TV Polygraph Operator Daniel Ribacoff Denies Falsely Branding Steve Wilkos Show Guest as a Liar, But Deletes Posts When Challenged

Daniel D. Ribacoff

Polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff, who performs for the NBCUniversal Television Distribution syndicated daytime television talk program, The Steve Wilkos Show, has publicly denied having wrongly accused show guest Anca Pennington of lying. In an unaired segment recorded on 11 December 2019, Ribacoff accused Pennington of lying when she denied having burned her infant daughter with cigarettes. (Pennington, who resides in Omaha, Nebraska, did not bring her daughter with her to the show’s studio in Stamford, Connecticut.) Distraught, Pennington attempted suicide later that day.

Anca Pennington

Medical staff who treated Pennington after her attempted suicide, upon being shown a photograph of the lesions on her daughter’s leg, identified them as ringworm, a common and easily treated fungal infection. When lesions reappeared later in December, a medical examination confirmed a ringworm infection, and an antifungal preparation was prescribed.

Photograph of Anca Pennington’s infant daughter’s lesions provided to The Steve Wilkos Show

Ribacoff’s denial that he had wrongly accused Pennington came in the form of a Facebook reply to Steve Sledge, who in late May or early June asked on Ribacoff’s public Facebook page, “What happened with the case where the woman [sic] child had ringworm instead of a cigarette burn. That polygraph was wrong?”

Ribacoff replied, “the polygraph was correct. Ringworm was a secondary infection form [sic] the cigarette burns and was diagnosed weeks after the show.” In a second reply to Sledge, Ribacoff wrote, “doctors determined they were cigarette burns at the onset of the investigation.”

On Friday, 12 June 2020, Pennington, who posts on Facebook under the pseudonym Lore Radu, replied to Ribacoff, “stop lying you sick man! I took my child to the doctor my baby NEVER had cigarette burn you sick lying evil man!”

That same day, Ribacoff deleted Steve Sledge’s question and all replies to it from his Facebook page and blocked Pennington from viewing the page. Pennington provided with the following screenshots of the deleted posts: has written to Daniel Ribacoff asking how he knows for sure that Pennington’s child had cigarette burns, how he knows for sure that ringworm was a secondary infection to that, and why he deleted these posts. At the time of posting, Ribacoff has not replied these questions. This post will be updated as warranted.

Update (15 June 2020): Anca Pennington posted a commentary to YouTube on Friday, 12 June 2020:

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  • Wilkos and Ribacoff clearly have a whole lot to hide. We posted our own question to Mr. Ribacoff’s mother, in which she told her son in a recent comment she was proud of him, and then I asked her in a reply if she was proud that her son falsely criminalized Ms. Pennington and yet continues to malign her despite clear evidence that she is innocent. Not surprisingly, our own post was deleted within the hour. Fortunately however, we, too, secured screen shots of those deleted posts. If you are interested in reviewing those posts, you will see copies of them on our latest video:

  • So, Danny boy is able to diagnose ringworm as a secondary infection of cigarette burns without even seeing the child? Did Danny boy also get his doctorate from Indiana Christian University just like Commie Chuck Humble?

  • Underdog, but that is still 13 days, and 6 hours longer than it takes to get a Ph.D from Indiana Christian University.
    I don’t know how smart Danny boy is, but he is not a scientist like he plays on TV, but merely an entertainer.
    What most scares me however, is the high level government employees who apparently believe that polygraphs and the CVSA are to be taken seriously. How many American service people where killed after CVSA tests let Taliban prisoners be released because they “passed” a CVSA? How much additional damage did Aldridge Ames do after he “passed” a polygraph?
    How many budding law enforcement careers where destroyed because an applicant “flunked” a polygraph or CVSA? How many innocent people were jailed because of this pseudo science?
    A bogus CVSA nearly destroyed my livelihood, but at least I am still alive and able to support my family, unlike those American soldiers that were killed because some terrorists “passed” a CVSA.
    No matter how much peer reviewed academic studies and other reports proving the unreliability of polygraphs and their ilk, those in the higher echelons of power still evidently believe in this pseudo science. That is really whose intelligence should be questioned.

  • Have y’all seen the newest case where a woman passed a lie detector test? She said she left her 4 children with “a friend” for 20 minutes while she walked to McDonald’s to get them some food. She came back and got her kids and 2 of them were crying and sick and vomiting and one of them ended up dying. Autopsy said she was “likely stomped to death” Mother passed a polygraph and had the entire nation on a witch hunt for this “friend” when the whole time the evil a** mother did it! But she passed Dan’s polygraph. Now in jail on $500,000 bond!!

  • I’m a 53yr man my daughter said I had try to have sex with her she was.7yr when she told somebody about it they called the police.
    So went to take a polygraph test they just kelped saying smart girls not lie about stuff like that they were acting so wired.
    I knew right then I was in some crap they gave me a voice test which I didn’t pass talked to me like shit why are you getting mad I said you are saying I did this.
    So they sent my papers to the prosecutor on it said I didn’t not pass they straight up lied it’s fucked up my life it got out to the public that I felled the test I have been shot at chased by people that want to beat me up I have to stay living in a shed cant do anything this has been going on for 5yr now I’m about to kill myself this is not a life to live.
    Can’t get no one to hear this it’s not right for these testers to lie.
    This has been hard for me to deal with this lost my family and friends will somebody help me suicide is my last hope. HELP ME PLEASE.

  • You are continue to watch Steve Wilkos and make this man richer so just like with Donald Trump and Joe Biden y’all continue to vote for the other person when the evidence is clean, cut and clear in your face y’all give this man a TV show watch his show boosted ratings and then you wonder why there’s idiots like Dan on there running around claiming he’s this and he’s that I mean yes say Danny boy stupid Maybe you guys on her post and shit is stupid because you continue to watch his show and give him ratings

  • I think the entire Ribacoff family needs to be tried for running a continuing criminal enterprise which includes, but is not limited to allowing their agents to sexually assault surveillance subjects, and using tax payer funds to unlawfully eliminate candidates from consideration to be NYC transit police. I don’t think Danny boy is stupid, but just takes advantage of stupid and inept government employees, just like nearly everyone else in the lie industry.
    Like I mentioned earlier, Steve is just the dancing monkey for the suits at NBCUniversal. So long as the mouth breathers keep watching the show, the suits will allow the show to continue. They could care less that Steve and Danny almost caused a suicide.

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