumventing the IED detection device or some method by which one could negate the effectiveness of the night vision device? Suppose the armor on our vehicles was less than perfect or had some flaw. Would you provide our enemy with instructions on where to attack the vehicle or how to take advantage of the weakness?

That's exactly what you are doing now and that to me is an act certainly not taken by a patriot but an enemy."

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posted 04-18-2008 01:35 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for Taylor   Click Here to Email Taylor     Edit/Delete Message
Sweet...I bet his panties are in a wad right now. Can't you see him calling Gino to vent and gleeking and drooling all over his computer. Golf clap for Skip!

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posted 04-18-2008 01:55 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for stat   Click Here to Email stat     Edit/Delete Message
In case any of you are too skittish to watch a video on the actual antipolygraph site. I present to you--a pudgy, ticky, stuttering weight lifting poet who couldn't get laid in a gorrila cage if he had a banana up his A___. There. That felt better.

Wasn't it Sacktt that hilariously once asked whether transatlantic flights allow a lead pipe as carry-on? Here is our boy---with a face for radio and a voice for print.

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posted 04-18-2008 02:20 PM     Click Here to See the Profile for liedoctor   Click Here to Email liedoctor     Edit/Delete Message
You all might wish to check out Nonombre's latest post on the whole Maschke's act of Treason" string...

Happy reading

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