S.F. Weekly Rips San Francisco Police Department’s Reliance on Polygraphy

In a well-researched article, S.F. Weekly reporter Matt Smith critically examines the SFPD’s reliance on polygraphy for applicant screening, despite it being completely discredited among scientists. Those interviewed include retired FBI scientist Dr. Drew Richardson, Professor Stephen Fienberg, who headed a National Academy of Sciences panel that  reviewed the scientific evidence on polygraphy, and polygraph operator Patrick Coffey, who’s company conducts polygraph examinations for the SFPD (and who in the past has trolled AntiPolygraph.org’s forums under the moniker, TheNoLieGuy4U).

Scott Lilienfeld on Polygraphy

Emory University professor of psychology Scott Lilienfeld, who pens  Psychology Today’s The Skeptical Psychologist blog, lambastes polygraphy (and the U.S. government’s continued reliance on this pseudoscience)  in an article titled, “The Polygraph Strikes–and Strikes Out–Again.”