Voice-Based “Lie Detector” Marketer Offers $2,000 for Success Stories

In a 29 June 2023 mass emailing addressed to “All CVSA Examiners,” NITV Federal Services, which markets a putative “lie detector” called the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), offered $2,000 for any success stories that it accepts for publication on its website. The full text of the email, which was sent out under the title, “Your Cases Solved With the CVSA are Worth $$$$: CVSA Examiners,” is reproduced below:

To: All CVSA Examiners

NITV Federal Services is soliciting new unique ‘Real Cases Solved’ to showcase on our Website to illustrate the tremendous value of the CVSA as an Investigative tool.  We are offering $2,000.00 for any case submitted that NFS accepts to publish on our Website or to use as an example in our marketing. You may submit a synopsis of the case, or simply submit the case and we will write the synopsis and send it back for your approval.

For the Real Cases Solved submission, please go to our Website and review some of the cases listed, such as the case at the Darke Co. Sheriff’s Dept. where the analysis of an old tape-recorded interview was used to identify a suspect and solve the case, the case at the West Palm Beach Dept., or the numerous cases where the subject passed the polygraph (or failed) and the CVSA successfully solved the case.  

Please send your case for the Real Cases Solved submission to Lourdes@cvsa1.com.  To send a case for consideration to be used in our training program, you may send it electronically to the above email address or by regular mail to:

CVSA Case Submission                                                       
NITV Federal Services
11400 Fortune Cir.
Wellington, FL 33414  

NITV Federal Services, which previously operated as the National Institute for Truth Verification (NITV), has admitted in court that its device “is not capable of lie detection.”

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  • NITV, the maker of the CVSA has undergone bankruptcy, yet they have money to spend on soliciting stories about the CVSA… hmm.


  • It looks like Lourdes Humble may have taken over the PR/marketing functions of NITV, excuse me, NITV Federal Services from her husband, “Dr.” Charles Humble.
    Maybe this is because of the ABC interview where Charlie admitted he had a fake Ph.D but was presenting himself as a criminology scholar, or the instance were the CVSA wrongly implicated a child in the murder of his sister, allowing a real murderer to go free.
    Perhaps the biggest PR/marketing misstep was starting a fight with another VSA fake Ph.D and huckster E. Gary Baker. This lost lawsuit I think will put NITV Federal Services out for the count. The Humble family will have to get use to a much lower standard of living.
    Lourdes has some difficult work ahead. Must be tough to claim a accuracy rating of 98% in marketing material, and then admitting after the Crowe settlement that the CVSA cannot detect deception after an undisclosed settlement.
    If Lourdes can pull off an effective marketing strategy, I will recommend her for the coveted James Chapman award plus an Honorary Ph.D. from the defunct strip mall Indiana Christian University.

  • What we need to remember here is… NITV is under bankruptcy, and their future existence is in doubt. Police departments are advised to do their due diligence in spending taxpayers’ money . As a reminder, due diligence is defined as a legally binding process during which a potential buyer evaluates the assets and liabilities of a company.

  • Will the $2,000 creative writing award go to the analysts, or to the government entities that bought the CVSA’s? Also, if any of the analysts have government issued vehicles, can they Uber to make some extra personal cash?

  • City and county law enforcement agencies, regardless of where they are located should consult with the departmental legal advisor before providing any information to NITV or any other entity regarding a criminal case, much less taking a payment of $2,000.00.

    The defendant, regardless of what the crime he or she was arrested and/or convicted does have rights in terms of being featured in a publication or video without consent. The changing legal landscape governing this area has changed in past years, and due to the current anti police sentiment that is still gaining momentum in this country.

    There is nothing worse than a jail house lawyer as he or she can file countless motions against the department, individual officers, and don’t not have to incur any legal expenses.

    So far as NITV is concerned, this appears to be yet another example of unethical and dishonest practices that have kept them in court in the past three decades. The bankruptcy filing of NITV LLC, is just one of the LLC monikers created by NITV in past years. This case is still open until final payments have been received by the Southern District of Florida Bankruptcy Court. NITV Federal Services LLC, Charles Humble, and Lourdes Humble are legally obligated to make all payments before the case is closed or face being taken over by a court appointed receiver who would sell off the assets to satisfy the terms of the settlement agreement. Those not aware of this agreement signed by NITV and the Humbles is available on the AntiPolygraph website.

    The next legal challenge for NITV is probably just around the corner.

  • John T and jryan, you two are writing some intelligent posts and have some strong insights on how the criminal justice system works, or in some cases, doesn’t work.
    The inability of many levels of government workers not willing to, or ignoring due diligence is setting up their respective departments for huge and unwinnable non-stop lawsuits. Sooner or later, a sharp attorney, or jail house lawyer is going to sue a government agency for using the discredited CVSA or DVSA because the agency knew, or should have known, that “lie detectors” are no more effective than a coin toss.
    One of the best things I did for my agency was showing the powers that be the ABC story of Humble and NITV which I believe eventually resulted in my agency getting rid of the NITV. This action on my part put a dent in my career, but I believe my actions will save my former department from many unwinnable lawsuits.

    • The polygraph and the voice stress analyzer are nothing more than bio-metric stress detectors. Neither of which are “Lie Detectors.” Both detect and display the level of stress someone is experiencing at the time it is collected. Years of experience and observation have shown that when someone tells a lie, and the lie is connected to some form of jeopardy, it generates emotional stress. The big question is, what caused the stress? Was it the telling of a lie (connected to the consequence of jeopardy), or something else, i.e. situational stress caused by the way the examination was conducted? In my opinion having used voice stress analysis for twenty years is, training and experience are the key to determining what caused one’s stress.

      In the infamous words of Julius Caesar, “People readily believe what they want to believe.”

  • Larry R., tell that to Stephen Crowe who was locked up for several months for a crime he did not commit, which allowed the real murderer to go free. I’m sure the individual that gave the test was a “certified” CVSA examiner that was experienced.
    Academia has not shown what you are claiming and most studies I have seen puts polygraphs and VSAs at a coin toss level of accuracy.
    This is why people like Humble and Baker have to get strip mall and mail order doctorate degrees and in the case of Humble, make up phony research that was “published” in a make- believe Ukrainian journal.
    The main reason polygraphs and VSAs are not allowed in court is that they are not accurate and are not backed up by real science. Perhaps the most damning thing I have heard about the VSA is from NITV, admitting its device cannot detect deception after the Crowe lawsuit.
    My take on your Julius Caesar quote is I chose to believe what is scientifically sound, not a bunch of BS from fake Ph.Ds and your wrong opinion.

  • The headquarters of NITV FS, Landview Management and Voice Biometrics, 11400 Fortune Circle, West Palm Beach, Florida has been on the market since April 13,2023 and the asking price is $3,300,000. The listing agent is Joshua Kobrin. The web addess is:
    I do not know if “Dr.” Humble owns, has a mortgage on, or rents this property, but when the headquarters of a business is being sold, that may mean that Charlie and his merry band of LLCs are throwing in the towel.
    The interior pictures are interesting, and sideways, but one can make out a fake Ph.D on the wall.

  • Opps, my bad. Now, it seems offbeat to me that a Realtor that is attempting to market a multi-million dollar property would be sloppy enough to allow interior photographs that are sideways to be published in this flyer, and that the Humbles’ do not follow up on the work of their employees and agents. Obviously, this in one of the main reasons for the continuing failure of NITV.

  • Narcissism is a term overused in today’s climate. Let us look at the soon to be demise of NITV, an organization that would probably still be economically viable of its founder, “Dr.” Charles Humble” was not such a blow hard.
    If Humble stuck to his core business of hustling criminal justice agencies, and keeping a low profile instead of initiating usually losing lawsuits, and making a total idiot out of himself on a TV interview, NITV would probably not be in its current death spiral.
    The lawsuit against his rival faux Dr. E. Gary Baker was especially stupid. It has been reported that Baker often did not bother filing tax returns for lack of substantial income. But the huge windfall he received from Humble will fund financial security for the rest of Baker’s life. Baker is the small time huckster that hit it big.
    Humble proves that all ego, no brains is a life destroying combination.

  • The headquarters of NITV has been taken off the market. Today is a holiday in the US, so I cannot find out why, but the property could have been taken off the market due to foreclosure or matters relating to the lawsuit loss concerning “Dr.” E. Gary Baker. I can’t help wondering if somehow Baker ends up with the property at 11400 Fortune Circle if he will hang up his mail order Ph.D. at the same place where Humble hung his fake Ph.D.

  • I am still researching the NITV property issue. The latest value I could find advises this property is worth about $851,000, which is nowhere close to the $3,500,000 asking price. Chuck would probably be better off selling his house to raise money if his much younger Cuban wife would approve. But let us be real here, I don’t think she married Chuck for his looks or integrity, but married him to have the fancy house.
    I know I said this before, but I am still amazed Chuck got financially slam dunked by bad mouthing another faux Ph.D selling fake devices to governments (E. Gary Baker) rather than the government entities that got scammed.

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