Admission of fMRI Lie Detector “Evidence” Sought

Alexis Madrigal writes for about what is reportedly the first attempt to have fMRI lie detector results admitted in court: Defense attorneys are for the first time submitting a controversial next-generation lie-detection test as evidence in criminal court. In an upcoming juvenile-sex-abuse case in San Diego, the defense is hoping to get an fMRI […]

Sam Harris on True Lie Detection

Neuroscientist Sam Harris answers the Edge Foundation’s annual question for 2009, “What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?” with a commentary titled “True Lie Detection.” Excerpt: When evaluating the social cost of deception, one must consider all of the misdeeds — marital infidelities, Ponzi schemes, premeditated murders, terrorist atrocities, […]

A Discussion of fMRI-based Lie Detection

On 3 June 2008, Tom Fudge of San Diego, California radio station KPBS hosted a discussion of fMRI-based lie detection. Guests included No Lie MRI founder and CEO Joel Huizenga, San Diego attorney Chuck Sevilla, and University of San Diego professor of philosophy and ethicist Larry Hinman. The program may be downloaded as a 16 […]

Bioethicist Jonathan Marks Raises Concerns About fMRI-based “Lie Detectors” and Coercive Interrogations

Penn State Live reports on concerns raised by Dr. Jonathan Marks about the premature adoption of fMRI-based lie detectors: High tech interrogations may promote abuse Monday, March 17, 2008 University Park, Pa. – There is evidence that brain imaging technology is being used to interrogate suspected terrorists despite concerns that it may not be reliable, […]

Robert Bazell Sheds Light on Lie Detectors

MSNBC chief science and health correspondent Dr. Robert Bazell comments on the U.S. Government’s persistent but misplaced reliance on polygraphy in his “Second Opinion” column: Shedding light on lies — and lie detectors Polygraphs persist despite failing science’s truth test By Robert Bazell Chief science and health correspondent updated 9:08 a.m. ET Dec. 4, 2007 […]

Bill Softky Asks, “Will There Ever Be a Real ‘Lie Detector?'”

Software engineer Bill Softky ponders the question in on-line British technology publication, The Register in his article, “Will There Ever Be a Real ‘Lie Detector?’” Softky begins by dispensing with the delusion that the polygraph can detect lies: Lie detectors figure prominently in the sauciest dramas, like espionage and murder, but they deeply polarize opinion. […]

Ronald Bailey on Reading Minds

Science correspondent Ronald Bailey reports for Reason magazine on fMRI-based “lie detection” in “Reading Minds: Is Commercial Lie Detection Set to Go?” Excerpt: Evolutionary psychologists suggest that human cooperation is the result of evolved brain mechanisms that enabled our ancestors to detect cheaters. Broadly speaking, cheaters are people who accept a benefit from someone on […]