Polygraph Operator "Dr." Michael Martin Is a Phony Ph.D.

Degree Obtained from Unaccredited Diploma Mill

by George W. Maschke
22 April 2005

Michael Martin of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania is a prominent member of the polygraph community who has been featured on a variety of national television programs. According to his website, "these shows include Sci-Fi Channel's Proof Positive, Sally Jessy Raphael, Ricki Lake, Maury Povich, 20/20, 48 Hours, Dr. Joy Browne, Forgive or Forget, Morton Downey Jr., Richard Bey, and many many more." A member of the American Polygraph Association, the Pennsylvania Polygraph Examiners' Association, and the Maryland Polygraph Association, Martin also operates the "Global Polygraph Network," a referral service for polygraph examiners.

Since 2003, Martin has claimed to have a doctoral degree in psychology, and on his website, he styles himself as "Dr. Michael Martin, Ph.D." However, it turns out that "Dr." Martin's degree is an "honorary" one conferred upon him by an unaccredited diploma mill called Suffield University. Although not mentioned on his website, this fact is confirmed by "Dr." Martin's resume (54 kb PDF), a copy of which has been obtained by

Michael Martin is no Ph.D., and by falsely holding himself out as such, he is committing a fraud against the public. Caveat emptor.