The Polygraph-Induced Confession of Sandra Kemper

On 1 June 2006, Sandra Kemper was released from the St. Louis County, Missouri Justice Center after four-years of pre-trial detention, reports the St. Louis Post-Dispatch today in “Woman accused of killing son is set free,” by William C. Lhotka. Kemper had confessed to setting a fire that killed her 15-year-old son during a post-polygraph […]

Pharmacist Caught on Videotape Stealing Pills Passed Polygraph

Matt McFarland reports for (News Channel 13, Albany, New York). Excerpt: Drug Trafficking Ring in Warren County May 20, 2006 BY MATT MCFARLAND A drug trafficking ring was recently discovered by authorities in Warren County. Jaime Meyers 28 of Selkirk, along with a husband and wife from Chestertown are behind bars. Authorities recently found […]

Hoffa Informant Donovan Wells Passed FBI Polygraph

Pete Yost of the Associated Press reports: Hoffa Informant Said to Pass Polygraph Informant, a Prison Inmate, Recently Passed a Polygraph in Hoffa Probe, Investigator Says By PETE YOST The Associated Press WASHINGTON – The informant who is spurring the search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains is an ailing prison inmate who recently passed a polygraph […]

DEA Polygraph Report Available Online

In “Leaked Report: Drug Traffickers Obtained Classified DEA Documents from U.S. Embassy in Bogota ‘At Will,’” Bill Conroy of The Narco News Bulletin discloses a report (1.3 mb PDF) on the polygraph examination of a confidential source by DEA Special Agent E. Victor Perez. Despite widespread agreement in the polygraph community that polygraph examinations should […]

Barry Lynn Interview with Drew Richardson and Charles Honts

On Tuesday, 16 May 2006, radio talk show host Barry Lynn interviewed polygraph experts Drew Richardson and Charles Honts on his Culture Shocks program. A courteous debate of the pros and cons of polygraphy ensued, and a call was taken from’s George Maschke. An MP3 podcast of the hour-long show may be downloaded here.

Duke University Lacrosse Player David Evans Releases Polygraph Report

On Tuesday, 16 May, recently graduated Duke University lacrosse team captain David Evans released the results of a polygraph examination that his lawyer says shows he is innocent of a rape charge for which he was recently indicted. makes no judgment on Evans’ guilt or innocence, but the polygraph results are evidence of nothing. […]

Eau Claire, Wisconson Police Polygraphist Todd Trapp Fired reports that the police polygraph operator accused of administering “sloppy” polygraph examinations has been fired: Police Officer Fired Sarah Stokes An Eau Claire police officer was fired Tuesday after the police and fire commission decided he conducted questionable polygraph tests. Todd Trapp was accused of not keeping documents related to the polygraphs he worked […]

Eau Claire Police Department Polygraph Operator Todd Trapp Accused of Giving “Sloppy Tests” reports: Officer Hearing: Questions about Unsolved Murder Eau Claire May 15, 2006 An unsolved murder in Eau Claire County could affect one man’s job. Todd Trapp is an Eau Claire police officer who’s accused of giving sloppy polygraph tests during several investigations.  It appears one of those cases in question is the investigation into […]

Greensboro Polygraph Dragnet Roundup

From 2-4 May 2006, Greensboro, North Carolina mayor Keith Holliday and seven members of the city council subjected themselves to polygraph “tests” to prove that they did not provide a confidential report on racism in the Greensboro police department to the local News & Record newspaper. The un-named polygraph examiner, perhaps realizing on which side […]

Ethics Complaint Filed Against Polygrapher Edward I. Gelb of Los Angeles’s George Maschke has lodged a formal complaint against celebrity polygrapher Ed Gelb (a past president of the American Polygraph Association) with the Association’s Ethics & Grievance Committee for fraudulently passing himself off as a Ph.D. (Download letter of complaint.) To discuss this issue, see Ethics Complaint Against Edward I. Gelb on the message […]