Polygraph Critic Doug Williams Freed from Prison

Doug Williams upon release from the federal prison camp at Florence, Colorado

Polygraph critic Doug Williams, who was targeted for prosecution in Operation Lie Busters for teaching people how to pass or beat a polygraph “test,” was released this morning from the federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado and is now on his way back home to Oklahoma. We wish him Godspeed and look forward to his renewed participation in the public debate over polygraph policy!

5 thoughts on “Polygraph Critic Doug Williams Freed from Prison”

  1. Thanks for posting this George. And by the way there is no debate – the polygraph is an evil sick joke. It has never been accurate or reliable as a lie detector and my conviction and imprisonment proves that and also proves that the government knows that.

  2. Hell Yeah! Congratulations Doug! I am confident that you will receive the justice that you seek.

    Let’s roll.

  3. Doug,

    Love your cause! Keep making YouTube Videos – they can’t arrest you for that! Keep it instructional on techniques to use!

    You The Man!!!

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