Polygraph Operator Lisa Ribacoff Dodges Questions at Crime Conference

Lisa Jacklyn Ribacoff

Polygraph operator and American Polygraph Association board of directors member Lisa Ribacoff, who is in business with her father, fraud-tainted celebrity polygrapher and private investigator Dan Ribacoff, was a speaker at the Oxygen Network’s recently concluded CrimeCon 2022 conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her talk was styled as an “AMA” (“Ask Me Anything”) affair, but as Jeffrey Augustine reports, there were certain questions that Ribacoff was unwilling to entertain. Excerpt:

Lisa Ribacoff, daughter of Dan Ribacoff, the self-proclaimed celebrity private investigator and polygraph examiner, from the Steve Wilkos Show and International Investigative Group LLC (IIGPI), was confronted at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas over highly offensive racist text messages her father allegedly sent to several private investigators.

Lisa Ribacoff was invited to speak about her experience as a polygraph examiner at CrimeCon Las Vegas, presented by Oxygen Network, despite serious allegations that her company, InDepth Polygraphs, is facing regarding its role in the use of polygraph exams to allegedly suppress the hiring of black police officer candidates at the New York MTA. The New York Daily News reported on these very serious allegations in November 2021.

DCPI has acquired shocking video from a confrontation with Lisa Ribacoff, which took place in a meeting room open to attendees at CrimeCon 2022 in Las Vegas. Ribacoff was asked by an attendee to explain the accusations against her alleging racial bias, as well as the racist text messages allegedly sent by her father and owner of InDepth Polygraphs, Dan Ribacoff.

When confronted by an attendee and asked, “what about the racist text messages from your father?” Lisa Ribacoff ordered the attendee, a Black male, to “step aside.” She then became increasingly agitated and responded, I’m not my father, I’m not my father!

Frame from video of Lisa Ribacoff at CrimeCon 2022

Lisa Ribacoff also declined to answer questions regarding why her family’s private investigative business kept accused rapist Yanti Greene in its employ. Read Augustine’s full report, along with the associated video footage, here.

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  • So has it been confirmed yet that Lisa Ribacoff is the polygrapher that the Steve Wilkos Show replaced her father with? If anyone has any information on this I’ll appreciate whatever they can share.

  • This video continues to remind me what awful human beings are involved in the bogus lie industry. While Lisa Ribacoff reminds us that she is not her father, she has no qualms about living off his teat. She has not denounced her father’s apparent racism and took part in denying a black man a chance at a job in which he appeared qualified in New York.
    Going up a level, Lisa is still on the American Polygraph Association board of directors. The APA is therefore giving tacit approval that racism is therefore condoned among the ranks of polygraphers, and the APA is apparently giving the Ribacoffs a pass when it comes to keeping a credibly accused rapist, Yanni Greene on the payroll.
    It is sadly ironic that Doug Williams was given a prison sentence about telling the truth about the pseudo-science of polygraphy, while the Ribacoffs are destroying lives and condoning apparent criminal behavior with the blessing of the APA.

  • NITV LLC a/k/a NITV Federal Services LLC (Charles Humble) has been involved with the Ribacoff’s for years as they have an office in Palm Beach County FL as well. It appears that the Chapter 7 BK of NITV LLC a/ka/ NITV Federal Services LLC case drags on and even after Humble agreed to a Judicial Settlement with E. Gary Baker. Judicial settlements are used with the BK ” catches a person ” in fraud, and allows he or she to buy his or her way out in lieu of being criminally prosecuted.
    See the NITV LLC BK document to view this document.

  • I thought the Ribacoffs and Humble were enemies. I saw a video awhile back that had Daniel opining the CVSA was totally worthless, and Humble bad mouths the poly saying it is obsolete, inaccurate, inconclusive and easily compromised.
    Obviously, both camps have little regard for their customers and treat them as dupes and neither have ever admitted to being wrong, even when proven wrong. (If I am mistaken in this statement, someone please send a reference were a Ribacoff or Humble ever admitted to being wrong, and I will gladly redact this statement.)
    Humble had zero issues seizing the accounts of a formal rival yet refuses to pay a judgement that is over a decade old to faux foe doc Baker.
    I know Humble is a fraud since he ripped off my former employer with a defective product.

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