Polygraph Critic Doug Williams Freed from Prison

Doug Williams upon release from the federal prison camp at Florence, Colorado

Polygraph critic Doug Williams, who was targeted for prosecution in Operation Lie Busters for teaching people how to pass or beat a polygraph “test,” was released this morning from the federal prison camp in Florence, Colorado and is now on his way back home to Oklahoma. We wish him Godspeed and look forward to his renewed participation in the public debate over polygraph policy!

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  • Thanks for posting this George. And by the way there is no debate – the polygraph is an evil sick joke. It has never been accurate or reliable as a lie detector and my conviction and imprisonment proves that and also proves that the government knows that.

    • Doug you are a legend, they won’t silence the truth

    • Keep telling yourself that while your badge now rusts after being tarnished. Further, while others solve case after case from failed tests and validated confessions, you remain in a place where you tried to help others avoid. In essence, the world is in part having YOU do THEIR time. Simple Justice

      • And your just some sad person on the internet who has no other option but to tell the 71 year old how he sucks

      • Hey Dieter, I’m a former intelligence officer and law enforcement officer and was TRAINED to beat this. You don’t know what you’re talking about; not to mention your morals are completely sideways. The fact is that this machine is supposed to perform a task and it is RELYED UPON to do so and does not. He went to prison for exposing the lack of efficacy of a MACHINE!! Get real, dink.

    • I always thought the Polygraph was a bunch of crap

    • He Doug, you know I always thought the Polygraph was a bunch of crap

    • Glad to see you’re out. But shame on them idiots for prosecuting you to begin with. You were only revealing the truth. Of course our unfair government is always going to try to shut the truth tellers up for their own selfish benefits!! Good luck to you on your future endeavors!! God bless you!! We need more people like you in this world.

  • Hell Yeah! Congratulations Doug! I am confident that you will receive the justice that you seek.

    Let’s roll.

  • So very happy that (finally) Doug has the freedom back that was so unjustly taken away from him.

  • you re a true hero my friend ,you said the truth nothing to be afraid for im glad you re free

  • Doug,

    Love your cause! Keep making YouTube Videos – they can’t arrest you for that! Keep it instructional on techniques to use!

    You The Man!!!

  • You were a police officer and how many child molesters are asked to take the examination where your teaching them to pass a polygraph? sad I have been a cop for 40 years and had used the Polygraph to clear good people too and to catch child molesters and other criminals also. You have put this info on world wide Web and everything from terrorists’ to crooks have looked at your sites, don’t you feel bad if someone who molested a small child was taught by you to pass a polygraph. I believe in freedom of speech, but you gone too far and you shamed your badge and department and country, just my opinion like you have the write to talk about polygraph.

    • Joe, I completely understand where you are coming from, and it would be hard for anyone to read what you have written and not feel that a tool for catching criminals has been let out of the bag.

      However, what you may have missed is that if the polygraph is not reliable to detect lies and there are false positives and negatives, it just becomes an interrogation technique by intimidation, which may lead to false confessions. Our system is laid out so that the detectives and prosecutors find the evidence of a crime and try and prove it in court and not to try and get forced confessions.

      This is why people fight the polygraph test. You may be just so internalized with your well-intentioned belief you need to catch as many criminals as possible while not thinking of the collateral damage or the integrity of a justice system that puts the burden of proof on the state.

      My last comment is that with the internet and easy access to information nothing as widespread as polygraph testing would ever have a chance of staying hidden.

      Those are my thoughts anyway. I believe both you and Doug are good people with good intentions but with very different ways of seeing how the world should work and treat people.

    • stop bugging a 71 year old for telling people about the bullshit polygraph test THAT HAS FAILED and locked up innocent people and go catch those child molesters you keep talking about

    • Joe,
      I must disagree with you in entirety. To use a machine that even the US Supreme court said was no more accurate than a “toss of a coin” is a travesty of our justice system.
      Even the US Academy of Sciences has discredited the polygraph as a method to determine truth from falsehood. This indicates to me its’ use is morally wrong.
      The use of fear, threats and intimidation is as morally wrong as the LEO’s who have been granted an indulgence by the courts to lie to suspects as an interrogation technique. Do we not see the hypocrisy in this stance?

      Mr Williams has not “tarnished” his badge, he has polished it with an uncomfortable truth.
      P.S. Yes, I was a Federal LEO for 27 years.

      • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement sir and thank you for your many years of service. Contrary to the belief held by most of the thugs and charlatans in the polygraph industry I am a disgrace – but they have said that same thing about better men than me so I wear my prosecution and conviction at the hands of the government for teaching people how to beat a machine that has never worked in the first place as a badge of honor.

  • Douglas,

    I am compelled to support your decision to explain and create awarness about the untruthfulness of a so called “tool to detect lies” by government agencies. It is an intimidation tactic. While im sure it has equally been used to jail actual criminals, im sure it has been used to falsley punish innocent people. People put so much credibility in a pilygrphy test when Douglas was hibest and said it does not. He enabled families to have a chance to show they are innocent and falsly accused. He opened his mouth to a weakness of our government. Our government can do great things. They dont need a polygraph test to do that. Criminals are highly stupid and highly intelligent. If they want to get away with something they can manipulate electronics and people. Instead of wasting energy putting an innocent man to jail, the government should invest their time in creating a better system to uncover a true criminal. They should also apologise to Douglas and thank him for exposing a weak spot in the government so it could be fixed using our brains, not intimidation.

  • Doug,

    You tarnished your badge which lead you to be placed in the very location the criminals you crawled into bed with were. Time will tell if you continue to offend like the molesters you took money from, and other criminals. If you do repeat, just know there will always be room for you in the big house. It is perhaps ironic that in a world where you sought to keep others from having their credibility put to test, that you now are labeled socially as having no credibility as a felon.

    • Doug Williams’ only “crimes” were victimless ones that the U.S. government scripted and stage-managed. Operation Lie Busters was a travesty of justice.

    • How idiotic are you troll? If polygraphs simply detect reactions to thoughts, then a reaction to a question that illicits the wrong response doesn’t mean the person is reacting to whats being asked, but the thoughts that come from that moment in time. The polygraph is inaccurate. If our criminal justic system is still using a flawed machine, and is willing to place a man un prison for exposing this, then THEY ARE TO BLAME FOR ALLOWING PEDOS GO BECAUSE THEY PASSED. NOT THE GUY WHO’S EXPOSING IT AS INACCURATE. Big fucking “DUH” to you. Wear it proudly.

    • Doug I was wrong about you… Im sorry… you were right.

    • Dieter just stop if you only think criminals are terrorists and child molesters then youre a dumbass who must have been a shit cop stop bugging a 71 YEAR OLD MAN

  • There is no machine that can detect whether you are telling a lie or not.
    The lie detector machine was invented by the guy who created wonder woman he wanted to have his own lasso of truth

  • You guys are amazing, will I say the polygraph does not need scrutinized? No, but I will say I have performed two eye detect tests on myself, and it told me what # I picked both times. I could go on and on about the people I have talked to that have had sucess with it.

    I guess my complaint is, you claim the polygraph is not accurate, I wish you held your reporting up to the same standard, and explained the exact charge this gentleman was convicted of.

  • Has the fact that several diagnosed medical conditions may alter the results of this rest?
    For example: People previously diagnosed with ADHD. The stress of remaining seated for long periods is impossible and would result in tension and frustration, which will definitely affect the leads of machine and their visual appearance to the tester.
    CARDIAC arrythmia where a person has erratic palpitations can at times, be visible on the chest as the heart stops and starts with some force.
    DIABETICS often have reactions to stress resulting in low blood sugar, sweating and confusion.
    PRESCRIPTION MEDICATIONS can cause side effects such as palpitations, dry mouth, sweating, muscle spasms, etc.
    How are these circumstances taken into consideration? How will they affect the test results? Does a person submitting to this as a pre employment requirement, or for any reason, need to share their private medical conditions, or prescribed medications with the tester, who in turn shares it with his client. What confidentiality can be expected from the client to ensure test results and personal data are protected from abuse? Who has access to this information within the client’s circle? At times, a candidate may be taking a prescribed controlled medication which will not negatively affect their ability to perform the position being applied for. In this day of narcotic abuse and the lengths addicts go to in obtaining the drugs, why would anyone willingly offer their medical information, not knowing who reads it?
    I believe Doug Williams is 100% correct in his evaluation of this test. The above queries, in my opinion, only add to the potential for false assumptions by the tester and test.
    If the Whitehouse, with all their security can’t protect their information from getting into the wrong hands, what expectation can we have that some polygraph examiner will protect your private info?

    • wow, mr or mrs “examine this” thanks for that info. i didnt know all of that. i have adhd, diabetes, arrhythmia, severe anxiety and ptsd. im also on xanax, and oxycontin to name a few. i wanted to pay a tester 2 check my fiance for infidelity , his sister says hes a narcissist. so i was looking up stuff to see if he can pass because his lack of emotion . he can fake cry out of nowhere and can also be as cold as ice when he gets caught. i think hes crazy. but i still feel like i need to prove his imfidelity. but hes so cocky about passing
      and i also want to prove i never did, even thought its not ever been questioned. but i was told of some1 like myself with my issues that failed 2 tests by same company and passed the next by another company.. so i wondered how. i honestly believe people jus want the idea of this to work so bad that they dont care who it crushes. doug is a special kind of man. hes my hero, i love that he stands his ground and dont let any1 deter him or shake him.

  • I try to see both sides of this argument, and see where both are coming from. Nobody wants a child molester to have an inside on how to beat the system, and walk free, but at the same time if someone is falsely accused of it, and we put to much stock in a polygraph, and an innocent person gets convicted, then not only is the wrong person in jail, but the molester is walking free, cause they are on the wrong trail. I know first hand that a polygraph is majorly flawed. I took one on an incident that really wasn’t even worth the time to take it, but me, and this piece of work sergeant took one. I was telling the truth, and it said I was deceptive. I didn’t even know what that word meant then when the examiner told me, so I asked what does that mean ,so he then informed me how big a liar I was, and went into interrogating me to try to get me to say what I’m guessing he believed the truth was. I never swayed like he wanted cause I was telling the truth. By the time I left he had me believing I had big mental issues, because I knew I was being truthful, and he was so set that that machine is accurate. I have never been more upset in my life as I was that day. I’ve been looking up things like this, and glad Doug is exposing that it’s flawed.

  • If you think the lie detector is a full proof or reliable system then youre wrong and you need to go do some research

  • Big Doug W. soy Colombiano y apenas conozco la verdad gracias a ti, saludos y buena mar donde quieras que estés!!!

  • He touched a VERY sensitive nerve the government has relied on and imprisoned my people. In short, he’s a huge threat to some powerful people and they felt they had to teach him a lesson. They lost. He’s out. Hopefully he’ll start his own business doing exactly what he was busted for. Exposing the truth.

  • There’s a reason why polygraph results are NOT admissible in a criminal case…

  • I was just thinking back on the Michael Brown case in Ferguson, Missouri. As we all remember, his supporters got their panties in a wad when an earlier video was presented showing Brown involved in a strong arm robbery of a convenience store. The narrative was the Brown was a “gentle giant” that didn’t play football in high school since he didn’t want to hurt anyone, etc. The robbery, and then the attack on the officer destroyed the narrative. Oh, the “righteous” outrage. How dare the haters tell the truth!

    Now, lets briefly look at the case of Doug Williams. Let’s first consider the narrative of the lie industry complex, be it polygraph, CVSA, e-meter, etc. The lie industry wants us to believe that their operators are a form of forensic scientists, every bit as credible as DNA analysists, lab technologists, and medical examiners. Earning advanced science degrees can take years, not as little was a week to be a CVSA examiner. One cannot compare hard science to lie industry witchcraft. Lie industry operators deserve absolutely no respect, forensic scientists do deserve respect. Humble and Baker both have bogus Ph.Ds to try convey academic respect. To me, this is as deplorable as fake SEALS.

    Doug Williams rained on the lie industry parade’s narrative and thus was imprisoned. The lie industry cannot fight back scientifically, nor academically, but they will not give up on their fantasy boxes without a fight. How ironic that the lie industry cannot handle the truth.

  • Seems to me that polygraph testing has a lot in common with what I’ve heard about Voodoo, in that in order for a polygraph test to work, the subject being tested has to believe that it works.

    Apparently once a person has learned how the machine works, and what sort of things can be done to cause inaccurate output, then the machine is far less useful, not useful at all, or even misleading to the operator, depending on how thoroughly prepared the test subject is, prior to being tested.

    Like a lot of people, I too had a very bad experience due to taking a polygraph test. I once came forward in response to a request for information regarding a murder, voluntarily let myself be tested, and then had my life turned upside down because some jackass decided that because my test results were not what he expected to see for an innocent person, that I was a prime suspect in the murder investigation.

    Fortunately for me, I knew about polygraph tests not being admissible as evidence in court, and that to police officers, lying to a suspect is a “job requirement”, so when the cops tried to get me to confess, claiming that they had plenty of other evidence against me, I just answered their questions politely until I got tired of being badgered, and then I told them to bring on all this other evidence they claimed they had, as I was tired of their nonsense.

    Some months later the actual killer was identified, but not before my house was completely ransacked during the exercise of a search warrant, my computer was seized and held for weeks, and my friends, family & co-workers had all been told about how I was a despicable lowlife murder suspect.

    The actual murderer was somebody I’d never even heard of, until I read about him in the local paper, and despite his insistence that it wasn’t him, apparently there was plenty of evidence that he did do it, so he was convicted in short order.


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