Singapore: Soccer Player Refuses Mandatory Lie Detector Test

Patwant Singh reports for MediaCorps News in an article entitled “S.League: Clementi goalkeeper refuses mandatory lie-detector test.” Excerpt:

Clementi Khalsa goalkeeper Shamsuri Ahmad has become the first player to refuse a mandatory polygraph test and was called up for a disciplinary committee inquiry by the Football Association of Singapore on Monday.

FAS had recently introduced mandatory polygraph testing for all players and officials in an effort to stamp out corruption in soccer.

As part of the code of conduct, all players and officials must sign an undertaking agreeing to be subjected to the lie-detector test.

Since the start of this season, players and officials have been picked at random for the test.

Shamsuri could be deregistered, or face a fine or suspension, if he continues to refuse to take the test.

Polygraph “testing,” which is fundamentally dependent on trickery, has built-in bias against the truthful, and yet is easily defeated through the use of countermeasures, is a strange way to try to “stamp out corruption.”

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