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“Polygraph Hell at the National Laboratories”

Steven Aftergood reports in today’s edition of the electronic newsletter Secrecy News: POLYGRAPH HELL AT THE NATIONAL LABORATORIES In its mad pursuit of a misconceived ideal of “security,” Congress has quietly imposed broad new polygraph testing requirements on Energy Department employees and contractors. Subtle changes adopted in the conference on the defense authorization bill will …

Bill Would Limit Secretary of Energy’s Discretion to Grant Polygraph Waivers

Steven Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists’ Project on Government Secrecy reports in today’s edition of the electronic newsletter Secrecy News that House-Senate conferees have approved legislation that severely limits the Secretary of Energy’s authority to grant polygraph waivers. The following is an excerpt (emphasis added): DEFENSE AUTHORIZATION BILL BOOSTS SECRECY The House-Senate conference …

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Officers to Undergo Lie-Detector “Tests”

Lincoln Wright of the Canberra Times reports that ASIO officers “will be the first to undergo a new trial of lie-detector tests after the Howard Government endorsed a report recommending tougher rules to fix leaks of national security secrets.” Australia should learn from America’s mistakes, not repeat them.