Pseudoscientist “Dr.” Charles Humble Attempts to Censor

Charles Wayne Humble in “Heartbeat of America” promotional video has received a rather unpleasant letter from James D’Loughy, a lawyer representing NITV Federal Services, LLC (NITV), which markets a scientifically baseless voice-based lie detector called the “Computer Voice Stress Analyzer,” and its president, self-described “Renaissance Man” “Dr.” Charles Humble (who has not received a doctoral degree from any accredited institute of higher education).

In his letter, D’Loughy, of the law firm Advisorlaw, which specializes in helping clients protect their assets from creditors, demands that remove twelve URLs that comprise a substantial portion of the website.

NITV’s offices at 11400 Fortune Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida (Google Street View) is a non-profit, public interest website dedicated to exposing and ending waste, fraud, and abuse associated with polygraphs and other pseudoscientific “lie detectors,” including voice stress analyzers.

D’Loughy avers that a default judgment in a lawsuit NITV filed against its competitor, Dektor PSE, and which, among other things, compelled Dektor to remove a website with content critical of NITV, also compels—which was not a party to this litigation and which has no privity with Dektor—to remove the twelve links.

NITV’s contention that its judgment against Dektor binds is absurd. Through our counsel, noted attorney (and former Westchester County, New York police commissioner) George N. Longworth of the law firm Grant & Longworth, we have declined NITV’s demand to remove the twelve links.

While NITV’s demand is without merit, it does serve to highlight the content on that most upsets NITV and “Dr.” Charles Humble, so it’s worth examining these links here:

  1. A recent blog post titled Federal Judge Orders Immediate Removal of Website Critical of Computer Voice Stress Analysis;
  2. A blog post from 2018 titled NITV Hires Disgraced Ex-Cop Jerry W. Crotty II as Director of Law Enforcement Operations;
  3. A message board thread titled Jury Returns $575,000 Award Against NITV for Defamation;
  4. Every post on the News blog tagged “CVSA”;
  5. The entire News blog (yes, really);
  6. A blog post about a presentation on polygraph pre-test interviews (we are uncertain why this is of concern to NITV and Humble, who are not mentioned in the post);
  7. All blog posts in the category “voice stress” (the demand at #5 that we delete the entire blog should have covered this);
  8. A message board thread dating to 2011 titled Canadian police and press believe in CVSA;
  9. A blog post from 2009 titled Baker DVSA Loses a Customer;
  10. The RSS feed for our message board forum on “CVSA and other Voice Stress Analysis Applications;”
  11. Search results for “cvsa” on our blog;
  12. A recent blog post titled NITV Threatens Competitor’s IT Consultant with Federal Lawsuit

For background on NITV and Charles Humble, see ABC Primetime’s 2006 investigative report on the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer:

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  • Anything to contribute to the prison industrial complex will be dangerous to the population, follow the money and you shall see who is behind this unproven nonsense.

  • If any of these products worked, it would be easy to tell. First, they would require almost no training. They would absolutely, without question, require ZERO interpretation on the part of the person operating the system. It would be entirely automated. Second, if you said “This statement is a lie.” to the machine, it would explode.

    • @Dustin Rodriguez I think you’re a little bit off on both of your points.

      At the minimum, a working deception detector might produce a confidence level associated with deception. It may also produce multidimensional results, along the lines of “82% for fabrication, 38% for omission.” These kinds of results would require interpretation.

      Second, the goal is not to produce a contradiction detector, it’s to produce a deception detector. There’s a *huge* difference. You don’t have to solve both the halting problem and disprove Gödel’s incompleteness theorems to detect that somebody is lying. (Also, although it’s a classical paradox, “this statement is a lie” is not really a paradox, because “lie” is not the same as “false.” Lying is not a logical or mathematical construct, it’s a human construct.)

  • Both the polygraph and the VSA are nothing more than stress detectors. Neither of which are “Lie Detectors.” They detect and display the level of stress someone is experiencing at the time it is collected. Experience and observation have shown that when someone tells a lie, and the lie is connected to some form of jeopardy, that person experiences emotional stress. The big question is, what caused the stress? Was it the telling of a lie (connected to the consequence of jeopardy), or something else, i.e. situational stress caused by the way the examination was conducted? In my opinion, only a well trained and experienced examiner would be able to tell the difference. I have been using VSA since 2003, and it has proven itself invaluable at ferreting out the truth. In the infamous words of Julius Caesar, “People readily believe what they want to believe.”

  • “Dr.” Charles Humble is employing a tactic used by Stalin, Hitler and other dictators. Humble is anti-American is that he is attempting to suppress free speech, in what appears to be a SLAPP suit to try to shut down his critics. A victory over the equally bogus no show Dektor does not give Humble the right to suppress free speech. I am a military veteran and a firm defender of what America stands for, I do not take kindly to those trying to take away my rights that so many Americans have paid the ultimate price to secure. All so-called lie detectors, especially VSA is modern day witch craft. Humble, whom was totally punked by journalist Brian Ross, and avoids any sort of science based double bind studies to prove his “instrument” is actually effective wants us to believe that this contraction only works under jeopardy.
    Gobbels said if a lie is told enough, people will believe it, and Nazi Charlie vis-a-vis the CVSA has put in money making, destroyer of lives witch craft above what is best for America.
    Brian Ross and company have totally exposed the CVSA, and I do not need to re-hash the report on this over priced prop.
    One additional point that was missed by ABC, and anti-polygraph is that the “training” is given in Florida. Man, I’m sure the “examiners” in the northern states, say around January look forward to a week vacation is sunny Florida on the tax payer’s $10,000 dime.

    • It has come to light today that Cherelyn Davis, the newly hired police chief in Memphis, Tennessee “failed” the CVSA and was subsequently fired while serving in the Atlanta police department. She was later reinstated, served later as police chief in another city, until being hired by Mayor Jim Strickland in Memphis.
      The CVSA examiner, J. Keefer #1853 wrote in the conclusion:
      “During the examination, Major Davis did not respond to the questions in a clear and concise manner as instructed to. Therefore, a third exam had to be administered to Major Davis. Based on my training, it is my opinion that the subject did not respond truthfully to questions 4, 6, 10, 12, and 14. Chief William Endler (Ret.), Executive Director for Training, National Institute for Truth Verification(NITV) and CVSA examiner A. Baptista rendered a second opinion. The evaluation of the charts was done in the blind. Chief Endler and Investigator Baptista’s conclusion was concurrent with those of this examiner.”
      The CVSA examiner also said the Davis clenched her teeth in an attempt to throw off the CVSA. For more on this story, go to

      • My email is totally screwed up, can Antipolygraph please send an email to concerning Cherelyn Davis, with background information on Charles Humble, i.e. Brian Ross interview and Michael Crowe case, the fake Ph.D., the threat to, the bogus white paper by James Chapman, etc?

    • It has been two years to the day that “Dr.” Charles Humble’s lawyer sent out the threat letter to Dr. Maschke and AP warning of dire consequences if AP kept telling the truth about the CVSA and Humble’s bogus Ph.D.
      Therefore, on this anniversary, I am taking the opportunity to remind of all us on the lying culture of the National Institute of Truth Verification.
      First off, Humble continues to refer to himself as Dr. Humble although he did not earn a doctorate from an accredited university. He claims an “honorary” degree Indiana Christian University, which later changed its name to World Harvest Bible College. The college now appears to be defunct. Their website is down, and I have tried to contact them by phone, but as yet, have not received an answer. I was curious to see that type of “educational institution” would award an “honor” to someone as morally challenged as Humble. My research indicates that the so-called college existed to cheat veterans out of their GI educational benefits. Question answered.
      If one choses to work for Humble, they must set aside any morals. Here are a few examples: Jerry Crotty reportedly created a negative workplace environment since he thought it was funny to harass a fellow employee that was hard of hearing. Never mind the office they worked with was a tax payer supported organization existing to help endangered children. So what about endangered children – Jerry wanted to have a belly laugh. (as obese as Jerry is, it must have been huge )
      Now let us look at Bill Endler, otherwise known as America’s Favorite Liar elsewhere on this site. On one side of his mouth he claims the CVSA is nearly 100% effective, but when it came to a lawsuit brought upon the fiasco of the Michael Crowe case which showed how bogus the CVSA was, Lying Bill said the CVSA cannot detect deception.
      Now, NITV is equal opportunity when it comes to deceptiveness. Marigo Stathis proved she can lie as well as the boys. Let’s see, the so called “peer reviewed white paper” published in the Ukraine that “proved” the effectiveness of the CVSA although the “unbiased” research “study” did not mention the CVSA a single time. Then, to prove she can really pile it on, she claimed no affiliation with NITV on the paper, Shadows into Light, although she was awarded the “prestigious” James L. Chapman award a few years earlier from NACVSA, which is part of the NITV LLC. This paper was a marketing piece trying to look like a legitimate academic research study.
      Assuming NITV is not put out of existence by “Dr.” Gary Baker of DVSA in August, I will probably be writing another update this time next year.

  • All i know is that, when you say it is at the discrestion of the person giving the test you have a problem

  • I am waiting to see how this obvious SLAPP suit brought by Humble and his lawyers against antipolygraph develops. I am respectfully requesting that this web site keeps us abreast of developments.
    I came from a fairly strong academic background in mathematics, science and technology, and have also picked up strong skills and knowledge is the social sciences as well as criminology through my career. Therefore, I knew the CVSA was a total fraud the first time I saw the device. One can perhaps draw a similarity between Charles Humble with his CVSA, and L. Ron Hubbard and his e-meter. This would make for an interesting thesis for someone working on a Master’s degree.
    What is incredible scary is that many people still believe of the infallibility of the polygraph industry. It is one thing to see daytime trash TV using a polygraph to “find out” if the bum boyfriend is cheating with the skank on the other side of the projects – but what really scares me is so many in management positions are wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on devices that have no serious scientific merit to back up their claims. And it just ain’t the money – how many CJ careers have been destroyed by Humble et al? How many CJ careers were never allowed to begin because a promising individual was eliminated due to a “failed” CVSA test?
    One of the proudest moments in my career was being instrumental in getting my employer to admit the CVSA is a sham, and no longer allowing its use. I accomplished this by showing the Brian Ross video on Youtube to some decision makers including politicians with oversight responsibilities.
    I continue to request that all of us freedom loving people, and those who sincerely care about justice, as well as professionalism in all aspects of the CJ fields to continue the fight against Humble and all other bad actors in the so-called lie detector industry. Once again, thank you to the folks at

    • Humble has not filed a lawsuit against He only had his lawyer, James D’Loughy, send the above-referenced threatening letter. We have not heard from Humble or anyone working for him since then.

      • Thanks for getting back with me so soon. I must have misread your earlier post.
        I forgot to mention this on my earlier post: I would encourage anyone that has been harmed by the CVSA to seek legal redress. If you have been a victim, please show your attorney the Brian Ross video. If I was a lawyer, I would be tempted to seek out victims of CVSA and its ilk for legal action. See the Crowe lawsuit for example.

        • I have been watching Sciencetology and L. Ron Hubbard videos of late on YouTube of late.
          It then struck me of how similar L.Ron and Charles Humble are to each other. I have come up with a quick few, and will add others later.
          1. Taking credit for others work on derivitives of the discredited polygraph. With Hubbard, it is the emeter, with Humble, it is the coin toss CVSA.
          2. Both acquired fake Ph.Ds. The ability of both these clowns to BS others cannot be disbuted, but both lacked the intellectual horsepower for real doctorate degrees, much like a fake SEAL lacks the fitness for advanced military training.
          3. Both clowns claim to be renaissance men. Let’s see, Charlie is a chef, pilot, singer, guitarist and artist. But L. Ron outshines Charlie. L. Ron claimed to be a nuclear physicist, world explorer, alpha warrior, pilot, writer, religion founder, volunteer probation officer, ship captain, inventor, et al. Charlie needs to step up his game.
          3. Both have used, and still use lawyers to attack truth telling critics. L.Ron’s are scarier. They scared the IRS. The one that wrote the mean letter to AP looks like a
          More comparisons to come.

  • I am enjoying the drama lawsuits the of the voice stress crowd. As I understand, NITV knocked out Dektor, and “Dr.” Charlie is now suing “Dr.” Gary since Charlie lost an earlier lawsuit to Gary. What I am pondering is why the voice stress crowd does not sue some of the makers and users of polygraphs instead of each other.
    Danny “Ringworm” Ribacoff has publicly stated the CVSA specifically does not work, and is a piece of garbage after scolding a woman that paid $300 to a CVSA examiner to “prove” she wasn’t cheatin’ on her man. Ringworm Ribacoff gave her the polygraph, and “proved” she was indeed cheating on her man.
    Charlie had his lawyer send an absurd letter to anti-polygraph to cease and desist and stop telling the truth on his garbage box, and demand that AP follow the CVSA narrative. So, why can’t Charles send a cease and desist letter to Ringworm Ribacoff?
    Come on Charlie, grow a pair and sue the bastard.

  • I was taking it easy today, and decided what the heck, might as well peruse the NITV website. It is always a hoot to read the science tab of this website. Lo and behold, I came upon the complaint that NITV said the Wikipedia entry for the CVSA is “intellectually dishonest.” Wait a minute, we have someone with a bogus PhD talking about intellectually dishonesty? Sure ‘noungh.
    Also, naughty Wikipedia failed to include the published peer review of the so called intellectual giant, Professor James Chapman published in a Ukraine academic journal. Let’s wait another minute, isn’t it true that the so-called professor Chapman held a financial interest in the CVSA? Yes he did – but minor detail. I’m sure Prof Chapman held the same high intellectual and moral standards of “Dr.” Charles Humble./sarc.

  • Appears things are looking bad for “Doc” Humble and company. If Baker is telling the truth, he won a $575,000 lawsuit against NITV back in 2009 and apparently has been unable to collect. With 8% interest per year, added on as per the original judgement, and assuming Humble has not paid anything yet – simple head math says we are already in the 7 figures, not including legal fees, etc.
    I think Humble may be faking Covid 19 to try to buy time to hide his assets. In fact, the attorney that wrote the unfriendly letter above specializes in protecting assets. If I was opposing counsel, especially taking into account the lack of credibility of Charles Humble and Company you better believe I would want proof of Humble having Covid 19. I also would be watching Humble’s shell companies, in addition to those of his wife that include one or two pharmaceutical companies and another organization called Landview management.
    I would make an educated guess there are other entities that none of us know about. I would also be checking to make sure Humble is not hiding assets through some type of trust in his minor child’s name. Also, if I was opposing counsel, I would follow the PPP money. I am not making a political statement here, but Fred Trump is known to have hidden assets in his children’s name, and Donald was a millionaire before he was eight.
    So, here is were we stand now: Humble is bragging about a victory over Herring for nearly a million dollars, but being that Herring was pro se, or not being represented by an attorney one can easily surmise that Herring was broke even before he got sued. In other words, judgement proof. None the less, Herring as able to get some licks in that include a bunch of facts against Humble that apparently are true. Looking back, Humble would have been better off ignoring Herring. Winning the lawsuit just opened up a Pandora’s box.
    On the other hand, Baker delivered a southern fried ass whup’n on NITV, one that might bury NITV. I’m no lawyer, but I have been a successful litigant, and I know it is easier to win a case the first time than try to rehash a losing case and hoping for a better result.
    I know Charlie reads this web site, otherwise there never would have been the D’Loughy letter. By the way, AP is still going strong and kicking ass. Whereas Charlie is an ass kickee.

  • With this rogues gallery of folks all trying to bring down the website, I can only conclude that you are on the right track! Keep it up!

  • “Dr.” Charles Humble & Company are using Cision PR Newswire to further spread the news of how Daniel Ribacoff and his company IIG encouraged their employees to sexually assault, film and use such recording as possible blackmail against Mrs. Susanne Gold-Smith. Of course, when Mrs. Gold-Smith made the accusation that she was sexually assaulted, the IIG employees tried to erase the recording that was later recovered. From reading the earlier post of Ms. Pennington on this site, we know Ribacoff has a history of deleting information that can be harmful to himself and his company.
    Basically, the PR newswire is using the release earlier put out by the Gold-Smith attorneys and that was later picked up by the New York Post.
    It is bad enough that Ribacoff sees no problem in lying, but condoning rape/sexual assault by his employees, and then helping them cover up the heinous behavior is totally off the charts. You are sick, Daniel.
    Getting back to “Doc” Humble and this Cision PR newswire – I have also noticed that the “prestigious” “Professor” James L. Chapman is announced on the same newswire. The is a award that recognizes “excellence” in the “profession” of using the CVSA. Whatever, I personally think I am underrated as a coin flipper (get it?)
    I think Humble is still mad about Ribacoff mentioning what a piece of crap the CVSA is in a public statement and wanted some payback.
    Charles, if you are reading this, you can go now. I’m sure it ain’t easy trying to hide a helicopter by stuffing it in storage facility to hide it from Gary.

  • As of this writing, it has been almost two years since the absolutely inane and down right stupid letter written by attorney James D’Loughy was first posted on this web site. I would like to add a few points now that a length of time has passed:
    Two times D’Loughy mentioned Charles Humber as “Dr.” Charles Humble. D’Loughy no doubt knew, or should have known that Humble was no where close to having the requirements for a Ph.D. A now defunct unaccredited strip mall “university” does not a doctoral degree granting institution make. I would venture that D’Loughy was told by his client, Charles Humble, to refer to him as Dr. Humble. Also, the letter starts with the salutation Mr. Maschke. George Maschke, according to my research, holds a Ph.D from UCLA. There is probably some foreign word or phase that addresses an issue like this, but I cannot think of it at this time.
    It is indeed absurd to think that a default judgement against some other voice stress clown would enjoin AP to fall in line against making “disparaging and false” remarks against “Dr.” Humble when in the first paragraph of the D’Loughy letter the attorney falsely states that Charles Humble has a doctorate degree.
    Further, D’Loughy fails to state any false remark AP has ever made against Humble, whereas Humble and company constantly make false and contradictory statements. Quick example, Michael Crowe case – the instrument is > 98% accurate, whoops, it doesn’t know when someone is lying.
    We are all free to make statements on AP, but when I have made true statements on pro-polygraph or pro-VSA sites, my posts have always been erased. I speak with five 9’s trust that Charles Humble is welcome to express his opinion and his “science” on this website.
    Finally, D’Loughy and Humble by their threatening letter are just showing us good honest people, that they are bad dishonest people that can talk the talk, but can’t walk the walk.

  • “Dr.” Humble is up to his old games of obfuscation concerning NITV Chapter 7 bankruptcy. First, in the initial filing by attorney Julianne Frank, NITV Federal Services was descripted as an LLC less than two years old, but somehow replaced NITV LLC in “2010 or 2011” as per Charles Humble. As mentioned by AP, NITV LLC was the LLC that signed a federal contract in 2017.
    The two law firms Humble claimed to have owed money reportedly did not show up to the initial hearing. That leaves me, at least, to wonder if Humble does not owe them money, but just wanted to falsely inflate his debt to help make it easier to stiff Baker International?
    Humble also advised that his business revenues dropped by approximately 50% during the 2009 to 2011 time period, but other sources advise that the revenue of NITV LLC or NITV FS, or whatever he called NITV during this time period remained flat. He claimed his home was foreclosed, and that he was nearly broke, but still managed to buy a 1.6 million dollar home last year.
    His attorney claimed that Humble suffered from both Covids, and is suffering from “brain fog.” This leaves me to wonder if Humble can say whatever he wants, and if it turns out he is spouting untruths, can he then claim “brain fog?”
    IMHO, all of Humble’s interlocking LLCs, be it NITV LLC, NITV FS, Landview Management, and probably a few others need to be dissolved forthwith.
    CVSA, and all other forms of so-called lie detectors belong in the dust bin of history.

  • We are now at the third anniversary when “Dr.” Charles Humble had his lawyer, James D’Loughy, send the absurd letter to Antipolygraph.Org demanding the removal of 12 links that were critical of huckster “Dr.” Humble and his pseudo-science $10,000 instrument that is no more accurate than a coin flip. The letter gave AP 10 days to remove the links. Guess what, it has been longer than 10 days since the threat letter, and since that time, AP is still chugging along, and NITV LLC is in Chapter 7 bankruptcy.
    The reason that AP blew off the letter, and NITV is in bankruptcy is basically the same. Simple put, the CVSA cannot tell when one is lying. An NITV officer has admitted that in court during the Crowe lawsuit.
    Finally, if D’Loughy and Humble were not prepared to back up the threat they made to AP in 2019, they never should have made the threat in the first place.

  • NITV LLC, a/k/a and operating as NITV Federal Services LLC is still an OPEN Bankruptcy case in the Southern District of Fl (West Palm Beach FL Division)

    Normally Chapter 7 cases are discharged within 6 months. There apparently is something very wrong or the case would be closed.

    Interested parties should go the the U.S. Federal BK website to see what has transpired in this case.

  • Elsewhere on this site lists the website for the fed BK site. Here it is:
    I am not a bankruptcy expert, but it appears to me that Humble & Co. basically put the businesses liabilities into NITV LLC, and then started a new business called NITV Federal Services and put the assets into that business. If I am right, or even close to being right, something is wrong. Something is very, very wrong.
    It does not take a legal mind to smell this stink. I am surprised an attorney would attempt to pull a stunt like this unless they were desperate for business.
    If I was one of the opposing litigants for this petition, I would fight it tooth for nail. I would take a laser sharpened needle to the NITV corporate bubble.

  • Does anyone have any info on the voice stress analyst battle concerning the foe faux docs Charles Humble and E. Gary Baker? I see that Humble capitulated to Baker, but have heard no additional information. My educated guess is that as events play out, Humble will not make any agreed to settlement payments to the bankruptcy court as agreed. I do not know if Humble has made any payments yet the the BK court as per the agreement since Humble has a reputation of not adhering to agreements and court orders.

  • Well, it looks like the party is over for “Dr.” Charles Humble and his pseudo-science organization NITV. I don’t see how he will be able to pay “Dr.” E. Gary Baker the roughly $20,000 per month he is required by the court to settle the years long court battles. In addition, I’m sure Humble owes quite a bit to various lawyers.
    Yep, it looks like this is the end for the CVSA.

  • Looks like the Honolulu Police Department got scammed by Humble & Company. See link.

  • Just noticed, we passed the 4th anniversary of “Dr.” Charles Humble letter sent by James D’Laughy demanding AP to take down their website. As I have said before, the seven day deadline has passed many times over.
    All this absurd letter achieved was to show that the charlatans in the lie industry read this website.

  • It appears that the so-called National Association of Truth Verification is on its last legs. The legal defeat NITV suffered at the hands of Baker to the tune of $20,000 a month, plus probable continuing legal expenses involved in this lost cannot be easily shaken. (how someone like Gary Baker, a fake Ph.D. and who sells bogus services to tax payer supported agencies can be slandered/libeled is above me by the way).
    This site, as well as the ever continuing knowledge of the pseudo-science of VSAs will continue to result in NITV getting sued at an ever increasing rate. I can understand how a few years ago, a police prospect could have “failed” a CVSA and not have had a legal recourse since the agency probably had the prospect sign a waiver. Now, with the knowledge of the ineffectiveness of CVSA, plus NITVs known history of dishonesty, a prospect can perhaps use the legal argument that NITV has knowingly lied about the effectiveness of CVSA thus making any signed waiver null and void. Plus, there are bound to be other lawsuits like the Crowe incident that will result in additional litigation.
    If NITV was in a vacuum, and only had to pay the $20,000 a month the “Dr.” Baker, they perhaps could cover this expense by hustling another three or four CVSAs a month. But the likelihood of continuing lawsuits will hasten to extinction of NITV, sooner rather than later in my opinion.
    Since Baker hit a windfall successfully suing NITV, I doubt he will spend to much effort continuing trying to sell his bogus software/training. The same litigation that will probably help sink NITV could also be used to sink Baker. A good plaintiff attorney would eat Baker alive with Baker’s fake claims and fake Ph.D. That is called misrepresentation.
    Since Baker and Humble (thru a lawyer) have each responded to this website, I have no doubt they have read this post. I doubt either will respond since they both know this is an accurate post.

  • From what I know about the voice stress analysis con, there are basically just two major companies left, NITV and Baker Group International. Both principals, “Dr.” Charles Humble and “Dr.” E. Gary Baker are in their 80’s and apparently are in declining health.
    Now that means there is some opportunity for some up and coming hucksters. Here is how to play the voice stress analysis con and what works, and what doesn’t appear to work in no particular order:
    * Buy a fake doctorate. Both Indiana Christian College and the American College of
    Metaphysical have both been shut down, so you will have to find your own degree mill.
    * Market to government agencies. Government bureaucrats tend to be rubber stampers,
    and hucksters know it is easy to slide expenses by them. Maybe for some extra cash, sell
    the devices to private detectives and security businesses.
    * Tap your marks repeatedly. Don’t just sell them the “instruments,”, make it a
    requirement that endless “continuing education” is required. Also, have various levels of
    proficiency. Chuck figured out this piece, but not Gary. Easy source of income.
    * Make up an academic study and use a lot of statistical gibberish. Have the data
    published in a make believe journal. Very few criminal justice types are mathematically or
    scientifically proficient, so you can slide this BS right by them.
    * Do not appear on on TV segments that have hard core and experienced journalists
    backed up by fact checkers. Appearing on Nightline was an absolute disaster for Chuck.
    However, having a soft ball interview by Captain Kirk is fine. Spock would have seen
    through the BS.
    * Finally, be careful about the lawsuits. This is what Gary got right, and Chuck got very, very
    wrong. Do not sue minor league players, this is expensive and unproductive. Sue the guy
    that is bigger than you, and reap several huge paydays.

  • Another voice stress analysis company called Vipre is doing some of the huckerism tricks I mentioned in my last post. They have the levels of “competence” for voice stress analysts like NITV but no one at this company has bothered getting the fake doctorate at this time.
    Vipre says their system “works” by measuring and interpreting the vagosympathetic nervous system. This sounds scientific enough to impress those that are not medically educated.
    Like NITV and Baker, they do have any scientific studies to back up their statements, but the usual antidotal statements by LE officials that may or may not be real.
    Their website is carefully written to keep from provoking lawsuits from NITV.

  • It is now the fifth anniversary of the bogus threat letter sent to AP by attorney James D’Laughy. I can’t say too much more that I have said over the past five years than to remind the readers that NITV cannot back up their threats. Also, they cannot back up their so-called science with hard data to shut up us real criminal justice professionals that know CVSA is pseudo-science.

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