Long Beach P.D. Chief Batts Backed Contract with Company Headed by Phony Ph.D. Ed Gelb

Chief of Police Anthony W. Batts wrote a letter to the Long Beach, California mayor and city council recommending approval of a $150,000 one-year contract with Intercept, Inc., the polygraph services company headed by phony Ph.D. Edward I. Gelb. The letter, dated 2 May 2006, the same day the council met to consider the item, and just […]

Lie Detector Producer Jon M. Crowley Responds to AntiPolygraph.org

On Friday, 5 May 2006, veteran newsman Kevin Broderick mentioned this blog’s article, Phony Ph.D. Ed Gelb Gets $150,000 Long Beach Contract in his influential LA Observed blog: ♦ Lying in Long Beach: The website AntiPolygraph.org says the city of Long Beach has hired Intercept, Inc., a Los Angeles company “headed by celebrity polygrapher Ed […]

Polygraph-Beating FBI Spy Leandro Aragoncillo Pleads Guilty

CNN reports that former vice-presidential aide and FBI intelligence analyst Leandro Aragoncillo has admitted to espionage in a plea agreement announced yesterday. Aragoncillo passed a pre-employment polygraph examination for the FBI that included a question about unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Aragoncillo is hardly the first spy to beat the polygraph. Others include: Ignatz Theodor […]

Phony Ph.D. Ed Gelb Gets $150,000 Long Beach Contract

The Long Beach, California Press-Telegram reports that the city council has voted to spend $150,000 for polygraph services from Intercept, Inc., a Los Angeles-based company headed by celebrity polygrapher Ed Gelb, who fraudulently passes himself off as a Ph.D. Guests who appeared on Gelb’s television show, Lie Detector, have reported to AntiPolygraph.org that the “tests” he […]

2nd Circuit Approves Post-Release Use of Polygraph

Mike Hamblett writes for the New York Law Journal in an article carried by Law.com: 2nd Circuit Approves Post-Release Use of Polygraph Mark Hamblett New York Law Journal 05-04-2006 Polygraph examinations for defendants being monitored by probation officials can be used to determine compliance with the terms of their supervised release, the 2nd U.S. Circuit […]

Polygraphing of Greensboro City Council Begins

Greensboro, North Carolina News & Record staff writer Eric Swensen reports on the first day of polygraph “testing” of the city council: Polygraphs off to unusual start By Eric Swensen Staff Writer GREENSBORO — One council member says she passed, one wouldn’t say how he fared, and the mayor blamed the newspaper as the City […]

New lie detection technology too much like scientific mind reading, ethicist says

Stanford News Service intern Emily Saarman reports on law professor and ethicist Henry T. “Hank” Greely‘s concerns about the marketing fMRI-based lie detection without adequate study and peer-review: New lie detection technology too much like scientific mind reading, ethicist says Companies plan to begin selling fMRI services by end of year, but, with no regulation, utility of technique […]

Melissa Mahle on CIA Use of Polygraphs

In a blog entry titled “Leakscape,” retired CIA officer Melissa Mahle discusses, among other things, the unreliability of the polygraph: The polygraph is a very blunt instrument and not accurate. If an officer registers any discomfort on a question, the polygrapher will hone in on the issue. After being asked the same question 100 times, […]