Polygraph Results Often in Question: CIA, FBI Defend Test’s Use in Probes

Today’s lead story in the Washington Post by staff writers Dan Eggen and Shankar Vedantam takes a critical look at expanding governmental reliance on lie detectors. The article is cited here in full, interspersed with commentary. A discussion of this article is also available on the AntiPolygraph.org message board here. Polygraph Results Often in Question CIA, […]

The Tennesean Supports State Ban on Polygraphing Rape Victims

In an editorial titled, “Don’t accuse rape victims,” The Tennesean voices it support for legislation that would outlaw the wrongheaded police practice of requiring those who report having been the victims of rape to submit to a lie detector “test” before investigating the complaint: Monday, 05/01/06 Don’t accuse rape victims A rape victim shouldn’t be victimized […]

Greensboro City Council Lampooned, Member Defends Decision

PleadTheFirst lampoons the Greensboro, North Carolina City Council‘s decision to administer lie detector tests to itself with two scathing cartoons and City Council member Sandy Carmany defends the council’s polygraph decision in a post on her blog titled, The Power to Pull the Plug.

Greensboro Polygraph Follies Update

Polygraph “testing” of eight of nine Greensboro City Council members appears set to begin this week in an ostensible attempt to discover who amongst them provided an investigative report on the city’s former police chief to the local News & Record newspaper. To date, none of the city council members have responded to George Maschke’s […]