“Sex Predator Foiled Two Lie Detector Tests”

Bryan Johnson of KOMO TV in Seattle, Washington reports. Excerpt:

KING COUNTY – A prosecutor says released sex predator Joseph Aqui had two extramarital affairs and looked at pornography on the Internet.

A hearing under way in court in Seattle will determine whether Aqui violated terms of his release from the special commitment center.

Aqui, the first sex predator released from our state’s special commitment facility, apparently was able to pass two lie detector tests after having the illegal affair, prosecutors said.

Four years ago, Joseph Aqui convinced the courts he was ready to leave the Special Commitment Center on McNeill Island and return home to College Place in Eastern Washington.

Part of the judge’s order was that Aqui have no sexual contact with a woman other than his wife.

But prosecutors say Aqui had oral sex at his home with a fellow church member while his wife and children were away. They say Aqui then passed two lie detectors, one in the fall of last year and one this spring.

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