Gallery Row: Home of the FBI HQ Polygraph Unit

18 January 2004

For years, the FBI Headquarters Polygraph Unit has been housed not in the J. Edgar Hoover Building at 935 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC, but rather on the 2nd floor of an inconspicuous, unmarked office building located at 409 7th Street NW. The polygraph unit was housed in this building, dubbed "Gallery Row," at the time of the National Academy of Sciences' review of the scientific evidence on the polygraph (2001-2002), and to the best of's knowledge, is still there as of January 2004, when the following pictures were taken. The map, showing the location of Gallery Row, is from

Map showing the location of Gallery Row.

Entrance to Gallery Row, 409 7th Street NW

Another view of the entrance.

A peek inside the lobby.

A view from the street.

A full view of the building from across 7th Street. The FBI HQ Polygraph Unit's offices are on the second floor.