Archive of Private Russian Polygraph Forum Leaked

Index page from private section of EPOS Polygraph Forum

In the 21st century, the pseudoscience of polygraphy has regrettably been spreading in the republics of the former Soviet Union, where employer-mandated polygraph screening is a growing problem.

Since 2005, Russian polygraph manufacturer EPOS (ЭПОС) has hosted a message board for discussion of polygraph-related topics. While part of the message board is public, it also includes a private “Professional” (Профессионалы) section reserved for polygraph operators that is not visible to the general public. This section includes nearly 1,000 message threads comprising over 20,000 individual posts. has received an archive of the EPOS polygraph forum, including the private “Professional” section, as it appeared around 17 November 2020. The archive was downloaded with the free and open source web crawler, HTTrack.

While the archive is sadly not complete, it includes a great wealth of information that was previously inaccessible to the public, including lengthy discussions of polygraph methodology and numerous user-uploaded file attachments. has scanned the archive using Microsoft Windows Defender and found nothing amiss.

The EPOS polygraph forum archive may be downloaded as a 1.8 GB ZIP file for offline reading.

Once downloaded, the archive may be searched for key words of interest using one’s file manager.

In 2013, an archive of the now defunct English-language private forum was pseudonymously posted to That archive may be browsed online.

We welcome reader comment on the contents of the EPOS polygraph forum archive.

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