Polygraph “Test” Drives Innocent Steve Wilkos Show Guest to Attempted Suicide

Anca Pennington

On Wednesday, 11 December 2019, Anca Pennington, 30, of Omaha, Nebraska purchased three bottles of Tylenol, each containing 24 pills, after passing through security at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey. She then proceeded to a restroom stall, swallowed all of the pills, and laid down to die.

Earlier that day Pennington, a single mother of four, had appeared on the set of the Comcast-owned, NBCUniversal Television Distribution-produced Steve Wilkos Show in Stamford, Connecticut, where host Steve Wilkos had announced that she had miserably failed a polygraph test regarding whether she had burned her infant daughter with cigarettes. The show’s in-house polygraph operator, Daniel D. Ribacoff, had come on stage to support his polygraph results.

Daniel D. Ribacoff

Ribacoff, a member of the American Polygraph Association, has previously claimed on the show, “We have tests that are 99.4% accurate, which is way more accurate than most medical tests, and way more accurate than any jury trial.”

And in a 2016 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread, in response to a question Steve Wilkos averred, “The lie detector tests are like 99% accurate.”

In fact, however, polygraph “testing” has not been shown through peer-reviewed research to reliably work at better-than-chance levels of accuracy under field conditions. Alan P. Zelicoff and Steven E. Rigdon have conducted a peer-reviewed statistical analysis of the best available field studies of polygraphy. Based on that analysis, Dr. Zelicoff opines that “if a subject fails a polygraph, the probability that she is, in fact, being deceptive is little more than chance alone; that is, one could flip a coin and get virtually the same result for a positive test based on the published data.”

Steve Wilkos

As Pennington recalls, Wilkos told her on stage that she was disgusting, that she was never going to see her kids again, and that she was going to go to jail. The audience booed her.

Pennington recounts that she had looked up to Steve Wilkos as a father figure and had never questioned polygraphs. Afraid that no one would believe her and that she would lose her children, Pennington made the decision to end her life during the ride to the airport for her flight home, writing a suicide note on the sheet of paper with her flight information that was given to her by the show’s producers.

Lying on the airport restroom stall floor after consuming the Tylenol, whose active ingredient, acetaminophen, can cause fatal liver damage in sufficiently large doses, Pennington began to feel warm, and her heart started racing. She became scared, thought of her children, and called 911. An ambulance came. After nearly a week of hospitalization, she was released and returned home to Omaha, having escaped any permanent liver damage.

Photograph of Anca Pennington’s infant daughter’s lesions provided to The Steve Wilkos Show

While in hospital, Pennington showed nurses pictures of lesions on her infant daughter’s leg: lesions that she had suspected were pinch marks or cigarette burns inflicted by the daughter’s father, who had left them, or by the father’s new girlfriend, both of whom also appeared as guests on The Steve Wilkos Show and passed polygraphs. As Pennington recalls, the nurses immediately recognized the lesions as ringworm, a common fungal infection that is easily treated.

Later in December 2019, lesions reappeared on the infant’s leg, and a medical examination confirmed a ringworm infection, for which clotrimazole, an antifungal medication, was prescribed.

Before contacting The Steve Wilkos Show, Pennington had also contacted the Nebraska Division of Family Services regarding her suspicion that her daughter had been abused. In a letter dated 3 December 2019, a full week before her appearance on the show, but which Pennington states she received only after her return to Omaha, Children and Family Services specialist Nicole Powers reported, “Based on the information obtained during this investigation, it has been determined that the allegation will be listed as ‘Unfounded.'”

Pennington reports that on Wednesday, 22 January 2020, The Steve Wilkos Show contacted her and told her that the episode in which she appeared will air in February. Pennington stated that she was “devastated and traumatized.”

AntiPolygraph.org has written to Steve Wilkos Show producer Jillian Calandra, who coordinated Pennington’s appearance on the show, and polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff seeking comment. At the time of writing, no replies have been received.

In May 2019, the long-running British tabloid television program The Jeremy Kyle Show, which bears similarities to The Steve Wilkos Show, was abruptly canceled after Steve Dymond, who “failed” a polygraph “test” conducted for the show, committed suicide.

In December 2019, Pennington shared her story in a series of video clips that AntiPolygraph.org has assembled as a YouTube playlist:

Update (28 January 2020): On 26 January 2020, The Steve Wilkos Show released a 30-second video clip titled “THE COLD HARD TRUTH…ALL NEW…ALL FEBRUARY LONG!” with snippets of episodes to be aired in February 2020:

At 22 seconds into the video, a few seconds of the as-yet-unaired episode in which Anca Pennington appeared are shown. Steve Wilkos is seen gesticulating at her and shouting, “You’re the one burning your children!”

Pennington replies, “I did not do that!”

The Steve Wilkos Show‘s apparent decision to air this episode, despite compelling evidence that no one burned her child, may be explained by the fact that February 2020 is a Nielsen “sweeps” period during which audience measurements are taken.

AntiPolygraph.org’s inquiries to Steve Wilkos Show producer Jillian Calandra and polygraph operator Daniel D. Ribacoff remain unanswered.

Correction: This article originally stated that Ms. Pennington’s appearance with Steve Wilkos and attempted suicide took place on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. This is incorrect. Her polygraph examination with Daniel Ribacoff was conducted on that date, and her studio appearance and attempted suicide took place the following day, Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

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  • If they have not already, Wilkos and Ribacoff need to admit they teamed up and bullied a woman that has had a tough life for ratings. They need to come clean and apologize to Ms. Pennington, whom they emotionally gang raped at a vulnerable time in her life, her family and to the Creator.
    Anyone that claims any type of “lie detector” has a 99.4% accuracy is a liar. Any lie detector is only as reliable as a coin toss. Therefore, Ribacoff is a liar. The only nice thing I can find nice to say about the liar is that he is not claiming a fake Ph.D like Humble and Baker. In
    fact, it appears Ribacoff has no real education, just a bunch of meaningless certs.
    One thing that really gets my goat are the bozos in the lie industry that try to pass themselves off as the equivalent of forensic scientists through fake doctorates and dime store certs. Gee whiz you bozo liars, get some real education!
    I have never heard of Wilkos before today, but I am disappointed that a former Marine and cop resorted to bullying a vulnerable woman on national TV to the point of near suicide. This type of behavior is pure evil. Come on man, you are better than this. Protect women, do not attack them.

    • I agreed they should cancel the show were Steve and cast members were living u can’t trust them I’ll never go on the show its all entertaining dake

      • Never never go on this show.
        The lie detector test can destroy an innocent person’s life forever. They are NOT accurate enough for court and yet Steve will put you’re life on the line with it..This show should not be allowed . DONT WATCH IT.!!


        • This web site is a joke that women you are talking about is a joke who trys to commit suicide bye Tylenol! Thos lie detector test are pretty accurate this is just a site that don’t like seeing people get what they should when they lie. And obviously don’t care about the welfare of abuse children.


          • Nope dummy steve wilkos confessed to gang rape in college on his autobiography as well. Multiple accusations. Pulled over drunk with a wreck. Tried to ruin Penningtons life and others who already proved was just a now treated ringworm infection. Proves he’s a liar. Also worked as preschool teacher. After being accused so many times when he was a cop for sexual misconduct Mr wilkos wanted a way out. Steve needed excuses and alibis. Also if he wanted to redeem himself by being this good guy then why didn’t he start by making it up to the young lady he gangraped in college. Auto biography creep stiff bodied soft handed pervert

      • Did you smoke weed

    • Emotional gang rape?? Get a grip lady

      • If somebody accused me a burning my child and I knew I didn’t do it so I go on what I think is a trusted show to clear my name and I’m told I’m a liar and was berated for child abuse and having to live with that stigma. Absolutely emotional gangrape.

        • I wouldn’t never go on anyway because I know lie detector tests aren’t always accurate AND they can’t be used in court even though Steve Wilkos convinces his guests they’ll go to jail for a false test . Ppl gotta wake up and see that it’s only for entertainment even though the topics may be real . You notice that it’s usually very young adults who go on ??? Most can be manipulated. Not me !

          • Finally someone speaks the truth. Why even go on there it is just for ratings. They make you a liar if it makes it better for the show. And we all know if these test were accurate they could lock all these people up when show was over. But it is entertainment.

            • Funny this show has brought MANY!!!!! People to justice!! Who is to say she did not burn the child? And that the child had “ring worm” at different times? I will let you know one of my sons has had ring worm when he was little and it DID NOT look like marks on the baby in the pictures!! Nor did it look like a cigarette burn!!! She very well could be trying to cover her behind now by saying that the show was wrong the test was wrong poor me poor me!! So make herself look innocent… SMH

              • As noted in the article, the Nebraska Division of Family Services investigated Anca Pennington’s suspicion that her daughter had been abused and deemed it to be unfounded.

                • So…. I may be missing something… Am I to understand that just because this woman “attempted” suicide, her results are inaccurate. Assertion being that results are not always accurate?

                  • You seem to be missing the fact that there is no evidence that Anca Pennington burned or otherwise abused her infant daughter, and that medical professionals identified the lesions on the child’s leg as a ringworm infection. Polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff’s determination that Ms. Pennington was lying when she denied having burned her daughter was clearly wrong.

                    • They “identified” them from a photograph. Not saying she did or didn’t, but I wouldn’t jump behind her or in front of her. This sounds like I attempted a planned suicide for attention. That doesn’t look like any Ringworm infection I have seen.

                    • Exactly so why blow your brains out in a bathroom instead of fighting to clear your names and the other names of those betrayed by the Steve Wilkos Show. Seems like a guilty conscious to me. Why not use allll this evidence to cancel Steve Wilkos, cause it’s bull and steve is not a bad guy.

                    • No real medical professional would look at a picture and say that’s this or that. They have to see it or test it or look at it under a microscope. I think the girl attempted suicide bc she was guilty and got caught.

                    • What I can’t understand is if she thought someone had burned her child with cigarettes why didn’t she take the child straight to the drs to clarify that’s indeed what it was !
                      Especially as it could have cause an infection
                      But to start accusing people and then wait to go on Steve’s show . I personally would have been straight to a dr first and foremost

                    • People need to stop believing this man wilkos is an entertainer,,, and does his job well making you believe he is some important person,,,….just another man living in a bubble of his own making

                  • I’ve seen your show several times and you like to get in little boys faces I was in the marines and your a disgrace I wish I could see you face to face and I’ll see how afraid I am were the same age but I still workout you just love to intimate people smaller than you I’m a little shorter I guarantee you will never scare me if it’s true that you were a cop you probably got terminated that’s why I hate cops there all dirty you Dan and your wife can burn in hell

                    • Issues much??? this made almost no sense.n not all cops are bad.steve is amazing.i think she did this for attention especially when she called to be saved.if u wanted to die.u would have?people do this shit to refocus the truth

                    • I’ve never seen a marine with such poor grammar. Both my father and grandfather are marines and special forces. You’re..not

                  • Her results were inaccurate because it turned out to be ringworm rather than cigarette burns.

                  • Apparently you didn’t read the fucking article

                • I lived in Omaha for several years, I had my own dealings with Nebraska DHHS and CPS. The majority of those caseworkers and investigators do NOT care. They do not do thrurogh investigations. They do not offer services to assist a struggling parent, they have left MANY children in horrible situations that could have been preventable with proper assistance. They are numerous documented cases where the workers have falsified information/omitted important information/ & committed purgery to cover their own incompetent selves. Now there are SOME workers that care and honestly do look past initial superficial information, and see what the actual facts are and do offer assistance, classes, respite care, etc for parents who need more education or assistance. But those workers are few and far between. My point in this response is to say, do not trust a letter that clams allegations are “unfounded” from Nebraska DHHS. The probability of the worker doing the actual work needed to be able to intelligently and correctly determine unfounded allegations are extremely low. Which is sad because it’s not that hard to do. That being said, I pray that someone, someday does recognize the workers who genuinely care about these kids who are mistreated and abused and gives those kids a fair chance in life. Because those workers are making a difference.

              • Some ringworms look exactly like cigarette burns.
                Some looks like spots or blotches. There are thousands of parasite ringworms. I’ve seen many during my decades of life

                • All I can say is ,, ” sweetheart , put your story out far and wide” . ? This story NEEDS to be told and to be heard ?

                  • The story is being told. The problem is several federal, state and local branches in government in the USA refuse to acknowledge the truth about polygraphs and related pseudo technology.
                    Quick example – why have several LE agencies not discovered that Charles Humble has a bogus Ph.D?
                    Geez, it has been on YouTube for about 15 years that he is lying about this credential as well as various attorney web sites. I am truly appalled that our so-called elite federal branches of the CJ system still believe in polygraphs.

                  • Agreed!

                • Would you be able to tell whether it’s a cigarette or a ringworm from a photo? If you are asserting ringworm can look like cigarettes burns

                  • I had 19 pictures, the show only showed 1 picture, they were growing and spreading. It took over 6 months to get rid of em.

                    • Hunny, nobody on here should be judging you. I lived in Omaha for 30 years. DHHS does not do their jobs appropriately. I am NOT saying that you did or did not do the things you were accused of, but no matter what I know that DHHS did not provide you with the proper support or assistance that you could have used. Either way it goes, as a young mother you could have benefited from more assistance, whether it was to help you with areas of struggle or to provide you with better knowledge on how to avoid further calls to the CPS hotline on you. You should NOT have been made to feel so low that you attempted to take your own life. I’m so thankful that you did call 911 and are still here to be a mom to your children and to improve on your parenting skills because even parents who are doing really great at parenting and are completely financially stable can benefit from better parenting education. So do not allow people to bully you into thinking you are a bad parent, and do not be ashamed to take help from parenting classes or any other assistance to help you improve, because no 2 children can be parented exact same way and there is nothing wrong with further educating yourself on how you can possibly improve as a parent. Even experts need to keep up with changes and self improvement. Keep your head up . It will get better as long as you continue to do what’s best for you and your children.

                    • Im sorry your and your little girl are going through this …. Prayers

                  • You missed the part where the exact same looking lesions appeared back on the childs leg and the mother brought her into the doctors office that time and that’s how they got the ringworm diagnosis…

                  • I have had ring worm, my son and friends over the years: They come in many forms and have a circular appearance that could look like a cigarette. They can completely disappear or they can scar you and leave a circular scar. So your wrong.

                    Your not a doctor nor am I, so don’t sit there and act like the only it ringworm out there is the one you have seen.

                    We will never know so let’s slow down in assuming she is guilty.

                • I know because I’ve had ringworm and it looked like cigarette burns.

              • You have children, poor things with a psychotic mother like you. Keep your third eye closed.

              • And she absolutely could be telling the truth about the show!

              • I went on there about 3 years ago. Although my pass was brought up it helped me clear my name . To each it’s own…

              • They say the accuracy of Polygraph tests are about 80%-90%. So there is 10%-20% inaccuracy. Would you risk the safety of your children with those same odds? With a possible 20% (1-5) chance of failure what would you be willing to risk? Your pay check? Vehicle? Job? Home? Health? I’m guessing with those odds you probably wouldn’t risk any of those things but yet you seem so certain of that woman’s guilt. Why, because you seen a ringworm that didn’t look like the same as one you seen in a picture? Just how people look different from one picture to the next, so does everything else. In my personal opinion you should probably not be so judgmental on so little FACTS! SMH!

                • Well said! Ppl are way too quick to judgement. The web can be dangerous for narrow minded people. Hand them “their” opinion without supporting anything with actual facts, and they’ll burn cities to the ground. Just because you see an article, tv show, picture or video clip etc, doesn’t mean you’re informed. There’s 2 sides to every story!

                • Bravo, I read your comment after I wrote mine. Exactly could of said better myself!!!

                  • Keep talking. I watch the show I think it’s wrong for them to take sides without any evidence so don’t stop until ex pose them

                • That’s why they give them the test multiple times

              • You are so wrong. I have five sons and 3 of them had ringworm(contagious fungal infection) and each childs ringworm looked different. I can say that it does look somewhere like a cigarette burn, especially with raised edges. And if you listened…she took him to the doctor that week.

              • Do more research because it was proven by doctors and the lab that it was ringworm. Steve is fake anyway. Remember a guy Jesse appeared on the show for killing his girlfriend’s child who he’s only been with for 3months. Jesse refused to take the test and finally, Amanda, his girl convinced him to take it now that the test said he told the truth so how a few days after, Jesse was charged with the murder of the little girl. So your gonna tell me these professional people, the doctors, and the police aren’t correct but Steve Wilkos is. It’s all ratings

              • As a pediatric nurse, you are so misinformed about what ALL ring worm looks like. Some actually do look like burn marks and in her case she didn’t burn her child. She was manipulated for ratings.

              • and what about the research of the studies on polygraph test and they’re promise of how accurate it is when it’s bogus. and your right they have brought justice to many ppl and they’re reaction from they’re brain and body but what any that other 50 percent that could be possibly innocent. what because someones says they’re reliable and back’s up their product or brand with certificates they shouldn’t be looking into or investigated to make sure each questionable case is Accurate. so much for double checking ones work.

                • TO be clear, the lie detector results do not bring anyone to justice… they just point investigators in the right direction. They are not relied upon for criminal trials because they are easily manipulated. If you believe something isn’t true that is true, then you can honestly lie about it. You will not invoke an emotional response.

              • Your a moron. As a licensed medical professional any nurse or MD would know the difference dumbass. Wilkos shit the bed with this show and honestly it’s not the first time it’s happened. One of these times a fat lawsuit is coming despite all the waivers they try to shove down their guests throats. Libel and Slander are torts no matter the waivers

              • I’m going to assume you missed the part where it says the nurses in the hospital after the suicide attempt identified the marks as ringworm… also the Omaha division of child services found her case unfounded which means there wasn’t sufficient evidence to say she harmed her child.

              • The doctors..?? The doctors are literally the ones to say she did NOT burn her daughter. Literal doctors with PHDs said it was ringworm. Are you insane?

              • The marks are definitely ringworms, my granddaughter got a new kitten and a week later she got a ringworm, took her to the dr. He prescribed cream and it went away.

              • It doesn’t look the stance on everyone. Have you googled pics of ringworm Einstein?

              • You’re an idiot. Polygraphs are as accurate as the horoscope page of your local rag.

              • So ur a nurse or better yet the State that cleared her??

              • Your as much an idiot as Steve, so sorry for you

              • Correct!!

              • Tests are 84% accurate at best and remember the military are trained to beat them .

              • My son had ring worm at different times and it never looked the same and once it did look just like the pic.

              • Have you seen burn marks because they look nothing like those

            • I met a woman but I felt that in to days relationship that there’s is just no trust and being faithful .But this really made me think let’s see what happens. I don’t no why my girlfriend I loved and really cared about turned my life in to a living .Hell with her lie in about being Abused and that I was abusing .I couldn’t understand why people u don’t even know hate me call me the N word and with all the cheating I cought her doing never hit her our abuse her .Steve I really need your help thank you Tone

              • This isnt how you get ahold of the steve wilkos show.. this is not his website, this article is actually AGAINST him.. so your posting this in the wrong place bud

          • I agree.. I don’t always believe those tests when I watch those programs. Don’t go on the show at all people. Let the real courts handle it, theres a reason why they’re inadmissible in court!

          • It’s mostly old people actually. Been watching a crap ton

          • Yes they can

        • That’s sad. I think I would fall apart if they had done me that way. I thought that the tests were almost 100%

        • First of all if you know you didn’t abuse your child then any mother would want to know how something like that happened? Did she take the baby to the hospital?
          The lesions on that little girl’s leg look like perfect circles coming from someone ducting a cigarette out on her leg.
          It looks like somebody took out their frustrations on the baby.

          • As noted in the article, the Nebraska Division of Family Services investigated the matter and did not conclude that Ms. Pennington’s daughter had been abused.

            • Childreb services routinely finds no wrong doing and are wrong. They are over worked and underpaid

              • Nonetheless, the claim that Anca Pennington burned or otherwise abused her daughter is completely evidence-free.

                • You keep copying and pasting like a bot and saying the same thing. Just because there is no evidence doesn’t mean something didn’t happened. What if your murder and someone gets rid of the evidence, welp there was know evidence?????

                  • Okay well using your logic, someone just ran over a cat pit front of my house and even though I have no evidence to prove otherwise I know it was you that ran the cat over… see how that works?

                    • We are up to about 200 comments on this Anca Pennington story. Several of you keep accusing Ms. Pennington of the crime of using cigarettes to burn her children although there is absolutely no credible evidence to back up this absurd claim. People – assumptions and ” well it looks like” does not make a person guilty. Absolutely no credible evidence exists that supports Ms. Pennington burned her children. Anyone that disagrees with this is an idiot.
                      Why is it that I am the only one that upset that Daniel Ribacoff, the unethical demon that gave Ms. Pennington the polygraph, is running an ongoing criminal enterprise through his private detective agency that is engaging in rape, intimidation, and financial crimes in addition to outrageously unethical behavior? What Ribacoff’s employees have done to Susanne Gold-Smith is absolutely disgusting.
                      But some of you want to bash victims like Ms. Pennington and give Daniel Ribbacoff the ole hug a thug.

              • Ieasha, and sometimes Children’s Services yank kids from good biological parent(s) and put them in the homes of abusive foster parents. But in Anca’s case, the ringworm was easy to spot by medical people, and it appears the Nebraska Children’s Services made the right call. The big screw up is Danny giving a defective polygraph examination, and instead of admitting he was wrong, he doubled down on his own hubris and stated the child got ringworm from earlier cigarette burns. When called on this, he erased his earlier Facebook posts.
                As I said earlier, it is absolutely disgusting that Danny and Steve see no harm, and have zero remorse about almost killing a young lady for no other reason to get ratings.


                • They are a joke. They prey on the young and old parents. While other children are abused and sometimes end up dead. And this is after they see no wrong doing and give the child back to parents.

                  • Well, you are partially right. CPS preys mostly on the poor and uneducated. The same demographics can be seen on the Wilkos show.
                    I used to work for CPS in Tennessee, and have learned, depending on the political situation at the time, they will allow some children to stay in an abusive home, and at other times, remove children because the mother cannot pay an utility bill. In other words, at least in Tennessee, CPS can err in both directions at once.
                    When children are allowed to stay in an abusive home, it is often because the department is under a lawsuit or court order to lower case loads. When children are removed, it is often cause the state needs the federal IV E dollars and related funds. The politics and economics of CPS behavior cannot be explained in a short posting. Foster care is a multi-billion dollar industry with several players, including states, private and so-called non-profit providers, social workers, lawyers, psychologists, et al.
                    Now, this is a web site dedicated to telling the truth about the shadiness of the bogus lie detector sector, so how does this tie in to foster care? Well, at least in Tennessee, the department used to use the CVSA to “investigate” anyone they wanted to falsely accuse of any multitude of bad behavior. Since the CVSA has chance reliability, the examiners would be “testing” until the “right answer” was provided.
                    It truly disturbs me that several in the child protection sector have the same lack of morals as the evil doers in the lie industry.

                • No. Your comment is not 100% accurate. And I’m NOT responding on this particular case in this reply to you. But in general about Nebraska DHHS and CPS workers and systems. The majority of the workers
                  do not do their job appropriately or completely. They choose instead to make superficial assessments and do not offer proper long term services to parents who could benefit from them. There are few social workers that care and will do everything they can and even go above and beyond but unfortunately they are few and far between. Regardless, this young lady did not deserve to be treated so horrible that she felt she had to end her own life

              • They would’ve known the difference between burns and ringworm. No matter how over worked u think they are

          • I’m curious before leaving any comments how many of them do some of you read?

          • What twisted world are you living in? Those marks look nothing like perfect circles. A shiner, which I hope someone gives you, that’s a perfect circle.

            • You all all naive as heck if you think that a person who has hurt their child would not commit suicide when caught!

              • I try to be nice to people, but mama, you are just plain ignorant and prone to making statements without facts. AP has written at least three times that the Nebraska Department of Human Services has cleared Anca Pennington. That means her children were seen by a medical professional, and it was determined her children had ringworm, and not cigarette burns as per the false allegations of the Wilkos show. The social workers in Nebraska followed the correct procedures and had the children seen by medical professionals.
                Wilcos and Ribacoff are not medical professionals, but merely entertainers that appeal to uneducated and uninformed viewers.
                Now if you want to attack someone on this forum, please comment on how Ribacoff condones his employees sexually assaulting Mrs. Gold-Smith.

              • U can’t say that everyone is different ppl attempt suicide for many reasons not just bc they were caught it could also be bc they were crucified unjustly too

          • For the love of God, did you not read any of the hundred comments before yours that stated ringworm can look like a cigarette burn because it is round? Ringworm is round. Guess what else is…a cigarette. However, actual medical professionals determined that there was NO abuse. It was ringworm all along.

        • yes, i totally agree. absolutely emotional gangrape.

      • Maybe have several people accuse you, berade and insult you while an entire audience boos you..on national television , in front of millions, of something you did not do. Then post a smart ass comment about how that might feel.

        • I couldn’t imagine they honestly. Look at what, possibly half of the comments here? People are certain she did it, even with plenty of supporting evidence to the contrary. Once they’ve decided, it’s unlikely they will see the light. This is why juries use 12 people, and all 12 have to agree.
          All these people saying hateful or even decent comments that she’s guilty. You all just imagine for a second if you were in her shoes. If she burned her kid, the last thing she would do is report it to cps for investigation, and go on tv. She was upset that cps found there to be no harm, because she thought there was and wanted Steve to help her out. Steve turned on her because she was there, and screaming at someone while the audience applauses looks great on tv. And you people want her burned at the stake for it. It’s pathetic and sad, and for your sake, I hope you don’t find yourself in any type of even halfway relatable a situation.

      • Right I was thinking the same damn thing.. lol

      • That was a man that said that. Just sayin????

      • you get a grip sometimes mental abuse in some cases! be far more worse than physical abuse together or alone…. But we all know any type of abuse is Terrible. &

      • It was emotional gang rape dyou know realise the damage these shows cause to innocent people. This show needs to be cancelled just like jeramy Kyle it’s not fair that they expose people to be something when they are not and ruin there fucking lives. People like Steve don’t deserve to be on tv and he deserves to be in jail himself ruining other peoples lives absolute dickhead

        • Dan Ribacoff apparently allows his employees to engage in actual rape as part of his actual business operations. See the Susanne Gold-Smith complaint on this web site.
          There is a pattern that cannot be missed. In the Anca Pennington episode when Ribacoff was asked on Facebook if the scaring on Pennington’s children was indeed ringworm and not cigarette burns, Ribacoff then related that the cigarette burns led to ringworm. He then erased those Facebook entries but not before at least one copy was made.
          With the Susanne Gold-Smith case, one his employees recorded himself sexually assaulting Mrs. Gold-Smith. The employee than attempted to erase the video, but oops again, opposing counsel was able to recapture the video.
          See the pattern of Ribacoff & company? LIE, DENY AND HIDE.
          I think Ribacoff is an extreme misogynist in that he took part in an action that almost cost an innocent young lady her life, and then condoned abhorrent behavior by an agent, under his employ that sexually assaulted a woman his company was supposed to investigating.
          I don’t wish for anyone to be the victim of any crime, but how would Ribacoff feel if his own daughter was driven to the point of near suicide, or was raped by one of his agents?
          As we say in the south, Ribacoff needs to come to Jesus.

        • Back in 2012 I called the show. Asking Steve to pull me and my child’s farther on his show. I was in the middle of an custody battle . That’s true, however that didn’t change the fact of my 2yr old daughter would sit up at ? ght and play with herself. Which did ? t accure until after my child was illegally removed from me by CPS, due to false allegations And my little girl was forced to live with an man that she never known until that point. So I called steve , because (steve love the kids). Well my child farther works for the law enforcement himself. Both Chicago affiliated. So who do Steve Wilkos really care about. The children or backing up what could be an old friend/ Coworker. By the way ran off with my daughter that I have joint custody of. I haven’t seen my daughter in 5yrs. Thanks Steve for your Great support to an child who might be getting sexually rapped by her farther everyday with no protection!

        • Let’s not post things like “emotional gang rape ”
          That’s just pot stirring.
          Unnecessary and adds no value and proves nothing

          • D. R, Ribacoff and company have moved beyond “emotional gang rape” to actual rape as per the statement of Susanne Gold-Smith. As per the complaint of Susanne Gold-Smith v. Daniel Ribacoff et al, on page 5, paragraph 12, it has been stated that Richard Custodio, an employee of the Ribacoff owned IIG, raped Susanne Gold-Smith apparently with the approval of Lisa Ribacoff. Later, IIG tried to hide the recording of the sexual assault that Custodio made, but opposing counsel was able to forensically recover the recording. Lets see, where else have we heard of a Ribacoff trying to erase and bury their lies. Oh yeah, on the anti-polygraph web page where Daniel Ribacoff was caught in a lie that cigarette burns led to ringworm.
            Polygraphists, voice stress analysts and others of their ilk are destroying lives, implicating innocent people, and letting dangerous people back into society, such as Gary Ridgway, a serial killer that has killed at least 80 women.
            I will do everything in my power, within ethical bounds, to end the practice of this pseudo-science no matter how many pots I have to stir.

      • Yes that is emotional gang rape. Sorry not sorry.

      • It is exactly that

    • Please help me. I just failed a polygraph test for infidelity with my husband and I was telling the truth. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression that added stress of Covid should not have been the right time to take a test. I am having a complete psychiatric breakdown and now lost the life I was suppose to have with my husband. Both my husband and polygraph examiner are bullying me that they are certain 99% and belief their results. I can’t believe this is happening. I was telling the truth. I can’t cope. It doesn’t make sense. Covid anxiety and stress of my life on line has now ruined my life. There has to be another way. I need another test or even Hypnosis to verify this. How can this test be disputed? How does mentally ill and stress of Covid19 affect the results of a test. This needs to be studied and investigated and proved to be wrong. I need my truth to be known and I need redemption and can’t believe I am now being punished for a crime I did not commit. Now they think I am in denial of what happened in the affair as the reason for my mental breakdown but I am actually in a mental breakdown solely because Of this damn polygraph test bc I told the truth but Covid19 and anxiety of losing it all made me fail the test. Nobody believes me. My life is ruined.

      • Hang tough Donna, I was once fired from a probation officer job in 2009 and spent a year and a half out of work since I was told I failed a CVSA test. The CVSA is a form of the so-called lie detector test that has a 50% accuracy. Which makes it as accurate as a coin toss.
        I do not know the particulars of your experience, or even what country you are in, but let me make a few points that may help you.
        In America, polygraphs cannot be used in court, because of course, they are not accurate. In my case, I found the excellent Brian Ross video showing that Charles Humble, whom Brian Moss made look like a bumbling idiot to my lawyer, he then introduced it to the administrative law judge, and the so-called “failed” test was thrown out. Later on, the state I worked with prohibited the department I worked for stop using the CVSA test.
        As I mentioned on other posts, anyone who administers any form of a “lie detector” has to be either a liar or an idiot. There is absolutely no middle ground.. Aldrich Ames, the traitor “passed” a “lie detector” test which allowed him to continue spying. Same with Gary Ridgeway, the Green River killer.
        Donna, don’t let a demonic device, and the liar that gave it to you get you down. I won my case with a hefty settlement. Like you, I thought my life was ruined, but I won in the end. I am praying for you.

      • You commited the crime of being stupid and ignorant. You were one google search away from finding out polygraphs are bs and you shouldnt take the test. Now that backfired on you and youre thinking of disproving the results using hypnosis… Do you see the problem? You dont learn. You mightve been telling the truth but due to your laziness you get what you fing deserve. “In the age of the internet, ignorance is a choice”.

        • Well BasherOfTheStupid, it appears you are not a very nice person and very judgmental to boot. Perhaps you might want to read Matthew VII and comprehend the message, regardless of your religious beliefs.
          The main purpose of the AP web site is to educate all of us about the inaccuracy about all forms of so-called lie detection from the polygraph to VSA. Someone who openly told the truth about the polygraph should be supported, not scorned.
          There are several people in this country that hate victims, but love criminals and abusers. You appear to be of that ilk.
          May I humbly recommend that you write letters to your state and federal representatives about the fallacy of polygraphs and VSAs? This site has some excellent examples.
          Finally, don’t you feel remorseful that you bullied a lady in obvious pain, but show no interest in bashing government agencies wasting our tax dollars on this pseudo technology?

        • Nice victim blaming. No innocent person deserves to be punished for things that they didn’t do.

        • You are a jerk!

      • God bless you Donna, don’t know how much I can help, but maybe I can a little…I have first hand experience with just why so called “lie detector test “are inadmissible in courts of law. Many years ago my late husband worked for the “cable company,” doing.disconnects and collecting non returned “boxes”. Agents are told to NEVER enter a home if only a minor child is present…a rule my wonderful, hugely honest, Christian husband, never broke. He arrived at the home of Ms. X. A young woman who appeared to be any where between 14 and 40 answered the door. My husband asked if her “mother was home…the young woman said, yes, but she is asleep. We will call my husband T. T said that he would return at a later date….to wit, the daughter went into her mother’s closed room….we later found out that the young woman disguised her voice and shouted, from the closed room to…” Tell him to just go ahead and get it, damnet…I can’t take another day off of work because of this!”. T. Proceeded into the open living room, in plain sight of the daughter, unhooked the equipment and left.
        The next morning, T. Arrived at work to be informed that he would either submit to an immediate polygraph test or be immediately terminated. He had been accused if stealing 400 dollars from a desk drawer in the living room of the house he had visited the day before.

        Knowing he was telling the truth, T. Submitted to the test….once, twice and finally three times. The administrator asked him if he was a boxer…my husband was not a boxer, but WAS, however a 6th degree black belt in Yoshukai Karate. One thing that they both have in common is the ability to control their breathing patterns…it becomes second nature after a while. They asked because T.’s test had come back “INCONCLUSIVE”!!! Bless his heart he was thunderstruck. He came home in tears. They had told him that he had one more chance to PASS IT the next day. I felt so awful for him…he was devastated…and wasn’t sure what the heck was going on…..THANK GOD, the next day he arrived early at work, ready for the retest…Only to be told that the mother had call as soon as the office opened…and MADE her daughter personally apologize to my sweet T. for “framing ” him….it was she who had talked the cash out of the drawer. The test administrator said T.s breathing had been too even, TOO PERFECT ..to be judged…T. said he would never take another polygraph again, as long as he lived….I won’t ever….I am a black belt too….God Bless you, and good luck. ARM YOURSELF WITH THE FACTS! … Tillery

        • Tillery, like you, I think it is a terrible that the users and marketers of so called lie detectors use them to destroy the lives of hard working Christians like your late husband and other good people.
          L. Ron Hubbard and his followers in Scientology use a so-called lie detector called the e-meter since LRH was also a crooked character, and fake Ph.D like Charles Humble, Gary Baker and the bozo that gave your husband a polygraph test. LRH knew a good hustle when he saw one, and had a total lack of morals, like Humble, Baker, et al, so he had his followers use the e-meter to “detect” deception during “auditing” sessions. Look at scientology auditing sessions and lie detector sessions on YouTube and you will find they look remarkably similar.
          LRH also branded Jesus Christ as a “lover of young men and boys.” LRH was a totally evil individual, and therefore I believe anyone that uses, markets or supports any form of polygraphy and related pseudo-technology deserves to be put in the same category of LRH and the current leadership of Scientology.
          No person of integrity could ever employ any form of “lie detectors” when there is overwhelming evidence produced by real Ph.Ds in real universities on campuses, not strip malls, that prove lie detectors are a total hubris.
          One final point, Humble, like Scientologists, uses lawyers to try to scare off critics. See the unpleasant letter that Humble’s lawyer sent to this web site last year, and compare it the the letter that Reckless Ben received from Scientology when he did a really funny YouTube series on Scientology.

      • I have had the exact same thing happen to me.. look up Doug Williams on Facebook and contact someone at AAP they can confirm whether or not the examiner has all his credentials and certificates… These tests are defective and most of the time your results are at the discretion of the examiner and if your husband contacted and paid him he likely gave him the results he wanted.

    • If you can sit there and accuse Wilkos and Ribacoff of doing something so cruel and defend this woman for what she did to her child, then you’re a scumbag!

      • Finally, someone who agrees with me!

      • Wayne, if you actually took time to read the post, the woman’s child has RINGWORM and the abuse case was deemed “unfounded” by children and family services! For the love of God, read the ENTIRE article before leaving ignorant comments! This polygraph was WRONG! This woman almost took her own life and other people have succeeded from false polygraph results done on shows like Steve Wilkos. I’m a fan of Steve Wilkos’ show, but wrong is wrong! And Steve Wilkos isn’t perfect, check out his drunk driving fiasco a few years ago during which he almost killed himself wrecking his car and could have killed others.

      • She did not harm her child it wasn’t burns it was a case of ringworm that reaccured a second time so something is wrong with the questions or the lye detector test. The head of the photographers association’s contacted them Steve Wilko’s show they never got a respond back from them.

      • she didn’t do anything you idiot. Its people like you that allow people to be abused for “entertainment”. All shows like this should be cancelled and the people involved should be charged with slander

      • Wow, you are so nieve, I went on the show and he did the same thing to me, withheld test results, changed our appearance to fit the narrative, and destroyed us on stage for ratings, he’s evil, his director at the time chaced me down and basically told me the rest don’t mean nothing… Their excuse for withholding info was it was to grafic even though they were passes….

      • Thank you. Like yes the show gets ratings but they get rating for the truth. There was many cases just like hers and people passed so obviously she did it or knows who did or knows more than she said to have failed that badly

        • Seriously, the Steve Wilkos show gets ratings for the truth? No, Steve and Dan are not honest and are both immoral as well as their show. In addition, Steve is a full blown alcoholic, whereas Dan is well past immoral, and is an habitual liar (i.e., one cannot get ringworm from cigarette burns). The show does not care about the truth. The cast on the show only cares about making money, regardless of the amount of people it hurts. This show humiliates the lower economic and uneducated class among us solely for making profits. The kind of people that are naïve enough to believe that so called lie detectors work — they don’t. Read the online book on this site, and if you are half way intelligent, you will no doubt come to find out your post you made today was in error. “Failing” a lie detector is as non-sensical statement as failing a coin toss.

          • thank you, even the inventor of the machine regretted
            his invention!

            • Welcome, I have a need to expose frauds and liars. Steve and Danny need to be taken off the air, and the polygraph and its derivatives such as the CVSA, VSA and even the e-meter need to become extinct.
              I checked the APA website today, and boy howdy, do they ever preach about their so-called ethics.
              I recommend that Ms. Anca write a complaint about the shoddy treatment from Dan, his fantasy tale about how non-existent cigarette burns can cause ringworm, etc. and document all on this website. The contact person at APA is: Lisa Jacocks email – manager@apapolygraph.org

        • There are numerous cases that people were honest and failed. A guest on the steve wilkos show passed for murder, but was arrested after evidence showed he suffocated the child. Please stfu and do some research on how unreliable it really is. I trusted the show as well for years.

      • I agree with you a million percent!!!!

      • Hey fuck you Wayne! I’m not saying she did or didn’t or that anyone did any of these things. You’re just a fucktard! Not enough facts! So Mr. All Knowing Wayne, tell us all the facts that make you certain enough to call people Scumbags for disagreeing with you.

    • I don’t think that suicide was sincere at all. For one thing at a crowed dirty airport bathroom, Give me a break. Once she saw no one else was coming in, she called 911. She is a fraud.

      • Just because it wasn’t the right answer to attempt suicide doesn’t mean it didn’t happen as a result of being on the show, they spend days before hand breaking you apart psychologically.

    • Unbelievable,that they stooped that low for ratings…

    • I need to be a guest on your show for a lie detector test

    • I’m sorry the woman was so traumatized that she felt she needed to commit suicide. There will always be times when a lie detector test may give a false positive or a false negative, even if you assume the “99% accuracy“ rate is true. There is probably no way ANYTHING you ask of a suspect in a case can be deemed 100% sure for guilty OR not guilty, unless the person confesses to the truth. But to say the woman was “gang raped” by the host and the lie detector operator is absolutely ridiculous! That’s WAAAAY over the top as far as I’m concerned! You should never say someone was “raped” unless they were sexually assaulted and sexual intercourse was forced upon them! That is an insult to all the women WHO HAVE actually been raped, for one thing, and it’s giving the lady in question the status of being a victim of an actual “gang rape” by the 2 men! This is just terrible! Please don’t ever use that word in any other way than the one it’s describing! Not any other assault = RAPE! And it appears you’re a male besides!

    • Saying she was “gang raped” is ridiculous! Please don’t ever use the word *RAPE* for anything else besides what the word actually means! That’s a terrible slight to women who HAVE been raped, and a gross overstatement of what she went through on Mr. Wilkos’ show.

      Also, it turns out the lesions were “ringworm”, a fairily common skin disease caused by bacteria & easily treatable in most cases. What makes me most angry is the fact that CPS took her children away on the basis of these wounds and saying they were “cigarette burns” without any examination by a pediatrician to affirm the diagnosis! If I were her I would contact a lawyer about bringing a case against the city where she lives concerning all the distress and heartache they caused her, her family & the (child)ren. They were very wrong removing them from the home without taking the infant to a hospital/clinic to be thoroughly examined BEFORE taking them, saying they were burn marks that the mother (or someone) had inflicted on them. The whole debacle could have been prevented had the Children’s’ Services followed the proper method of investigation.

    • Bitch burned her kids shes just such a pathological liar she thought she could pass a poly

    • That ain’t no ring worm look up what ring worm is that’s a fuckin burn

      • And what medical school did you graduate from? Really people, we have enough fake Ph.Ds in the lie industry, we don’t need wanna be M.Ds in the comment pages.

      • My son has had ringworm that he got while staying the night at a friends house. Unbeknownst to me, that child had ringworm… lo and behold my son got it. It was on the bottom of his foot and on his leg. We had to treat it with an antibacterial topical cream 2x! With that being said… that IS what ringworm looks like, BC ringworm can look diff any day of the week. There are 100’s of strains of the bacterial virus that causes ringworm, therefore the ringworm itself doesn’t always look the same as whatever your narrow minded thoughts about the one and only type of ringworm, are. It can take on extremely diff shapes and look completely diff. Perhaps look up all the diff appearances that Ring worm can have before making stupid Uneducated statements based on how you emotionally feel. Also knows as what’s wrong with the world Currently. Instead of asking questions or doing any work to find out what’s real you pretend to be educated and take the side you think is the majority. I call them band wagoners … that would be you !

    • Really you’re surprised that an ex cop is capable of this? Have you seen the news lately?
      I’m honestly shocked too. I thought Steve was a little overbearing (just thought he as a father got worked up sometimes because he has children) but thought he was a genuinely good man… now I don’t know and that’s sad to me. I have watched his show a long time and that makes me so upset to think some of these people are innocent but worse that some are guilty and these people who are molested and raped come out to find vindication and justice all to be shot down. How the hell could anyone do that to another human who’s suffered so greatly?

    • I would like to see the Steve Wilkos show apologize to Ms. Pennington. Now. Daniel Ribacoff was flat out wrong about accusing Ms. Pennington with burning her children. When Ribacoff was presented with proof about his mistake, he doubled down on his lying. Real scientists/professionals admit when they are wrong, and move on. We have credible evidence showing that Ms. Pennington did not burn her children. Ribacoff has zero evidence to counter.
      Wilkos should, if he had any morals, stop his association with Ribacoff. Also, advertisers, and the individuals that purchase the show to run on their stations, should grow some morals and do the right thing.
      We have very strong evidence that agents working under Ribacoff sexually assaulted Ms. Susanne Gold-Smith. Ribacoff appears to have condoned this behavior. By associating with Ribacoff, Steve is by association condoning criminal behavior. Steve, if you lay down with dogs, you will get fleas.
      In my state, falsely accusing someone of a felony can be prosecuted as a Class E felony. I know there have been successful civil lawsuits against polygraphists and the related CVSA such has NITV having to pay the Crowe family a settlement. But I would like to see some of these lie industry clowns get a felony charge thrown on them when they falsely accuse an innocent person of a crime.

    • now let’s highlight that one sentence you just said.. “never heard of Wilkos before”. if you’ve never heard of him before then why are you going to automatically believe one artical saying he’s a bully and all this stuff. not to mention, the articles publisher name is “Anti-polygraph” so it’s obvious they already have something against polygraphs and they way they work so they obviously have a biased opinion on polygraphs and the way the show runs anyways. i’ve watched this show a few times and while steve may get loud and yell at people, he knows what’s right and wrong and the whole point of the show is talking accountability for your actions. he didn’t force her to come to the show, no one is forced they come because they want to get answers they don’t want. do some more research on both sides please! thanks 🙂

      • Allison, whatever else is true, polygraph “testing” is a thoroughly discredited, fraudulent pseudoscience. Steve Wilkos cynically uses it as a ratings gimmick. His star polygraph operator, Daniel Ribacoff, cannot tell whether a person has spoken the truth, and he is presently in serious legal jeopardy: https://antipolygraph.org/blog/2020/12/22/tv-polygraph-operator-dan-ribacoffs-international-investigative-group-allegedly-bilked-client/

      • I did some research before I wrote my post on Steve Wilkos and found that he is a bully and lacks integrity. The Wilkos show is not about finding truth, but providing so-called entertainment for an uneducated and unsophisticated demographic. If Wilkos believed in accountability, he would not have attempted to weasel out a a DUI in which the vehicle he was driving rolled over several times. Luckily, nobody was injured or killed.
        Steve Wilkos and his partner in crime, Daniel Ribacoff falsely accused a young lady of burning her children solely from the results of a polygraph, a device that is no better than ascertaining the truth than a coin toss. If you find any unbiased studies that contradict this statement, please post these findings on this site.
        Ms. Pennington, like many others, did not evidently know the polygraph is a pseudo-scientific instrument. She does now.
        Anti-Polygraph is a truth based site that counters the snake oil sales philosophy of those that market polygraphs, and related pseudo technology such as the CVSA, or computer voice stress analyzer marketed by “Dr.” Charles Humble. Humble received this degree by an unaccredited “university” located in a strip mall.
        It is AP that calls bullshit on the evil doers that is the so called lie industry. AP contacted Wilkos and Ribacoff to account for their errors concerning Ms. Pennington, and to date they have not responded.
        I have done research in nearly all facets of polygraphy and related pseudo technology including the earlier mentioned voice stress analysis, phallometry, and the e-meter and other related pseudo-technology such as bite mark bruising. All have one thing in common – the person tested must be persuaded that the pseudo-technology is flawless, which is why practitioners of these devices buy fake doctorates and act like real, sober scientists. Voo-doo dolls work in a similar manner.
        To get a brief education on lie detector BS, please look up and watch the Brian Ross interview of “Dr.” Charles Humble. Type Charles Humble Brian Ross interview in your browser.

    • Even if we put aside real science, and played along with the fake science the liars that are otherwise known as polygraphists, CVSA analysts, etc., that claim their “instruments” are 98% to 99% accurate – which means that they would be dead wrong with 1 or 2 of every 100 people they test.
      If I was 98% to 99% accurate in everything I did, I would be more than happy to say I am not perfect.
      Just being rhetorical here, but why can’t Ribbacoff admit he totally effed up the Pennington case? We have medical professionals advising the scars on the children are ringworm. Is Ribbacoff more knowledgeable than a physician in diagnosing scars? Geez Danny, admit you were wrong and apologize. Stop being such a lying punk.
      Now, let’s look at the Crowe case. A CVSA wrongly “indicated” the young man murdered his sister, and he spent several months in detention until DNA proved his innocence and pointed to another suspect. A financial settlement was made to the Crowe family due to the inaccuracy of the “instrument.” The settlement was paid by the NITV insurance provider. Now did “Dr.” Humble humbly admit the CVSA blew it in this particular case? Nope, he still said the CVSA was right, and he only settled because his insurance company recommended a settlement.
      I have been doing extensive research on polygraphists and voice stress analysts, and I cannot find one instance of when anyone of them ever admitted to being wrong in a particular case.

    • So true. Steve and Dan need to get real jobs. They bully the people that they think they can get away it. Steve would never step to anyone from hood. He doesn’t have the heart

  • I’d like to point out that Mr Rabacoff is in violation of APA code of ethics. His claims of 99% accuracy according to a APA study is not true. I reached out to the APA to find the study and this was the response: “Mean accuracy excluding inconclusive results is mid 80% for the better performance techniques” Under the code of ethics of the APA section 4.1 states “A member shall not knowingly make, publish, or cause to be published, any false or misleading statements or advertisements relating to the Association or the polygraph profession.” Further more I’ll point out section 3.1 of the APA code of ethics ” Each polygraph report shall be a factual, impartial, and objective account of information developed during the examination, and the examiner’s professional conclusion based on
    analysis of the polygraph data.” It would seem that its a conflict of interest given the fact that Mr. Ribacoff has a financial stake in the show and catching a liar would drive ratings.

    • Why was the video removed? Anyone know?

      • Because my kids mom want fame she lying about a lot I got proof of everything. She want to be a bbw model and she couldn’t get famous from the show so she went to get help to stop them from airing the show. Now she trying this way to do it. It’s ridiculous that I’m order for me to see my kids before the show my girlfriend had to do a lie detector test for me to see them again. Like I explained to her she should of took my daughter to the doctor before taking it to the show. It’s been hell with her for about 3 years since she got pregnant with my first daughter with her. She sneaky and lie a lot. And try so much to make people feel sorry for her it’s ridiculous that she mad me lose my job over this show and cause emotional stress on people. Now if the show said my girlfriend burned the baby that would be a lie because I’m always with my baby then what would of happen would of been a different outcome this article ridiculous for even taking her side. She knew what could have happen. She called me crying saying they gone air the show and it’s gone be world wide and people gone make threats to her but yet out here telling people I’m a dead beat even when I get my kids and buy them diapers. Yet I’m the best father the kids got out of the other 2 kids dad that do really do half as much as me but she nicer to them. I wish who ever wrote this article would contact me because I got proof of a lot that needs to be heard. She lied saying I stalked her and more but all I really did was moved on she is so bitter and want everyone to feel bad for her.

        • You get your kids and buy them diapers??? Lol is that the significance of your financial support here and you’re comparing what you do for these children to the children’s half siblings parents do as if that makes you better. I also, like when men expect to be commended for doing anything they’re expected to do as a father, lol. see what a real parent would do it make sure that those have siblings that you’re saying are neglected by their biological father are equally taken care of just as your children even though you’re not with your ex anymore in order for that whole household to be treated equally and half peace and no jealousy or need W in it.

        • I understand you may have hatred towards this woman and maybe better towards her for saying you did this and that to her but dude we are talking child abuse. So are you saying it was a cigarette Burns?

        • She made a mistake and it got turned on her, let’s stay on topic and not turn this into a custody battle… I have 4 kids and pay for them all, this is about her falsfully failing a polygraph about her burning her own kid… Steve is a maniac.

        • Randy I got that feeling from her that she was exposed for harming her child/children and now she wants to blame it on the show and that the show was wrong. She seems like she is all about herself and the attention she can get!! It is sad and disgusting and I hope and pray you have YOUR baby/babies and that this narcissistic sick twisted thing called a woman/mother gets everything she deserves!! And I hope and pray you never let her see your baby/babies every again and if you please make sure she is NEVER alone with them even for a second, and if she is invest in a spy cam aka Nanny Cam!!!!

          • NO ONE BURNED THE CHILD WITH CIGARETTES! Above, which you obviously didn’t read, it says the lesions were found to be “ringworm”, a skin problem many individuals contract and is treated with proper medicine. They are NOT burns, so nobody did it! Not her, the dad or anyone else. I assume she got her kid(s) back and everything’s fine now.

    • Good points Joe. I don’t know if APA “ethics” should be classified as a non-sequitur or oxymoron. That is, no ethical person or organization would ever employ a device they know has roughly a chance level of determining truth. The so-called lie detector was shown to be ineffective back in the 1930’s, yet it still, along with its derivatives such as he CVSA, e-meter, et al still keep hanging around like a rusty nail.
      Mr. Ribacoff cannot meet the so-called ethics of the APA. Goes to show that there is no honor among thieves.
      Mr. Wilkos loves bragging about being a former Marine, and Chicago cop, and the credibility this affords him. It is a known that cops do not take polygraph tests since they have a high level of false positives, therefore, no honest cop would ever give a polygraph a “99%” reliability rating. Also, Mr. Wilkos is trying to wiggle out of a recent DUI so he cannot exactly point his finger at young ladies that “fail” a polygraph test.

      • Plus if it is the best polygraph out there I love how they state this person failed 9 polygraph test. Really?? If a damn test is 99.9% accurate you know like DNA testing … Why would you have to give a person 9 tests. Do people take 9 DNA test to prove they are the father? ? I’m glad I read this article because I was one of the naive people that actually believed the show but then I got to thinking why would someone go on national TV knowing they’re going to flunk a test that can land them in prison for molesting somebody or abusing a child? No longer a fan.

      • 99.9% accuracy but they give some of the people on the show 5 and 6 tests. Do people ask for five or six test when their DNA comes back they are the father?? No because they know it’s accurate. The guests on the show ask for 5 , 6 and 7 tests because they know that they’re telling the truth. I was a fan of the show. Back to Jerry Springer.

        • Do you even know how a DNA test is performed? Out of the saliva or whatever fluid you give, the lab can analize it a couple of times (since there are millions of DNA samples in it) so, in a way, in a single DNA test, you are tested several times.
          It’s just to be sure since it’s not 100%. Yes, there are fraudulent examiners but this lady has presented no proof, no matter what she says.

    • I agree with you up to the part where you say you’ve never heard of Steve Wilkos…C’mon.

      • Seriously, I have never heard of Steve Wilkos before these posts on AP. I would take a CVSA/poly to prove it to you if they actually worked.

  • This is bullshit who wrote this
    Article I’m the other person on the show contact me at +14029202076

  • I can not believe the lies and that this evil woman is even allowed to lie on people. First of all I do not have a meth charge anyone that would like to search my record I am Marriah Schmitz. Second I’ve done everything for those kids out of the kindness of my heart. I have bought presents, cloths, bathed them, put them to bed, they cuddle me and call me mom even when I say no call me Riah they insist on calling me mom because I am a MOM FIGURE! This woman before the show even aired messaged me first sending threats while I was at work saying Randy will not see his kids because I was accused of hurting the baby when Randy said it looked like ringworm in the first place! Not even knowing me she was calling me names and putting me down all while I am caring for her children as if they are my own. I have miscarried all 3 of my children and this woman (not even knowing me) said my children died because I did not deserve them for how terrible of a person i am. Please someone explain who speaks on someone’s dead children? Especially not knowing them. Then she calls the show. I get a call from them begging me to go I told them over and over no. I worked literally every day only one day off every 2 weeks and did not want to go on a plan to be on a show for something I did not do but this evil woman told Randy he would not be able to see his kids unless I went in the show. So for Randy and those kids I did it. I missed work nearly losing my job, I became behind on bills and I went on the plane which I’ve never done and never wanted to all for this amazing father and his kids. Anyone can say what you want but no one understands the harassment, pain, and problems this woman has caused to many people. Her own 2 year old tells me I’m her favorite mommy because this woman has thrown her around, yells at her constantly and does not cuddle and love her. That baby is always wanting to cuddle on the couch with me and tells me she loves me because I show UNCONDITIONAL love to all of Randy’s kids! I will be pressing charges for harassment and slandering my name and I do have proof of the things she did to me. I’m going to continue to provide for those kids and love them as if they where my own because that is the heart I have. The kids have nothing to do with how evil this woman is that’s the hate in her heart. Anca I will be praying for you. Praying you find happiness in your heart and praying you get honest with yourself. The Lord will take care of you and the things you have done and said so with that I will leave it up to God

    • Is there any way I can post pictures and screenshots on this so we can have the truth shown?!?! I have a lot of proof needing to be seen!

      • The first thing I know about a woman’s character who is around a man’s children is if she ever went around them before meeting the mom or asking if the mom would mind. A woman who did not meet the mom first is also the same type of woman who would publicly bash the biological mother of children publicly on social media or the internet. It’s also often the exact type of woman men seek out in order to upset the previous mother of his children. Any woman who would do those type of things with someone you have to be very careful with around your own children because she’s willing to rock the boat and have things become so hostile the mom might say well you can’t see your children anymore and she would be perfectly fine with that because of insecurities is what all this shows.

      • FYI Maria it’s very common for it when I see these exact to be stacked is going on here that I am highly aware that the man goes behind his current girlfriend’s back to the mother of his children saying things like he wants to get back with her because it’s his way of abusing or causing emotional stress to both his current GF and EX. However, his main target will always be the one he has the children with and sometimes the only one he strikes out and plays this emotional cycle with. Statistically and just watching this play out I’m 100% sure that he’s been inappropriate and said things behind your back to her in an emotional way it’s something that’s taking almost as fact – because it’s 99% just like her lie to tactor was that that tactic is being used. So he probably does say he loves her behind your back and order to get her to tell you about it and then so we can deny it. This causes you distress even though you won’t publicly admit it and it causes her distress because y’all are trying to call her crazy which by the way is the A big no-no and abuse tactic we all know down to use in court if an ex or his girlfriend says that especially on social media. Quite textbook and so do you recognize that he’s playing games emotionally behind your back and has and that you were actually upon to play with her.Quite textbook and so do you recognize that he’s playing games emotionally behind your back and has and that you were actually upon to play with her. Textbook how these things go.

    • First of all you don’t know anca at all all you know is what Randy tells you. I’m with her every day and she’s DAMN GOOD MOTHER!!! I’m here when he was calling her telling her shit about you and how you don’t love him like she does. Y’all on here talking all this shit for no reason and a lot of it is BULLSHIT! Randy himself said he does not leave the kids with you because he doesn’t trust you with them. Did he tell you he said that. Come on with the bullshit keep believing the lies he tell you!

    • Anytime a girlfriend or a stepmom says anything about the actual mother of the children online – That shows that person’s. Something I see quite often dealing with domestic violence victims or abuse victims where the ex and father of the children will talk down about the mother of the children and even allow or except the girlfriend doing it on social media or the Internet. Doesn’t matter what you’re thinking the mother said about you. No woman who wants to be in her boyfriend’s children’s life and have a happy relationship with a children’s mother whatever speak down on her even if the mother said something about her first – she would bite her tongue. This is often some other things I see in abusive relationships and by the way I’m not talking about physical since that is the least likely used tactic and sometimes never used in these situations.

    • Why are y’all coming on here and talking about her? She was proved innocent of what the light attacked her test supposedly said she failed? What does that have to do with anything that y’all have a problem with her about? She has a right to be upset that the air show even though she had proof of her innocence ahead of the airing and y’all should want to back her up for the sake of your children being that is the biological mother if y’all really cared about the children involved as much as y’all are trying to make the Internet world thing.

  • Even if there is any truth to what you 2 are saying this isn’t about you or your egos or your reputations or your relationships with each other or each others’ kids. The hard facts still remain that these 2 con artists Wilkos and Ribacoff willfully twisted up these test results to falsely accuse an innocent woman of burning her daughter, even though she has tangible evidence that prove she did not…and nothing gives them a right to do this. As much as you try to share your own sides to this story, and regardless of the types of parents you perceive her or yourselves to be, this is still a fact that nothing will ever change….and their refusal to respond to the site’s emails or even to apologize to Anca and that they removed the video does seem a little disturbing.

    • How can you say it is not when this woman is allowed to lie on 2 innocent people putting us down and slandering our names for her own pleaser and fame? Just for people to feel sorry for her she drags good people through the mud. You know what forget it. You people are just as pathetic has she is and I’m gonna let God handle the lies and the judge handle the harassment and slandering

      • Lie y’all about what? If she thought her child was abused then she did the right thing by investigating it? You should not be commenting on this I need to step back but you’re showing the type of woman you are. And he shouldn’t be commenting on this either but no one cares about how this is affecting the children and their mom. That should be our priority now because that is the children’s mom and this affects them and her. But apparently you’re angry that y’all had to take a lie detector test just like she did? Oh dear. Poor u.

    • What evidence is there that she did not do it? She admitted to getting high all the time what’s not to say she didn’t think she accidentally ashes in the baby or something and that’s why she failed or like she’s admitted to Randy sometimes she leaves them inside unattended while she goes outside to smoke with her friends and the 4 kids can play rough and she gets marks from that all the time what’s not to say that she knew that is why and she tried to smoke weed or something to lie to the test. There is no evidence either way so I agree the show was fucking dumb but she needs to expose herself completely if she is going to lie about Randy and I. And you people do not know the truth or the full story you go on one woman so who are any of you to judge. ?????

      • Marriah please stop lying on me. You do have a charge for meth under your married name. My 2 year old doesnt barely speak that clear to say you are her favorite mom wth??? Randy threatened my life soo many times, you have no idea who he really is. I tried to leave over 20 times but he harnessed me at my jobs, my house. You have no clue what you are saying. You don’t even know me. Both of you are mad the show won’t air, Randy said how he couldn’t wait till it airs, yall want fame not me. I wouldn’t be so quick to laugh you have no idea what Randy is capable of….none! I have medical papers and no I never smoke around my babies, Randy has called cps on me 3 times out of spite.

        • Anca God is going to get you. Under my married name I have no record or charges under my original name Marriah Schmitz I do have a procession of marijuana under and ounce. I admit my wrong. Look up my public records. I have filed for harassment and filed a police report. I’m done with this childish arguing your child does talk you just don’t listen you are to busy leaving them unattended to smoke weed with your friends which you can pee test me hunny I haven’t smoked or even drank since summer of 2018. I worry about my job and the kids. I pay for and take care of 4 kids that are not even mine out of the kindness of my heart. If you where so worried thinking I burned the baby why wouldn’t you call the cops or take her to a doctor no instead you ran to a tv show lol what kind of mother does that? And waited a week before we even went to the show that whole time your child suffering? Any good mother would have takin her to the doctor but you NEVER do! You 1 year old has been sick for months and can’t breath at night we ask you to take her to the doctor and you won’t and when the 2 year old was sick in the middle of the week (which we get them on the weekend) you call Randy saying you can’t handle it so we take her to our house and give her medication and I cuddle her and give her a hot bath and in 2 days she is better. She needs a real mom not someone worried about plublicity. I will send you a picture of my publis records and I am taking a screen shot of you again slandering my name and harassing me and turning that in to file with my police report I made yesterday. And as far as Randy saying he loves you lol girl come on now he is completely open and honest with me I see your messages I see the terrible things you say to him I hear the fights I also seen all the police records yesterday of how you abused him you have a domestic violence charge and he has none. How is he abusive when you are the one with the charge? You are pathetic just seeking attention. That’s fine do that but in the mean time we are doing this the right way. THROUGH THE LAW. Instead of looking for help through publicity you need to be looking for help through a doctor because you are VERY mentally unstable. So with that I will pray for you hunny and please PLEASE get the mental help you need

          • I hope she file harassment and screenshots all this. Wouldn’t want my kids around any type of man or his girlfriend that would do this type of nonsense or retaliation on the Internet after what was very wrong that occurred out of this and at the least remember this is the mother of the children.

        • I’m going to contact you on your YouTube and please stop responding to them the best you can or carefully review your responses by a trained professional dealing with abuse tactics like myself or someone else who has also not only been trained but been through them. These are clear abuse tactics being used against you and they’re just trying to gaslight you more which the trauma will cause you to make angry responses that and turn down just keep using against you and starting the cycle over.

    • What u mean about us 2 I couldn’t even see my kids fuck what you talking bout I hate liars period point blank don’t lie to get fame.

  • What makes you people think anyone cares about your jobs or what types of people or parents you are at a time like this? Those children you claim to love so much or supposedly are much better parents to than Anca almost lost their mother to suicide, at the hands of a cruel, corrupt TV host she squarely placed her life and faith in, and her motherhood, moral character, and your personal image is all you can think about?

    • Well she’s obviously not mentally stable enough to have the kids. She doesn’t treat them right anyway. No one knows the back ground at all. This evil woman has thrown the 2 year old. Leaves the kids unattended so she can go smoke weed with her friends and constantly worry’s about ruining others lives no matter who is in the way (the kids) she is the one that put us on the show we tried to not go but she threatened if we did not go she will take the kids from their amazing father who provides and does anything for those kids! All for a dumb fucking show! She didn’t get her way so she is throwing a fit like a child and doing this and pulled the suicide thing. She’s done it before when Randy tried to leave her as well. The woman IS NOT MENTALLY STABLE! I agree with that she needs serious help and running anywhere to lie to get publicity is not the help she needs. She needs medication and a doctor but you know what I’m gonna leave it to God and the judge because today I am filing charges for harassment and for slandering my name. The things she said hurt and if I was more of a weak person I would try to commit suicide to actually I would have long ago when she told me my 3 children deserved to die because I’d be a bad mom…..I almost did it then…fell into deep depression over her saying that but thank the good Lord for Randy he comforted me and made me strong

      • Typical thing I see all the time with women who have at least been mentally abused or gone through things with their ex. The number one abuse tactic that occurs next is the man gets with a girlfriend, they allow this girlfriend around the children before getting the mom’s permission or introducing (all women should know that’s a number one red flag by the way), they’ve been through the biggest abuse tactic of all which is he will then bash her on the Internet and allow his girlfriend to. You Know what we call this domestic abuse. And yes in the situation it’s not gonna matter if she says something publicly this is strictly the way this abuse tactic works out with an X being a male and then his girlfriend doing it by the way,. Try to refer to it as domestic abuse now because abuse or domestic violence type of situations often never actually used physical violence and so a lot of people don’t realize abuse tactics are being used against them. Like your gaslighting here and everything and I’m a palled enough to almost reach out to this woman with services of legal aid and other abuse services that I am connected with.

    • Well obviously this ain’t the only time she tried to kill her self I have proof and when ever someone wants it let me know other than that you don’t know how much hell she puts on others so with that being sad the show still airing ? good day. Trying to destroy someone with lies and it back fired ? I’m done!!!

    • How can anyone be so stupid to put their lives in jeopardy for entertainment. That is what TV is. It is entertainment. You don’t go on a talk show to prove your innocent. You prove yourself by actions by being a good person. Not a tv show. Anyone that thinks a Talk Show will set them free totally deserve what they get.

  • This lady sounds like a lunatic. Hopefully those kids get taken away from the mom and go with the dad. How can you confuse ringworm for a burn. Oh yeah if you’re an unhappy baby mama. You will do anything to hurt the father. Move on let things go. Cant wait to watch the show. And maybe you shouldn’t of called his show if you didnt want to be incriminated. Fucking sucks when karma back fires on you doesnt it.

  • Well, ok, I never said she’s a saint, I don’t know her personally and I doubt she is a perfect parent, or completely stable, but you aren’t either if you publicly admit to suicidal ideation too but the fact still remains that Dan and Steve knowingly produced false results lyingly telling this woman she burned her child even though she has concrete evidence through photos and medical records proving she did not. If she were truly guilty why isn’t she in jail and why isn’t she afraid to share her story. In case you don’t know Steve Wilkos does have an extended track record of using, manipulating, and exploiting his guests for money and ratings. I don’t know if the site will let me post the links to these videos but if you Google Dirty Weather, Primal Werewolf, and Dimples 25 along with Steve Wilkos and review their commentaries you will see that Steve and his staff aren’t trustworthy and others besides Anca have their own story to share. You both come off as if you are all in your own feelings, an innocent woman almost died because of Steve’s cruelty and if your hurt feelings is all you can think about then I can see why she was driven over the edge.

  • Lol Una why are you blaming Anca for Steve’s and Dan’s “mistake”? She said in her video that no one even mentioned the “burn” until Dan mentioned it during the test session. They are the ones who said “burn”, not her. And the hospital records confirm the girl was never burned. Anca has the physical proof that she did not do this and she didn’t go to jail for it. This is why Steve’s show should be sued and maybe even cancelled. So there. I’m done.

  • Anca just began a petition demanding change of the Steve Wilkos Show. For those who are interested in signing that petition, visit: https://www.change.org/p/connecticut-state-senate-steve-wilkos-needs-to-be-investigated

  • This is Anca. Randy and Mariah you both are immature and liars! I met Randy in 2015, he had 1 pair of shoes to his name. He lost his car and moved in with me too soon within a month. I had known Randy since 08 but only as an acquaintance. He slowly became abusive, he would get in my face when I said something he didn’t like, he has pushed me while pregnant multiple times. He ripped my 1st child’s ultrasound pictures and my Bible, wished death on both of my children while I was pregnant. I tried to leave Randy many times, over 20 times in 4 years. He would harass me at my jobs, publicly humiliate me, threaten to kill me in front of my older children too many times. Both of my kids went to their counselor because they were scared. He has threatened to take his life on multiple occasions when I would break up with him. He would call me fat b…, tell me how worthless I was, told me im nothing and that he is above me, I was almost 300 lbs when I left him, had no self esteem. He has a breaking and entering for busting down my door.He has called CPS on me 3 times, they always closed the case. I left him because I couldn’t allow my kids to see their mother getting treated like dirt and had enough after he brought clamydia to me not long after my child was born. My last child gave me the strength I needed to leave for good. Marriah what I went thru should be a warning of who Randy really is. He would put his fists in my face, watch me flinch and laugh. That’s evil if you ask me. I don’t care about the lies you all say, facts don’t lie. Im not some evil, pot head. I take care of my kids by myself, I clean, cook, provide and I am a good mother. I have the girls 5 days a week, while Randy complains about watching em 2 days a week if that. Randy is mad the show didn’t air, he is that sick in the head and hates me because he could no longer abuse me and control me! He has also just about a week ago told me he loved me lol too bad I am past that phase!

    • Hey I got proof and police reports email text voicemails and more of you being abusive so yes it’s your fault you wanted to go to the show and as far as trying to have a YouTube channel to try and blow up or get popular I don’t care keep my business out your mouth simple how much pain you caused kicking me out because u was high and had no good friends for 2 years I worked my family know who you are and how you did me everytime you kicked me out you wanted to know who I was talking to and writing women on Facebook that like my status or pics grown up and like I said anyone want proof can hit my line so take it how you want

      • Dude…. I am having a hard time agreeing with someone who can’t even read/write. Slow down and read what your posting, you’re looking like a fool.

    • Another big abuse tactic is threatening to take his life. All that I’ve seen this I’m 100% sure of every abuse that the guy was just pointing out and this is textbook of his tactics against you and I’m going to reach out to you to get you help. You’re going to have to stop responding to them and allowing an advocate like me or someone else to handle it in the future so that it doesn’t distress you or cause PTSD issues or trauma stress triggers. It’s a way to defuse these abusers as well and unfortunately new girlfriends also become an abusers Coabuser.

  • This is Anca. Randy and Mariah you both are immature and liars! I met Randy in 2015, he had 1 pair of shoes to his name. He lost his car and moved in with me too soon within a month. I had known Randy since 08 but only as an acquaintance. He slowly became abusive, he would get in my face when I said something he didn’t like, he has pushed me while pregnant multiple times. He ripped my 1st child’s ultrasound pictures and my Bible, wished death on both of my children while I was pregnant. I tried to leave Randy many times, over 20 times in 4 years. He would harass me at my jobs, publicly humiliate me, threaten to kill me in front of my older children too many times. Both of my kids went to their counselor because they were scared. He has threatened to take his life on multiple occasions when I would break up with him. He would call me fat b…, tell me how worthless I was, told me im nothing and that he is above me, I was almost 300 lbs when I left him, had no self esteem. He has a breaking and entering for busting down my door.He has called CPS on me 3 times, they always closed the case. I left him because I couldn’t allow my kids to see their mother getting treated like dirt and had enough after he brought clamydia to me not long after my child was born. My last child gave me the strength I needed to leave for good. Marriah what I went thru should be a warning of who Randy really is. He would put his fists in my face, watch me flinch and laugh. That’s evil if you ask me. I don’t care about the lies you all say, facts don’t lie. Im not some evil, pot head. I take care of my kids by myself, I clean, cook, provide and I am a good mother. I have the girls 5 days a week, while Randy complains about watching em 2 days a week if that. Randy is mad the show didn’t air, he is that sick in the head and hates me because he could no longer abuse me and control me! He has also just about a week ago told me he loved me lol and that he used Marriah for money, too bad I am past that phase! I went on that show for the right reasons, I believed Steve would uncover the truth, Randy didn’t care about the marks. Why didn’t you??? I love my kids they are all I have!

  • And another thing everytime I meet to pick up my kids you mad talking bout I did you wrong if ain’t about the kids why speak to me you the most pathetic person I ever seen like my nieces said you are a mother worry bout the kids you got with 2 other different daddies that don’t do shit for they kids but me getting them and buying diapers while being on child support is ridiculous

    • Randy you sound very immature. Did you even finish High School. You sound very ignorant and taking all your personal issues on TV and various websites just shows how ignorant and immature you all are. Just lets tell the world all about our personal issues and expect it to turn out well, basically your all delusional.

  • Anca let’s be honest! You knew those marks where ringworm but you wanted to be on the show so you went and when they asked you do you know how the baby got those marks you lied and said no and that is how you failed that question then they ask right after did you burn the baby and you where nervous from lieing to the first question that you failed the second question. Be honest! Don’t lie and look for publicity! If you where really worried that I burnt the baby you would not have waited a week for a show a good mother would have called the cops or took the baby to the doctor to make sure she is okay

    • I see what you’re saying. It backfired on her. Now she’s mad. Now if you read some of these comments, it looks like Anca has someone (it doesnt look like her bc they spell differently and use different grammar) on this thread commenting on her behalf. They are actually using several different names. They’re using a few different titles -“Counselor”, “Specialist”, “Anonymous”. Even spelling the name and titles wrong. You’ll see they repeat the word “Tactic” repeatedly in each thread, and a lot of misspelling. I don’t think it’s the Anca girl tho bc she writes differently. She must have a friend helping her battle it out here. She’s also using that to continue saying Randy told his ex (anca) that he loves hee behind your back. It’s just a continuous attempt to hurt you and him. It also looks like they’re trying to break Steve and his wife up speaking about Steve abusing another woman. Anca and her accomplice(s) are immature and are acting like psychos. It’s funny, they’re trying to speak as if they’re counselors that have “seen many cases like this”, they’re going to “reach out to connections” they have, and “have many resources” they’re going to provide Anca. She needs to shut up and just accept the can of worms she dumped on herself at this point.

      • I see Anca commenting also, but either she herself is using aliases and anonymous or someone helping her. They even mispell your name wrong the same way. It’s obvious once you see it. She shouldn’t have tried to ruin her exes life by saying he burned their child. She saw the ringworm and the idea popped into her mind. Too bad she ruined her own life in the process of trying to ruin his.

      • Can of RINGworms…

  • Anca is such a good mother but right now she is getting arrested and we have the babies. They are dirty and sick when just on Sunday when we sent them back they where clean and not sick at all….so sad….God has all of us and will do what is right obviously! So happy we have the babies safe and sound ??

    • Elizabeth, Peer Support & Trauma Specislistsays:
      7 February 2020 at 17:30

      That is either Anca or her accomplice as I said earlier ?. A lot of work just to keep up her lie.

      • @Jessica Lady, you are not the one who is in the loop about Steve Wilkos and his show. Anca and his other survivors are. You don’t know him and the ones he has hurt like most of us here do. You see all the undeniable evidence that this woman is telling the truth, it’s all on Anca’s channel, through photos, medical docs, the show’s cowardly removal of their incriminating video snippet, and their attempt to buy Anca off by sending her even more money, amongst many other things. Dan is the one who suggested all that hogwash about her daughter being burned, not Anca. She didn’t discover her child had ringworm until after her attempted suicide when the hospital diagnosed her through those photos. Instead of reabusing Steve’s victims, return to Steve’s social media and kiss his ass there. Anca already reported Dan to the Polygraph Association twice, and AntiPolygraph added a SECOND article about Dan’s cowardly attempt to malign Anca AGAIN. So please…just shut up. You’re probably just jealous of Anca’s beauty anyway.

  • Why is this crap show still on the air despite the amount of people it hurts and lives it destroys anyone know

    • You ask why this show is still on. It makes alot of money that is the main reason. Why does it make money because there are so many ignorant people in the world. Who in there right mind could really believe that a TV show can prove them innocent. Please people TV shows are entertainment. If everybody who went on that show was proved to be innocent who would really watch it. There is no drama in the truth. TV is a creation to be spun anyway it can draw in viewers. Steve dies his show as a job. A job makes money to support his family how can anyone believe that 95% of his guests are lying. I am sure the percentage of them are lying because there really are monsters in this world who can hide their true selves.

  • @Anca Is he really just using her for money and told you he loved you? Hahahahaha! I wish the show could air a 2nd part of this episode to make him do a lie detector test for that!

  • Yeah Randy take the lie detector test to prove you didn’t tell Anca you love her and are just using Marriah for money. ?

  • There is no need for Randy to take any type of test. He shows me every message as it comes in, I hear them arguing I even go with to pick up the kids sometimes. He hates her for all she has put him his family and those children through and anyone that knows the 2 of them and the situation knows that. And as for money he buys me stuff I need pays bills and we both buy stuff for the kids and each other it’s a joint thing how a relationship should be. Anca is bitter and pathetic I mean come on guys she got arrested yesterday for assault and battery. She lies constantly to make herself look good that’s why instead of going to the cops or even a doctor when she found the “burn marks” she called the show and didn’t take the baby to the doctor till 2 weeks after the show. What kind of concerned mother does that? She wants publicity she wants people to feel sorry for her. But really it’s okay because karma is already acting on her with her getting arrested yesterday

  • Ha y’all lame to bad y’all don’t know she did this to someone else that I was talking to and also others on Facebook that I never communicated with so what you say is irrelevant when I got proof of everything so good day don’t have to prove shit to any of you. You probably one of her low life friends that’s getting cheating on by your man which I heard everybody business from her lol I won’t even entertain Y’all bullshit about me or what she say. And also I got people that read this article and laughted and said she sound dumb sorry that y’all don’t know her personally so why speak on something that ain’t involved you o yea because people like you have no life good day. And why hide behind the comments show your name weak ass people.

    • My name is Jerry Quick and I think you need your ass whooped. You and that fat pig Steve wilkos. He needs to loose his show bc he is nothing but an alcoholic. Has a charge of dwi on his record and destroyed property. Idc if he’s famous. ! And just so you know, Randy. No one ” laughted” that’s not even a word, lol lol you uneducated inbred dumbass! OMG!

  • Anca sweetheart I believe you. Randy refuses a lie detector test which screams guilt on his part and it seems the lady is in denial and we know from experience how much Steve has hurt other lovely people like you so don’t worry your pretty mind and keep doing your thing and never let these 2 bullies or others like them get to you. If Randy were truly innocent he would jump at an opportunity to prove it so that is obviously a lie detector test he stupidly already failed.

    • How can people be pushing Randy to take a lie detector when everyone is saying they are fake and lies? I don’t understand this whole thing is supposed to be about how inaccurate lie detectors are but people are jumping to conclusions calling him a lier and pushing him to take a lie detector lol. What a joke

    • @Lie Detector lololololol

  • Well Randy himself is the one who said that the test Anca took is accurate even though he sees she has hard proof that it wasn’t. He is the one who is trying to use those phony test results against her therefore he should prove he didn’t tell Anca he loves her and uses Maria for money. And if he really wants to believe in the credibility of a polygraph then he himself should take one to prove he never verbally told Anca these things and the fact that he refuses to take one is saying a whole lot.

  • Shut up Randy and leave Anca alone, she’s already been through hell. You’re just using all these red herrings to cover over the fact that you told Anca that you still love her and use the other woman for money. You refuse a lie detector test so that’s enough proof she is telling the truth. I also saw that video Anca uploaded of you abusing her.

  • I believe and relate to you Anca because I too am dealing with my own stuff with Steve. I feel trapped in a dangerous situation and no one believes me or cares. Much of that is because at least you have proof you are telling the truth and I don’t, so at least you’re a little more fortunate than me in that regard. However I have tried contacting that show multiple times to ask if I could take one of their stupid lie detector tests to prove it but of course they don’t care and they won’t listen and I think this is partly why they did to you what they did, because they want to hide and protect what Steve does with me for their own selfish interests. They dumped all their guilt and corruption onto you because they mistook you for an easy target for it. Yes, I understand because I too have been actively thinking about overdosing on sleeping pills because Steve will never fess up to what he does to me, he’s nothing but a self-entitled hypocritical jerk. I can’t believe how incredibly cruel, narcissistic, and money-hungry Steve and the rest of his crew are, you’re right, they have no morals or consciences, it’s only all about their personal reputations and staying rich off of people’s sufferings.

  • Angel, please don’t hurt yourself!. I believe this happened to me, so that you and many others are freed from the illusion that a man made machine can detect lies and truth. You are not guilty or convicted based off a polygraph! This machine is a toy and very unreliable. Much love ?

  • Hi Antipolygraph…hope you don’t mind me sharing my thoughts. I just wanted to include a concern about Anca’s story that I think you might be interested in adding as an update.

    So I went on the Steve Wilkos website and it appears that the show won’t be releasing the episode in which Anca was filmed as she was informed in an email it would; the reason I say this is because we are at the tail end of the month in which Anca was told the episode would air and I don’t see its preview in the list for the upcoming eps for this week – the FINAL week of February! So it looks like the cowards have changed their minds. I am sure Anca now has ample evidence with which she can sue Steve.

    Anyway, I just thought you might be interested in including this curious tidbit in your article and just wanted to give you a heads up. I hope you accept my request to add this update, and take care. Respectfully, J.

    • Thank you for mentioning this, Jason. Indeed, the episode with Anca Pennington has not aired, and evidently will not air, in February 2020. In addition, The Steve Wilkos Show deleted the February preview clip in which Ms. Pennington appeared. While it would appear that the episode in question will not be aired, we don’t know for a fact that this is the case. In due course, we will post an update to this post.

  • I hate Steve wilkos. He also was involved in a car wreck where he was charged with a dwi. He was way over the legal limit & took out several telephone poles and damaged property just down the street from his home. He tells ppl on his show they are “disgusting” he is disgusting! Why is he still allowed to have a show?! Why!? He’s nothing but a bully with an alcohol problem?! He belongs in a dumpster with yesterday’s trash. No one should waste a minute on his opinion.

  • Going to watch steve right now. Shouldnt have brought her ass on the show then.

  • I knew it was something wrong when they force a woman to say she burned one child and throw another out of a window on purpose. They said she failed the lie detector test and they would only help her if she agreed the test was true. What ashame, the lady probably felt guilty that it happened. But intentionally NO WAY. Rating that’s all.

  • Steve Wilkos, stop ruining people’s lives with your fake polygraph tests. So many times I’ve seen many people walk of your stage condemned for something they didn’t do. Please stop already. Find another way to make money and act out your ego.

    • I was watching some YouTube videos yesterday and saw that Steve’s lie detector boy Dan said that the CVSA is garbage and has no accuracy. Since Chucky boy is suing “Dr.” Baker, and has previously sued Dektor, why doesn’t he sue the Steve Wilkos show for disparaging his “98% accurate” CVSA?

      I hope these bogus lie industry baboons sue each other out of business.

    • Elizabeth, Peer Support & Trauma Specislistsays:
      7 February 2020 at 17:30

      That is either Anca or her accomplice as I said earlier ?. A lot of work just to keep up her lie.

    • Why are you acting like councelors and Elizabeth, Peer Support & Trauma Specislists on this thread? It’s obviously you, your one person using multiple handles (names, titles) here. This is either Anca or an accomplice. U tried to accuse your ex of burning your child. U knew it was ringworm but u thought u had a bright idea. It backfired on you. U knew what it was and that’s why u failed your test. U aren’t fooling everyone, just a couple. Now you’re here still trying to ruin someone’s life, your ex and now Steve and his wife’s marriage. What is wrong with you?? This is psychotic behavior!

  • This lady said I pulled my gun on here but I never took it off my side they are trying to get me for unlawful use of a wapon should I go on the show to that I’m not lieing and I’m telling the ture

    • No, you should not go on the Steve Wilkos Show to show that you are not lying. Polygraph “testing” is a pseudoscientific fraud, and there is a good chance you would “fail” and be made a spectacle of. The Steve Wilkos Show bear-baits guests for entertainment purposes. It is no solution for any legal troubles you face.

    • I wouldnt go on the show. They will only repeat the results that could possibly incriminate you and leave the rest unread.

  • Anca stay strong

  • Anca, I am not a lawyer, and it is not my space to give anyone unwanted legal advice, but have you considered seeking legal advice to see if you can sue Dan Ribocoff, the Steve Wilkos Show, the manufacturer of the polygraph, show producer, etc? I recently re-examined the Michael Crowe case and he and his family were successful in receiving a settlement from NITV and approximately 7.5 million dollars from the city of San Diego.
    Also, as I have mentioned before, I received a respectable settlement when my lawyer was easily able to prove the defectiveness of the CVSA. (thanks Brian Ross and Chris Cuomo)

    • I have tried, I have contacted many lawyers. I gave up on that, it seems the show won’t be held responsible anytime soon.

      • Here are a couple of quick thoughts about possible legal action against Dan Ribbacoff and the Steve Wilkos show. I can imagine some legal release forms were signed that Ribbacoff and the show are hiding behind and plaintiff lawyers may not want to battle through these, or other difficulties with bringing difficult suits.
        In an earlier post I mentioned that the other side of the lie detector agency, the voice stress crowd will sue each other at the drop of a hat, but will not sue the wire them up lie detector people.
        Dan Ribacoff uses his large soap box to disparage the CVSA. To date, “Dr.” Charles Humble has taken the abuse, but is touchy about Antipolygraph.org telling the truth about his pseudo-science. He had his lawyer, James D’Loughy send an unfriendly letter to AP.
        Therefore, why don’t you shoot a quick email to Humble’s lawyer, James D’Loughy about him representing you against Dan Ribbacoff et al. D’Loughy’s email is info@advisorlaw.com

  • I have recuring ringworms. It looks exact like the ones in the photo.

    • Dan Ribacoff believes that recurring ringworms comes from recurring cigarette burns.
      But on a more serious note, why do some many of our citizens have an outright hatred of real science and investigative methodologies?
      No matter how many times Anti Polygraph informs the readers of this sight that Nebraska CPS did an investigation, and found the marks on Pennington’s children’s were ringworms, and not cigarette burns, many readers insist, without seeing the children, that the marks are cigarette burns. Also, Ms. Pennington had the children seen by medical professionals and they determined the marks were ringwork, not cigarette burns.
      No real doctor, key word is real doctor, not fake doctors like Charles Humble and Gary Baker, would ever diagnose a patient off a picture on a web site.
      Please people, unless you are medical professionals, and have personally examined the children yourself, please stop tossing assumptions.
      The big picture of this site is not to comment on trash TV like the Steve Wilkos show, but to bring to light how the polygraph and its related so called lie detectors are being used to destroy or at least hamper the lives of innocent people, whether they be wrongfully charged defendants or federal and/or law enforcement applicants.
      So called lie detectors are real and present dangers to our American way of life much like the Salem Witch trials were to women accused of being witches.

    • Thank you, it took over 6 months to get rid of them. My kids father will tell you, it spread all over her legs. People are soo fucking cruel and twisted. They want someone to be guilty, maybe it’s a thrill they get. I know the pain I had to endure. May you all judgemental idiots feel my pain someday. Sick people!!

  • […] Anca on Polygraph “Test” Drives Innocent Steve Wilkos Show Guest to Attempted Suicide […]

  • To learn more about these 2 weasels Steve and Dan join our Facebook group Exposing the Steve Wilkos Show at: https://m.facebook.com/groups/573230863285600/?ref=bookmarks

  • Lets not take the show out of context its a Show people go on the show believing the test is accurate they are already being vilified and talked about in their town or are a person of interest by the police who remember also use polygraph or voice stress tests. No one forces any one to go on the show, so If it doesn’t come out their way tough they can’t have it both ways has anyone considered she or he might of done it.! They know what to expect if they fail. Police decide who to prosecute not the show. Before people go on they inform them its 98-99% accurate so why go when there is a 1-2 % chance it could be wrong Stay home, don’t go for cheap holidays.

    • Peter, this web site was launched to educate the public about the pseudo science to the polygraph and related quackery of voice stress analysis. I too was once blind but now I see.
      Although I consider myself well educated and intelligent, I have to admit I fell for the scam of the CVSA when I was wrongly accused of a crime back in 2009. Being a reputable person, I wrongly assumed the CVSA operator would also be reputable. Boy, was I ever wrong. That bastard was one crooked sack of shit. (and that is an insult to actually shit). You see, while the “lie detector” is a total scam in its own right, the liar that actually administers the test is also a scammer. Examiners are trained to toot their own horns and the “infallibility” of the devices. The whole of the “lie detector” and the liar giving the test is greater than its parts.
      Therefore, it continues to be important for those of us whom know the fallacy of this pseudo science to educate those that are uneducated about this evil. I’m sure the producers of the Wilkos Show and other shows of this type do tell the guests that the machines are 98 to 99% accurate. This is a lie. The machines are only as accurate as chance, or 50%, basically a coin flip.
      Fighting the “lie detector” liars is tough. After I found the Brian Ross video that made “Dr.” Charles Humble look like the total scammer he is, and furnished that to my lawyer, my department had to get rid of its CVSAs, and I was blamed for wasting thousands of dollars of tax payers money. An opponent of this site falsely accused one of the site’s founders for being an Iranian agent. The lie detector crowd fights truths with lies.

  • Be sure to watch Anca’s interview with journalist Surah Swaleh in which Steve’s and Dan’s corruptive and abusive behaviors are further exposed, and remember to share as much as possible to keep getting the word out: https://youtu.be/NRoa-GHVDSQ

  • Regardless of the test results, you’re a shitty ass parent to emotionally scar your child for life by killing yourself. And if she really wanted to do it, why not in a hotel room, instead of a bathroom at an airport. She wanted to be found and panicked when no one came in, so she called the ambulance on herself. May or may not of abused her child physically, but I’m pretty sure if this would of been accomplished the mental abuse would of been have been far more traumatizing. Selfish women. I say guilty of abuse.

  • I was getting ready to respond from the full onset stupidity from Jennifer, but Anca beat me to it.
    In my former probation/parole officer position, I have learned that people that attempt suicide are often making an attempt to stop the pain, basically making a rash attempt in the face of overwhelming stress. Often, after starting the process, they come to their senses and seek help. When people are hurting, you reach out to them, you don’t insult them with you pseudo-psychology.
    What continues to make me angry are that so many ignorant people are blaming Anca, not Steve and Danny. A former cop knows that getting in someone’s face, and screaming at them, in addition to making threats of arrest, and taking away one’s children can cause an adverse reaction. Steve no doubt knew this, but was willing to destroy another soul’s well being for no other reason to increase his Neilson score.
    Danny can still cannot admit he gave a defective test, and has even resorted to lying (ringworm comes from cigarette burns) and erasing a Facebook entry. Danny also had his agent erase the video the agent took of himself raping the person Danny’s company, IIG, was surveilling as per the legal complaint and the coverage in the New York Post.
    Again, I must ask, why do so many of you love the criminal team of DUI Steve and sex criminal Danny, and hate Anca?

  • A YouTuber named DutyRon (a.k.a. retired NYPD detective Phil Grimaldi) was informed that Dan Ribacoff is a sex offender and that he and Steve Wilkos schemed against Anca Pennington to deliberately give her false polygraph results on Steve’s show. Although DutyRon initially responded by stating in the comment section of one of his videos that he didn’t know about these events and would eventually research into them, he later deleted all comments regarding this conversation, edited his replies to some of them, and then went on to livestream a chat with Dan Ribacoff anyway, as this video reveals: https://youtu.be/hDK0tf1yFWo

    AntiPolygraph, I don’t know if you are interested in reaching out to DutyRon in regards to this matter or not, but I just thought it might be worth bringing to your attention, as I personally found this a little disturbing.

    Best regards, Dolly

    • Dolly,

      While there are many valid criticisms one can make of Dan Ribacoff, to our knowledge, he is not a convicted sex offender. Nor does the pending civil litigation against him allege that he personally committed any sex crime.

      We have watched both DutyRon’s interview with Dan Ribacoff and your video about DutyRon deleting critical comments. While we also find DutyRon’s deletion of critical comments disturbing, at this point, it seems unlikely that our contacting him would be productive.

  • I completely understand AntiPolygraph. By sex offender I just meant that Ribacoff evidently encouraged or allowed a sexual crime against one of his own clients at his firm, from what I understood of his lawsuit involving his prosecutor Susanne Gold-Smith. To my understanding he was not directly involved but appeared to know what was happening and yet chose to turn a blind eye, and I just found it a little heartless of DutyRon to behave similarly as well. I apologize if I worded anything as to cause any misunderunderstandings, I just thought it might be significant for others to know these things. But thank you for taking my concerns into consideration and all the best to you and your team.

  • I also admire how Anti polygraph tempers its comments to just the truth. Granted, Dan Ribacoff does not have any known sexual charges per se, but he apparently tolerates those under his employ to engage in and cover up sexual assaults. For now, it appears Ribacoff appears to be a rapist by proxy.

    • I agree with you Anthony and very well said. I guess Dan would not be considered a rapist by law however if he is aware that the people he employees are raping his clients and is doing nothing to stop it then he is (at least as far I’m concerned) every bit as guilty.

  • that not ring worm at all I’ve had a friend’s daughter who had it and it looks nothing like that! You can clearly see by the type of scarring that little girl has, it is a burn scar. Ringworm is a common fungal skin infection otherwise known as tinea. Ringworm most commonly affects the skin on the body (tinea corporis), the scalp (tinea capitis), the feet (tinea pedis, or athlete’s foot), or the groin (tinea cruris, or jock itch).

    here is what real ring worm looks like

    • Cathy C, you are extremely ignorant. Please pay attention: The Nebraska Department of Children’s Services had the children checked out and it was determined that the children had ringworm. They took the children to medical professionals and got the children examined, they did not toss assumptions. Ringworm is not one species of animal, but several different species which leave different kinds of marks.
      Also, judging by your ignorance, it is highly doubtful that you graduated from medical school. No physician would make a diagnosis off a picture.
      Dan Ribacoff was clearly wrong when his so-called lie detector accused Ms. Pennington of lying. Dan, the proxy rapist, did not have science on his side, only pseudo-science, a series of bold faced lies and a complete lack of morals.
      In the future, please learn some basic research skills and get over the habit of tossing assumptions.
      This whole series of posts reminds me of what my grandparents used to say – “a lie can make it half way around the world before the truth even makes it out the front door.”

    • Ok wanna be doctor , she clearly had ringworms that spread on both legs and up her legs, the real doctor looked at her and touched it. Ringworms can also be smaller and it expands, is contagious also. My older daughter got it from her not long after on her neck. Get your facts right.

  • Steve wilkos has a lot of nerve to berate anyone. His past is worse than some of his guests.he has been married three times. He has been stopped for drunk driving. Also he says this dan character is the best in the country. Tell that to the women who tried to.kill herself after being found innocent.

  • Yeah and it’s even rumored that he cheats on his current wife too and that this sudden odd chain of tragedies associated with that show might well be a red herring Steve is trying to use to cover that up and God only knows if the wife cheats on Steve as well. Their phony supercouple persona might be fooling others but they ain’t foolin’ me, not with all this mounting evidence against them. What they did to poor Anca only confirmed what I suspected about all these freaks all along. And what a shame that neither Steve or the wife never apologized to Anca or their other victims. I bet the Wilkoses really put up with each other because they enjoy the money and status. But it’s their kids Jack and Ruby I am concerned for most of all, let’s just pray they don’t end up anything like their parents.

    • @Jason I always did think it was a little weird how frequently Steve would tell the women on his stage, (and, even once to a woman he was being interviewed by,) “You’re a pretty/ attractive/beautiful woman.”

      First, this is not very professional…uh, how about appraising these women’s personalities and behaviors instead? Second, some of these women have boyfriends or husbands, any of the crazy ones believe Steve is flirting? Third, Steve’s wife is standing right there while he is telling them these things. He is publicly checking these ladies out in her presence…and Mrs. Wilkos is seriously ok with all this? XD This would cool, I guess, if Steve were still single…but really, why does a married man have to tell random women these things XD I highly doubt this marriage is as joyful as they claim.

  • Fuck this Steve, Dan, their wives and everybody on that evil show, I hope karma turns back around on them and they end up destitute and losing everything.

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