An Open Letter to All Elected Politicians and Appointed Public Office Holders:

"Take the Polygraph Test Yourself Before Taking Office or Continuing in Your Present Office or Abolish It Completely"

I am proposing the complete abolishment of the use of the polygraph and urge you to seriously consider this proposal. To help you determine your decision, I refer you to websites,, and Keep in mind the polygraph has been abolished in private sector employment screening (through the Employee Polygraph Protection Act), and it cannot be made mandatory in criminal cases or the results thereof admissible in a court of law, because of its inaccuracy and invalidity. It is a flim-flam, voodoo science that is not supported by academia. It also does no good to report polygrapher violations of ethics or procedure to their respective polygraph boards because the boards are the "farmer with the shotgun guarding their turkeys."

If you do not wish to abolish the polygraph, then I challenge you to establish a National Polygraph Agency to test all persons sworn into public service, which they must pass before they can take office. To borrow an excerpt from page 39 of's book, The Lie Behind The Lie Detector, "The President and members of Congress shouldn't mind answering a few simple questions like, 'Have you ever made a campaign promise you didn't intend to keep?' or, 'Has your vote ever been influenced by a campaign contribution?' Federal judges should not object to being asked such simple questions as, 'Have you ever allowed your personal views to influence a legal decision?' Political appointees should have no problem with being asked, 'Have you ever made, for political reasons, a decision that was not necessarily in the public interest?'" I believe the majority of people in this country will concur and, by this letter, I am asking them to write you, their elected officials, with their demands.

Wild Bill
20 September 2000