New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department Has Polygraph Contract With Daniel Ribacoff’s Fraud-Tainted Firm

In a 22 April 2021 YouTube interview with retired NYPD detective Ron Licciardi, polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff, who is best known for his appearances on the lowbrow daytime television talk program, the Steve Wilkos Show, disclosed that he has the contract for administering pre-employment polygraph examinations to New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department applicants, stating:

We happen to have the contract for the MTA police, the Metropolitan Transit Authority Police, so we do the polygraphs for pre-employment, where we search for what we call undetected crimes.

Daniel Ribacoff (right) speaking with retired NYPD detective Ron Licciardi on 22 April 2021

As previously reported by, Ribacoff’s company, International Investigative Group, is the defendant in current civil litigation credibly alleging billing fraud in the millions of dollars.

On 17 June 2021, submitted the following inquiry to Metropolitan Transit Authority media relations:

Is the MTA aware that the contractor who does pre-employment polygraph screening for the MTA Police Department (International Investigative Group) is the defendant in a civil lawsuit credibly alleging billing fraud in the millions of dollars? reported yesterday on the latest developments in this litigation:

We’re planning to report on the MTA having selected the fraud-tainted International Investigative Group (IIG) to screen police applicants and would like to know 1) when the MTA awarded this company its first contract to screen applicants, 2) when the current contract period ends, 3) whether MTA intends to cancel the current contract before it ends, 4) whether MTA intends to renew its contract with IIG, and 5) how many applicants have been polygraphed by IIG?

Any additional comment MTA may have on its dealings with IIG is also welcome.

MTA media relations neither responded to nor acknowledged this inquiry, which was submitted directly via their website.

Facebook post by Lisa Ribacoff dated 14 May 2021 mentioning polygraph screening of MTA applicants

A pre-employment polygraph examination conducted for the MTAPD in late 2020 by Daniel Ribacoff’s daughter, Lisa Ribacoff (a member of the American Polygraph Association’s board of directors), is at issue in a racial discrimination complaint currently pending before the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

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  • Lowbrow? Lol you savage Antipolygraph ??

  • Like I said before, and I will say it again, how can law enforcement agencies be so reckless with tax payers money to piss it away on pseudo-science such as polygraphs and VSAs. All the NYMTA has to do is just Google Daniel Ribacoff or IIG to realize the immorality of the entire Ribacoff family. Some qualified candidate is going to “fail” a polygraph and seek redress from the court. A plaintiff lawyer is going to have a field day with a NYMTA executive about his/her carelessness in retaining IIG. And yes, taxpayers will have to pay the bill – again.
    Way to go NYC, keep bilking tax payers and continue crying that so many of your productive tax payers keep moving away.

  • Antipolygraph do you know if this is the police department Dutyron used to work for (NYMTA) and if this is the reason he remains in alliance with Ribacoff despite possibly knowing of this polygrapher’s corruption? I guess to be fair it’s not clear the motivations behind this contract but it does bring into question whether there might be some type of scheme happening to where Licciardi might be getting some type of benefit out of it, (be it money, better publicity etc.)

  • Excellent point Dolly. I am not a lawyer, but I think the one of the chinks in the armor of the pseudo-science of polygraphy and the related grift of voice stress analysis are for opposing counsel and investigative reporters to explore the relationships between the politicians and high level bureaucrats that contract with Daniel Ribacoff et al in the lie industry. I betcha the contracts that examinees sign are bulletproof, but opposing counsel and good journalists can still examine relationships and basically just follow the money. As I keep mentioning, why can’t a high ranking person in government authority simply do a Google search to check the veracity of a contractor in the lie industry? If I was opposing counsel, I sure would bring up this point while disposing a witness, especially someone in a high ranking government position. Everyone in government management has a fiduciary responsibility to ascertain that tax payer funds are being spent in a responsible manner. Perhaps some hanky panky may be happening with the NYMTA? Maybe, maybe not, but let’s have a look see.

    • I believe you might be right Anthony. I don’t know much about this DutyRon character but he does seem shady. I had posted comments to him on one of his videos about his live stream interview with Dan Ribacoff in which I tried to warn DutyRon that Ribacoff and Wilkos almost caused Anca Pennington to commit suicide and that Ribacoff is the ringleader of a gang rape against his client Susanne Gold-Smith for which she is now suing him for $50 million. And yet DutyRon removed my comments and then reedited some of his comments back to me. And Anca also appeared in the comments of the live stream video trying to expose Dan as well, for DoodyRon also blocked Anca and removed her comments too; he also had one of my videos deleted in which I attempted to expose him for supporting Dan despite knowing he is abusive as you will see in this vid: So yes, something immoral and strange definitely might be going down between these two.

      • DutyRon is a performer. He is not a cop and therefore he is more interested in YouTube revenues than getting to the truth. Dan has much notoriety and is probably good for clicks.
        Now, getting back to the NYMTA using the Ribacoffs as consultants: Another point to make is why anyone would want the Ribacoffs recommending whom to hire. Look at just one of the Ribacoffs former employees, Yanti Greene. According to sources, Greene could not keep up with a lady he was investigating, therefore he broke rules, and was later credibly accused of raping her. Really people, would you want the Ribacoffs advising you of whom to hire?
        Hasn’t the management of NYMTA ever heard of a Google search? Dan made a hell of a mess of the Pennington polygraph test, and the attempted coverup was a hot steaming mess. The Gold-Smith disaster made the national press. Would you all want his company doing lie detector tests for your organization?
        Finally, in the picture of the testing site that the Lisa Ribacoff will be doing the polygraph tests has certificates matted and framed as part of the prop of the fake professionalism of polygraph operators. When I had pre-employment physicals back in the day the real professionals did not feel the need to hang certs and diplomas in the examining room.
        NYMTA officers are in a position where they are guarding the lives of train riders. Picking officers using the discredited pseudoscience of polygraphy is plainly irresponsible. Investigative authorities need to research if there is also any crookedness going on considering the less than stellar reputation of the Ribacoffs and IIG.

        • You are right. With this practice of polygraph and contracting these charlatans to conduct such tests, NYMTA should be investigated.
          Perhaps notifying the Governor’s office or possibly even the NY Attorney General’s office with concerns and a few Google links included would get someone to take a look at what appears to be a hot mess with s disreputable and nefarious company.

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