“FBI Boss’ Polygraph Problem”

On CBS Evening News, correspondent Jim Stewart reported on opposition to polygraph screening within the FBI. Excerpt from story on CBS News website:

(CBS) CBS News has learned that FBI Director Louis Freeh is encountering stiff resistance to a plan to require widespread polygraph testing within the bureau in an effort to root out spies.

Freeh developed the plan in the wake of the arrest last month of a career agent on charges of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia.

But faced with the prospect of having to order thousands of reluctant FBI agents to be strapped to polygraph machines, the director is apparently having second thoughts, CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports.

Internal memos have warned Freeh that “for every lie uncovered by polygraph examiners, there will be 50 to 100 false readings.”

Widespread tests could “sideline or ruin” careers and “victimize employees,” Freeh was told.

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