Mumbai Attacker Reportedly Subjected to Polygraph “Testing” — “Truth Serum” to Follow

CNN reports that the lone gunman reportedly taken alive in the recent attack on Mumbai, India has been subjected to a polygraph test: [Mumbai Joint Police Commissioner of Crime Rakesh] Maria identified the suspect as Mohammed Ajmal Kasab, 21, from Faridkot village in the Okara district of Pakistan’s Punjab province. He is the son of […]

Did U.S. Use “Truth Serum” on José Padilla?

In his Spytalk column dated 23 February 2007, Congressional Quarterly Homeland Security editor Jeff Stein addresses the question of whether interrogators administered a mind-altering drug to terrorism suspect José Padilla — a question the Department of Defense is refusing to answer — and discusses past governmental use and abuse of so-called “truth serums.”

Some Believe ‘Truth Serums’ Will Come Back

Washington Post staff writer David Brown reports. Excerpt: If there is a “truth serum” that works, it is a secret that nobody is giving up. The debate earlier this year on interrogation techniques in the war on terrorism raised anew a question that goes back at least 2,000 years. Is there something you can give […]