CVSA Huckster Charles Humble Files for Bankruptcy from Newly Purchased $1.6 Million Home

Charles Wayne Humble

On 31 August 2021, Charles Wayne Humble, the man behind the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), a quack device marketed to law enforcement agencies, filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy on behalf of his company, NITV, LLC.

NITV has admitted in court that “the CVSA is not capable of lie detection”.

After NITV lost a demation lawsuit brought by competitor Elwood Gary Baker, Humble began running substantially the same business under the rubric of “NITV Federal Services, LLC.”

NITV, LLC never paid its judgment debt to Baker, and litigation by Baker in an attempt to collect on that debt is pending. Humble’s bankruptcy filing appears to be a naked attempt to stiff his creditors.

Humble lists $761,443.09 in unsecured claims against NITV, LLC. Apart from the quarter million dollar judgment debt to Baker, Humble also reports owing $329,076.19 in attorney fees to Brinkley Morgan of Fort Lauderdale and $139,266.90 in attorney fees to Seiden, Alder, et al. of Boca Raton. Humble also reports a $43,100 debt to himself for money loaned to NITV, LLC to pay attorney fees.

Despite these unpaid debts, NITV Federal Services, which took over NITV’s operations, reported $1,704,098 in revenue for 2018.

Charles Humble’s humble home

In his bankruptcy filing, Humble lists as his address a 5-bedroom, 8-bathroom West Palm Beach, Florida home that according to real estate website Zillow was purchased for $1,640,000 on 17 November 2020.

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  • I am surprised that James Kane has been able to avoid being named in any of this drama.

    • I think all the principals in NITV will be named eventually. I am not an attorney, but if I was in their shoes, I would seek my own counsel immediately since civil and even criminal indictments might be forthcoming. If Charlie’s wife had any brains, she should definitely seek independent legal counsel to get any assets in her name, and look to cut a deal if any criminal charges are coming down the pike. I have also heard rumors that Charlie has hid assets in Panama. Perhaps the wife needs to get down there forthwith and secure them before Charlie gets hold of the stash.
      From my research, if correct, Charlie has already stiffed three ex-wives and their children.

  • Yep, I knew this day was coming for “Dr.” Humble and I have several questions, I guess will be mostly rhetorical, and statements:
    * Will Charlie’s bankruptcy attorney win the “prestigious” James Chapman Award for “excellence?” Will the “honorable” members of the NACVSA even convene in the future?
    * Will Gary’s attorneys tell Gary that since Charlie transferred operations to another phony baloney LLC they cannot collect a judgement? /sarc
    *Will “Dr.” Humble send another threat letter to Antipolygraph threatening legal sanctions? That last letter was soooooo scary.
    Florida is known for having one of the strongest, if not the strongest homestead exemption laws in the USA. That is why so many hucksters set up shop in Florida. Charlie may get to keep the house.
    Now, this “attorney’s eyes only” provision in the on going litigation with Gary needs to be discussed. If Charlie plans on stiffing Gary through BK, what is the point of Gary’s attorneys keeping confidentiality? If the entity LLC that declared BK is no longer around, why can’t Gary’s attorney’s report any suspected fraud they may have been uncovered?
    While Charlie thinks he is slicking his former lawyers, Gary and the home exemption provision in Florida, he may get body slammed by the IRS for his history of bouncing around assets from one LLC to another. Also, I still maintain that someone needs to look into PPP funds Charlie received. Personally, I would not be surprised if they ended up in Charlie’s pocket of the pockets of Charlie’s independent contractors.

  • Charlie keeps on digging himself deeper into the hole he previously dug. His creditors will probably contest this bankruptcy filing. I am not an attorney as I have mentioned several times before, but reading over the petition, I spotted several items an experienced lawyer would definitely find.
    Unless I am missing it, Advisor Law is not on the petition. The other law firms on the BK filing may bring up the contemptuous exchange clause. That is, one has to include all creditors, or people or organizations that one has recently paid. Advisor Law is the firm that wrote the unfriendly letter to Antipolygraph on June, 2019. Advisor law claims a specialty in asset protection much like Charlie’s current bankruptcy lawyer, Julianne Frank.
    Also, Charlie’s I love me website will bite him in the butt. On this site, he is touting his expensive guitar collection, a fancy home, a ritzy office building with a helipad, fancy culinary equipment as well as a helicopter. He also brags about being the “father” of the modern CVSA and relates to himself as a “successful” businessman,
    Charlie, according to the petition has already paid Ms. Franks $7,500 for the bankruptcy filing. He is about to pay much more. If I was in the shoes or Gary, or some of Charlie’s prior law firms, I would not give up and walk away from an individual whom claims to be highly successful and brags about his riches from one side of his mouth, and then claims to be broken from the other side of his mouth. He complains about Gary being “greedy” while Charlie appears to be the one that picked the fight. (for the record, anyone in VSA is a charlatan much like anyone in the palm and tea leaf reading business)

  • Will any attorney that has read the post of NITV declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy, see CVSA Huckster Charles Humble Files for Bankruptcy from Newly Purchased $1.6 Million Home explain how this huckster can modify the name of the business, from NITV LLC to NITV Federal Services, wipe away some payable or at least negotiable debt, and then keep operating?
    AP has done an excellent job reporting this story, but it will be interesting to get some professional input.

  • Is there any new information about the failure of NITV as evidenced by the Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

  • I was able to find some additional information on the PPP funds that Charlie secured.
    Reportedly, Charlie received $68,933. and had $69,394 forgiven. This money was allegedly given to NITV FS to save six jobs. The forgiveness part being larger than the loan amount is due to the PPP funds receiving interest. It looks like that Charlie scammed the taxpayers by pocketing the funds. The money was officially lent to NITV Federal Services, LLC, not NITV LLC. Charlie apparently is trying to shift the debt to one LLC, and then opening another LLC to keep the assets. How this is legal is beyond me and why the bankruptcy court is allowing this also goes beyond my scope of understanding. Under Charlie’s make believe financial rules, I could take my family on a long European vacation, run up debts, then declare bankruptcy and keep my home, my cars, stocks, bonds and bank accounts all by slightly changing the spelling of my name. But for now, please don’t start calling me Tony.
    Charlie under the Business Age section claims that his business is a “New Business or 2 years or less.” The lender for the funds was Bank of America, National Association and the date approved was May 2020.

  • I guess I will not be getting the back pay that NITV owes me.

    • No, you probably will not be getting any back pay. But maybe you can win the “prestigious” Professor James Chapman award so long as your competition is Gary Baker.

  • Humble appears to have gotten himself in a real fix. His history of legal aggression, for example, the threat letter to AP on June 28, 2019, constant legal attacks on his fellow charlatan E. Gary Baker, and even bullying the programmer of Arthur Herring’s bogus VSA for no other reason than to just be vindictive, is easily seen as morphing into his current bankruptcy filing. Also, as I mentioned earlier, it appears to me that his apparently bouncing around of assets in various LLCs will also bite him in the butt. I still maintain that this filing of bankruptcy will eventually lead to fraud charges.
    Chuck thinks he is as slick as WD-40 on Teflon.
    All of these actions have been well documented, and I do not mean to rehash the lack of morals of “Dr.” Humble, but there is one area I still find disturbing: I feel that as NITV LLC, or NITV FS is in the process of imploding, I am willing to bet that there are governmental agencies contracting for CVSAs as I write this post. There are so many bureaucrats that only know how to rubber stamp, but not to plug in NITV or CVSA into Google and find out what a sham so called lie detectors are in general, and how shady NITV, or whatever they are calling themselves this week, is in particular.

  • No criminal prosecution of any variant name of NITV, NACVSA, Charles Humble, Lourdes Humble/Irimia, or James Kane will ever happen. It would be career suicide for any prosecutor to file criminal charges against them for a host of reasons. If Florida had a Democratic Governor and Attorney General it probably would happen due to the anti-police mantra the Democrats believe in. No LE agency would agree to testify or cooperate against NITV as command staff would have to explain to all kinds of people across the board how they allowed this to happen. When is the last time an American Police Department admitted to wrongdoing other than the death of a minority or undocumented person? The past has shown the LE agency that does realize they were duped quietly stops using the CVSA and switches to some other method. It is the taxpayer that suffers. This will go down as the biggest scam on law enforcement that was never prosecuted. One must admit NITV and it’s principles knew they would never face any criminal charges and only had to deal with civil lawsuits for product fraud that only cost them money. Over the years NITV and company created a powerful shield for themselves by selling to law enforcement knowing the chance of getting exposed, much less prosecuted would be very low. The fact NITV actually defrauded LE by selling the CVSA based upon false advertising methods should be embarrassing to all LE agencies. It is real easy to spend the taxpayers money and not be held accountable for it. This seems to be what is happening over in your country at this time, and with no end in sight.

    • When I was falsely accused because of a so-called “failed” CVSA, and was mad as hell since my good reputation was smirched, I decided to put a down home ass whuppin on NITV in my civil service hearing. What method did I use you asked? I found the Brian Ross interview, emailed that to my lawyer, my lawyer emailed it to the judge and the clowns trying to prosecute me, and soon after, the department I worked for quietly, I mean very quietly, quit using the CVSA.
      The em effers that loved this demon box were very upset. They blamed me for wasting thousands of dollars of tax payers money.
      The very worst enemy of NITV is “Dr.” Charles Humble. Although I would love to brag that I took out an important customer of NITV, I must be honest and give doc all the kudos.
      You know G. Foster, awhile back I may have agreed with you that it would be career suicide for a prosecutor to take on NITV, but now since NITV, or NITV FS is on the ropes, maybe they will take on NITV.
      Plaintiff lawyers have no fear of NITV, the IRS has no fear, and the bankruptcy trustee evidently is not cowed by NITV, so I think the tide is shifting.
      Will the LE agencies and other users and purchasers have egg on their face the the NITV house of cards comes tumbling down? You bet your ass they will.
      My advice to those that have been bullshitted by NITV is to get in front of the crisis. Admit you have been duped, take the hit, and move on.

  • I would like to further expand of G. Foster’s opinion that prosecutors will take a hands off attitude toward prosecuting NITV and its principals out of embarrassment that Humble et al made the LE, and corrections communities look like complete fools. Hopefully, someone will have some balls in these communities and do the right thing. I was, and am a loyal employee to my organization, but I did swat them on the nose about them using the CVSA, and used the words of “Dr.” Humble to make my case.
    I am holding out hope that the Bankruptcy court will somehow find a way to convert the bankruptcy petition into criminal charges.

  • I checked the Zillow price from the home that Charlie declared bankruptcy from, and this home has appreciated $400,000 in value, or roughly what Charlie owes Gary of DVSA.
    An elegant solution would be for Charlie to sell the home, and then settle the lawsuit by paying Gary the roughly $400,000 owed and also bring an end to the bankruptcy. That would also be the moral and Christian thing to do.
    Charlie had no problem with seizing roughly $40,000 from Arthur Herring’s bank account after winning a pro se lawsuit against Dektor, which left Herring destitute, so why can’t Charlie do the right thing and pay what he owes to Gary?
    Charlie hired Jerry Crotty because of his high moral standards (cough, cough) after all, and is always espousing his strong Christian beliefs in spite of being a bully, liar and family wrecker.
    Charlie, for once in your life, do the right thing. Refer to Romans 13:7.

    • Wow. This was so insightful. I’m researching the Michael Crowe case – Chris McDonough needs to be stopped from misleading young people into thinking if they are falsely accused of a crime they should have nothing to worry about if they agree to an interrogation without a lawyer bc the CVSA will help exonerate them.

  • Hey Anonymous, I wish you much success in researching the Michael Crowe case and have thought from the longest time this would make an A+ paper for a social sciences student, and even a great Master’s thesis.
    First, we have police under pressure to make a quick arrest for a high profile case. Police work 101 is that the family is usually ruled out/investigated first. Hence, the reason Michael Crowe was developed as a suspect. Now granted, every police officer I ever met has thought they had been born with a bullet proof bullshit detector, but alas, the inability for the California police officers to actually know the NITV CVSA is just a prop can possibly be explained that most of us are trusting. Afterall, from the cops prospective, the CVSA brochures sound scientific, and have lots of stats and what appears to be science, and the founder has a Ph.D.,(by the way, I can find no documentation of Humble admitting he did not have an earned Ph.D. by an accredited university until exposed by Brian Ross) so of course, the CVSA is a scientific instrument, right? I know the cops in this case looked like complete idiots when the dust settled, and yes, they did get conned by a huckster. But we all have to have trust. I must admit the last time I got on a bus, I did not check the tire pressure, inspect the bus’s engine or ask to see the operator’s license.
    Humble et al know this, and this is why the CVSA con works.
    Anti-Polygraph has done a very effective job of exposing the polygraph and VSA con jobs. In fact, the reason why I respond often to comments and articles is that I know the polygraph and VSA hucksters read these pages as proven that they have on at least three occasions to have had this site shut down, which only resulted in them getting their asses whupped. I dare any of them to take me on.
    I have a kid getting ready to start college, and if he takes a CJ course, I would be more than happy to write a term paper for him on the ramifications of the Michael Crowe case.

  • I think the bankruptcy of NITV will eventually be the end of voice stress analysis in the United States. Trying to stuff all of the debt into one LLC and then allowing the rest of NITV’s LLCs to act as regular businesses with little or no debt is no more than an unsophisticated con job.
    What I feel will happen is that the corporate veil will be pierced and all of Humble’s LLCs will be on the hook for the debt. I mean, how can these acts not be blatant bankruptcy and business fraud? IMHO, all of these businesses need to be liquidated to pay off the creditors.
    E. Gary Baker and his business DVSA do not appear to be at all sophisticated. DVSA is not scalable, and it appears Baker’s clientele is made up of small law enforcement agencies since DVSA does not have the corporate and financial structure to pitch large LE agencies. Pitching large governmental agencies usually include expensive dinners and political contributions. Humble and NITV contributes heavily to politicians and the Internet record of such is easy to find by Googling.
    NITV also knows that career government officials, be they military or civil service loves the “I love me wall,” which is hanging up certificates, diplomas, commendations, etc. on one’s office wall to look impressive to visitors. Having a range of “levels” for CVSA examiners, plus having a shot the win the “Prestigious Professor James L. Chapman” award for “excellence” is undoubtedly irresistible for many career bureaucrats.
    I could find no other company using VSA that is scalable. Some may have slick websites, but that is not the same as writing a large check for someone seeking office.

  • Thanks for posting news of the bankruptcy settlement between NITV, marketer of the junk pseudoscientific CVSA, and Gary Baker, marketer of the junk pseudoscientific DVSA.
    For those that have been following this drama in the AP chat room, there has been decade long ongoing litigation between these two foe faux docs since Gary said Charlie libeled him. I don’t see how someone with a fake, mail order doctorate marketing a device that claims to tell if one is being deceitful can be libeled, but none the less, Charlie lost the lawsuit. Perhaps it is because Charlie & Company is of ill repute by his history of making contradictory statements, i.e., the CVSA has greater than 98% reliability in marketing material, to saying in court that the device cannot tell if someone is lying. Point is, I doubt someone outside the industry could be successfully sued by stating voice analysis is a pseudoscience.
    If either NITV or Baker feel I am wrong when I cite around 50% reliability instead of near 100% reliability, please cite research performed by non-biased scientists, you know, real Ph.Ds, showing where I am mistaken.
    Also, little off subject, but I will go out on a limb and state the chance of Gary actually collecting 100% of everything he is owed by Charlie is roughly 50%, or the reliability of voice stress analysis.

  • Has Humble/CVSA made the first $50,000 payment to the bankruptcy trustee?

  • It’s flashback Thursday on the infamous Charles Humble

  • Why “Dr.” Charles Humble is not in prison for bankruptcy fraud, and his series of clown lawyers have not been censured or disbarred is beyond me.

  • Well, it looks like the battle of the faux Ph.D hucksters is coming to the end. The conman Gary Baker won the case against the conman Charles Humber.
    A non-lawyer like me cannot understand how someone with a fake credentials that sells bogus “lie detector” software to tax funded governmental agencies can sue someone for pointing out this truth is beyond me, unless the one making the accusation also has fake credentials and is defrauding governmental agencies.
    A probable narcissist (Renaissance Man) like Charlie is not going to take this humiliating defeat laying down. Even someone like Charlie, whom apparently never gotten past the Associate’s degree level by accredited post secondary schooling, will eventually figure out that constant litigation has rarely weighed in his favor. This last lawsuit, including the settlement, court costs, attorney fees, etc. is probably north of 300 grand. Therefore, dirty tricks will probably start heading Gary’s way.
    I still have a hard time believing that we are near the quarter mark of this century, and so many in the criminal justice system still believe in these idolatry boxes.

  • It’s a shame this distraction has occurred. The CVSA helped me tremendously in solving over 1000 cases over the years. Majority of these cases all ending with a confession from the suspect or vindicating the wrongly accused.

  • The CVSA has the same accuracy as a coin flip. “Dr.” Charles Humble is a disgraced individual that is running a dishonest organization that is defrauding taxpayers. NITV has admitted that the CVSA cannot tell if someone is lying or telling the truth after the conclusion of the Steven Crowe lawsuit.
    Lt. Wyllie, you probably would have gotten the same results if you had hooked up the accused to a copy machine. What you are referring to is the bogus pipeline effect.
    There is no such thing as a device that can tell if an individual is lying or telling the truth. If there was, polygraphs and voice stress analysis would be allowed in court.

  • Hi Anthony, I have been reading your posts…will you please tell me who you are and why you have a vested interest in Charles Humble. We’re you wronged by him or his company?…curious.

  • Hey EPM, if you have read my posts, you should know who I am. But here is a quick recap, I am a now retired officer of the court that fell into the criminal justice field since I needed a quick job after a firm I worked for fell into financial hardship. While most of my co-workers had social science degrees, I came packing with degrees in computer science and industrial engineering. I believe this causes me to have a more critical eye toward fake scientists and technical types.
    I just don’t have a vested interest in “Dr.” Humble. I have also pointed out the flaws in “Dr.” E. Gary Baker, Daniel Ribacoff et al. I have a beef with the whole lie industry peddling fake science to tax payer funded agencies to the detriment of our country.
    For example, after Gary Ridgway “passed” a polygraph, he went on to kill approximately another 20 women.
    I can’t chat long, I have a job interview coming up, but here are a couple of closing remarks about what I feel set Doc Humble apart from others in the dubious lie industry fraternity. First, Humble appears to be the only one of the group that has levels of “expertise” in voice stress or polygraphy. Those of us that have served in the military or civil service (I did both) know how managers are proud of their “I love me walls.” Humble & Co. sell plenty of these certificates that are suitable for framing. Why haven’t the other hucksters figured this out? Two: the long term “academic study” from a Professor Emeritus (retired JC teacher) that was published in a make-believe academic journal. Yep, many folks bought into this. Three: The worst enemy of Charles Humble and NITV is, you guessed it, Charles Humble on NITV. What was doc thinking when he chatted with Brian Ross? Why did doc start a fight with a very minor player in the lie industry, E. Gary Baker. Baker from his own admission made so little money that often he did not even bother filing a tax return. Now it appears this lost lawsuit could lead to the liquidation of NITV.
    Gotta run now.

  • I am writing this post as a friendly heads up to those that have the purchasing authority to contract with NITV and other companies in the lie industry.
    In the Steven Crowe case the tax payers had to pay a settlement of over $7,000,000 because of the defective CVSA. Actions have consequences and one or more governmental workers probably had their careers come to a sudden end. Much worse, a family was further traumatized having their son unjustly incarcerated after their daughter/sister was murdered and having the killer still on the lam because the foolish cops believed in an idolatry box. Hey, but Charles Humble can live in his fancy house, and own a bunch of guitars, so what does he care?
    Remember, there is no substitute for good, honest police and other forensic work, and using carnival tricks like VSAs and polys is going to bite in the long run.

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