Polygraph “Test” Drives Innocent Steve Wilkos Show Guest to Attempted Suicide

Anca Pennington

On Wednesday, 11 December 2019, Anca Pennington, 30, of Omaha, Nebraska purchased three bottles of Tylenol, each containing 24 pills, after passing through security at Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey. She then proceeded to a restroom stall, swallowed all of the pills, and laid down to die.

Earlier that day Pennington, a single mother of four, had appeared on the set of the Comcast-owned, NBCUniversal Television Distribution-produced Steve Wilkos Show in Stamford, Connecticut, where host Steve Wilkos had announced that she had miserably failed a polygraph test regarding whether she had burned her infant daughter with cigarettes. The show’s in-house polygraph operator, Daniel D. Ribacoff, had come on stage to support his polygraph results.

Daniel D. Ribacoff

Ribacoff, a member of the American Polygraph Association, has previously claimed on the show, “We have tests that are 99.4% accurate, which is way more accurate than most medical tests, and way more accurate than any jury trial.”

And in a 2016 Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread, in response to a question Steve Wilkos averred, “The lie detector tests are like 99% accurate.”

In fact, however, polygraph “testing” has not been shown through peer-reviewed research to reliably work at better-than-chance levels of accuracy under field conditions. Alan P. Zelicoff and Steven E. Rigdon have conducted a peer-reviewed statistical analysis of the best available field studies of polygraphy. Based on that analysis, Dr. Zelicoff opines that “if a subject fails a polygraph, the probability that she is, in fact, being deceptive is little more than chance alone; that is, one could flip a coin and get virtually the same result for a positive test based on the published data.”

Steve Wilkos

As Pennington recalls, Wilkos told her on stage that she was disgusting, that she was never going to see her kids again, and that she was going to go to jail. The audience booed her.

Pennington recounts that she had looked up to Steve Wilkos as a father figure and had never questioned polygraphs. Afraid that no one would believe her and that she would lose her children, Pennington made the decision to end her life during the ride to the airport for her flight home, writing a suicide note on the sheet of paper with her flight information that was given to her by the show’s producers.

Lying on the airport restroom stall floor after consuming the Tylenol, whose active ingredient, acetaminophen, can cause fatal liver damage in sufficiently large doses, Pennington began to feel warm, and her heart started racing. She became scared, thought of her children, and called 911. An ambulance came. After nearly a week of hospitalization, she was released and returned home to Omaha, having escaped any permanent liver damage.

Photograph of Anca Pennington’s infant daughter’s lesions provided to The Steve Wilkos Show

While in hospital, Pennington showed nurses pictures of lesions on her infant daughter’s leg: lesions that she had suspected were pinch marks or cigarette burns inflicted by the daughter’s father, who had left them, or by the father’s new girlfriend, both of whom also appeared as guests on The Steve Wilkos Show and passed polygraphs. As Pennington recalls, the nurses immediately recognized the lesions as ringworm, a common fungal infection that is easily treated.

Later in December 2019, lesions reappeared on the infant’s leg, and a medical examination confirmed a ringworm infection, for which clotrimazole, an antifungal medication, was prescribed.

Before contacting The Steve Wilkos Show, Pennington had also contacted the Nebraska Division of Family Services regarding her suspicion that her daughter had been abused. In a letter dated 3 December 2019, a full week before her appearance on the show, but which Pennington states she received only after her return to Omaha, Children and Family Services specialist Nicole Powers reported, “Based on the information obtained during this investigation, it has been determined that the allegation will be listed as ‘Unfounded.'”

Pennington reports that on Wednesday, 22 January 2020, The Steve Wilkos Show contacted her and told her that the episode in which she appeared will air in February. Pennington stated that she was “devastated and traumatized.”

AntiPolygraph.org has written to Steve Wilkos Show producer Jillian Calandra, who coordinated Pennington’s appearance on the show, and polygraph operator Daniel Ribacoff seeking comment. At the time of writing, no replies have been received.

In May 2019, the long-running British tabloid television program The Jeremy Kyle Show, which bears similarities to The Steve Wilkos Show, was abruptly canceled after Steve Dymond, who “failed” a polygraph “test” conducted for the show, committed suicide.

In December 2019, Pennington shared her story in a series of video clips that AntiPolygraph.org has assembled as a YouTube playlist:

Update (28 January 2020): On 26 January 2020, The Steve Wilkos Show released a 30-second video clip titled “THE COLD HARD TRUTH…ALL NEW…ALL FEBRUARY LONG!” with snippets of episodes to be aired in February 2020:

At 22 seconds into the video, a few seconds of the as-yet-unaired episode in which Anca Pennington appeared are shown. Steve Wilkos is seen gesticulating at her and shouting, “You’re the one burning your children!”

Pennington replies, “I did not do that!”

The Steve Wilkos Show‘s apparent decision to air this episode, despite compelling evidence that no one burned her child, may be explained by the fact that February 2020 is a Nielsen “sweeps” period during which audience measurements are taken.

AntiPolygraph.org’s inquiries to Steve Wilkos Show producer Jillian Calandra and polygraph operator Daniel D. Ribacoff remain unanswered.

Correction: This article originally stated that Ms. Pennington’s appearance with Steve Wilkos and attempted suicide took place on Tuesday, 10 December 2019. This is incorrect. Her polygraph examination with Daniel Ribacoff was conducted on that date, and her studio appearance and attempted suicide took place the following day, Wednesday, 11 December 2019.

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  • Steve dickhead should be arrested himself. He is nothing but a low life bully. Its all for ratings.

    • Stop watching him

      • I have stopped watching him. You can about tell before the lie detector results what it’s gonna turn out.
        I’ve seen people on there that you know by their reaction they were telling the truth ,BUT the lie detector and Steve says otherwise
        If ratings gives him that much satisfaction to ruin people’s lives ,he will answer to God ,money and fame isnt worth breaking up families or causing pain to families .I had to stop watching ,I would get upset watching innocent people be condemned and talked to like they were animals.

        • It is a voodoo science. The idea that a needle scratching on paper can accurately record truth-telling is absurd. That the Green River serial killer passed his lie detector test and then went on to kill and rape for 17 more years should be sufficient to discredit the lie box forever.
          I will not allow my client to test, especially if he is %100 percent innocent. On the other hand, I have no objection to a guilty one taking it as he may pass, and the stupid cops will believe it.

        • That is the ISSUE. stopping Programs that bring HARM instead of Results that can be for a positive outcome..yes he does EGG ON attraction for his ratings
          As a Host, he is down at the Bottom…
          and No Court in this Nation will except those Readings. Because it is a Reality Show for Publicity..
          We do need to expose Very horrible individuals in this World but this isn’t the way.
          Someone one day will kill themselves..or even worse Snap and go on a killing spree..
          Embarrassing someone on National Television does have bad consequences.

          • I’d Never take a lie detector test! Has Dan R. or Steve ever taken one?
            I watch the show sometimes but don’t agree with those tests that prove Nothing!

            • This is why they’re not admissible in a court of law…99.4% accurate they say…0.6% equals a shadow of a doubt. I’m sure they’re a good tool for the police & court system, but if a person is a sociopath, it might not work as well, or if the person is subconsciously thinking of something else…?

              • Gerry, polygraphs and the related VSA are nowhere close to being 99.4% accurate. Scientific tests peg the devices as approximately 50% accurate, or basically a coin toss. Granted, the manufacturers and proponents of these devices claim near 100% accuracy, but they are lying and do not provide independent scientific studies to back up these statements.
                In the Anca Pennington case, the polygraph test given by embattled polygraphist Daniel Ribbacoff – the polygraph was 100% inaccurate. Instead of admitting he was wrong as proven by medical professionals, Ribbaoff was caught lying on Facebook and then trying to eliminate his prior lies. This is chillingly familiar to the Suzanne Gold-Smith rape case in which the Ribicoff’s alledgedly tried to destroy, and/or hide evidence.

          • Just what ended up happening

          • It already happened. I know it’s not the same scenario but that guy who killed after the Jenny Jones show. That shit was enough to show these “reality” shows are no good.

          • Do some research, there have been multiple cops/courts who have used what’s happened on this show for a conviction. And odds are she failed because she did it, just as with all other guests who fail their tests. Something happened to her child, and it would be pretty crazy for 2 other people accused of having a part in it pass their tests but ONLY SHE failed it

            • Bob Saget, I recommend that you do some research. There are no odds that Ms. Anca failed the polygraph. The polygraph failed her. Medical professionals, whose training is based on sound scientific principles, diagnosed the children’s scars as being caused by ringworm, not cigarette burns. If you do some research yourself, you will soon find the polygraph, and the related VSA is based on pseudo-science, not real science. The polygraph and VSA are more about paganistic rituals than actual science.
              Also, in the course of your research, you will no doubt find how Gary Ridgeway killed several other women after being “cleared” by the polygraph, and how Aldrich Ames went on spying for Russia after “passing” two polygraph examinations.
              Wilkos is an entertainer that performs for the lower economic/working class demographic and Wilkos is not an officer of the court.

            • Did you miss the part stating the marks on the child were do to RINGWORM, not burns?? Learn to read…

        • You know by their reactions that they’re telling the truth? I’ll admit that lie detectors have been and still are used incorrectly sometimes, but the tests that they administer on the show reveal if the guest is using the hippocampus, therefore recalling instances from memory that show up as neural activity, or if the prefrontal cortex is being used. The latter shows that the information is not recited from memory and therefore fabricated

          • Allison, trying to use neuro science to explain the fallacy of so-called lie detectors is like using astronomy to justify astrology.
            Ms. Pennington did not burn her children with a cigarette. The medical professionals correctly related that her child had ringworm. Ribacoff flat out lied when he stated that ringworms on Ms. Pennington’s child came about from cigarette burns.
            Getting back to points I made several years ago: I’m sure that there was “competent, credentialed and professional” polygrapher that set Gary Ridgeway loose to kill several additional women after he was developed as a suspect, likewise, the polygraphist that tested Aldrich Ames “was well respected in his field” although an unknown number of Soviet citizens were executed because of Ames treachery.
            The polygraph, and related VSA and Scientology’s e-meter are all pseudo-science and their practitioners are scam artists.

            • There is considerable difference in the pathology of a serial killer .

              This girl had done nothing wrong.

            • There’s no way that “medical professional” could tell that was ringworm from that picture. My sister, a RN, said she couldn’t be certain but they appeared to be healing wounds from something such as a burn considering the shape. But she could not rule out ringworm without seeing it in person but highly doubted it because ringworm is rarely a perfectly round circle.

              • Jennifer, you criticize “medical professional” (sic) for analyzing a picture and then making a diagnosis, but then present an assumption your sister made about the wounds possibly being burns. It is my understanding the children were given an anti-fungal for the ringworm.
                Now, the main point you and others are missing is that Ms. Pennington has not been shown to be a liar, whereas Dan Ribacoff has not been shown to be truthful. For example, he lied on Facebook about giving Ms. Pennington a polygraph test that was wrong, and he also lied about the ringworm arising from cigarette burns. A LIAR LIKE RIBACOFF HAS NO RIGHT TO JUDGE A TRUTH TELLER LIKE PENNINGTON.
                Ribacoff has repeatedly showed himself to be an individual of low repute. He apparently allows his agents to double bill clients, to rape at least one client, to hide evidence, and in his daughter’s case, to make medical/psychological diagnosis. Not to mention, Ribacoff is a probable racist.
                As I have said repeatedly, Ms. Pennington needs to quit being judged based on a defective, pseudo-science polygraph test, but Ribacoff needs to be condemned for his ongoing lack of morals.
                Up until last week, I didn’t think there was a such thing as being to sleazy for the Steve Wilkos show. Guess I was wrong.

              • Actually, you’re wrong. And your sister is wrong. If she were actually a nurse, or an experienced one, she could clearly see the crusting inside the lesion, which is not consistent with a burn. I’ve seen many, many round shaped ringworm fungal infections on patients.

                • Couldn’t of said it better myself Amanda. And I have also seen many round ringworms. As soon as I seen the picture and zoomed in, that’s what I thought it was before reading the article. Maybe this girls “RN” sister isn’t very good at her profession. I thought it was funny how she said there’s no way a medical professional could make that diagnoses from a picture since her sister couldn’t. Lol, does she think her sister is above and better than other probably more qualified and knowledgeable professionals? Some people I swear

                  • Her sister is probably a CNA, not an actual nurse. It’s the same as saying security guards are cops. Laughable.

                    • Actually, the majority of security guards are more trustworthy then cops and would not think twice about saving children in a class room facing a teen with a gun.
                      I agree with your opinion concerning the self described ” nurse”.
                      Please do not feel my comment on security guards as an attack on your comment. It is not my intention. Let’s say I added a PS . ?
                      I really hope the young mother in this article hired an attorney and sued everyone involved. Bless her heart.

              • It came back again and she was treated for it.

      • She did it??????

      • I don’t watch him anymore

      • I have always believed that some of the people on his show is innocent and that sometimes the show lie just for the ratings. Its all about money. Steve and his staff need job security, but it shouldn’t be at the cost of somebody else’ reputation

      • This is why polygraphs are inadmissible in court for this very reason. Oftentimes innocent people get hung up just because the test proves them to be a liar when they’re not. What would have happened if this woman really did manage to go through with what she had intended to? And this guy is still on the air making people’s lives miserable.

    • Im with you innocent peoples lives destroyed by their lie detecting test its not accurate enough to do what they do to people and he himself was arrested for dui he is not trustworhy to have a show like this

    • Majority of the people on the show do deserve wake up calls not her but majority are pos parents

    • Arresting Steve wilkos? For what?

    • Hello and apologies for this but I’m new to polygraph use and have a question that perhaps someone could clarify. I agree from the evidence, and the fact that polygraphs cannot be used as evidence in court, that they are not without faults. However, I was lead to believe that the subjects in question are given up to 4 tests. Is it common for someone to fail all 4 tests asking the same question? Thanks and I’m not disputing anything, I’m just trying to understand.

      • A single polygraph “test” typically includes two or more presentations of a question list. Each presentation is called a “chart collection.” Sometimes, polygraph operators do conduct as many as four chart collections during a single “test,” but two or three is more typical. The “test” is scored by tallying the scoring of each individual chart.

        Bear in mind that none of this has any scientific basis. False positives (a truthful person failing) are common.

    • Go watch bachelor then

    • So you mean to tell me they read her the story that was gonna be presented and a lot was wrong with the story but she still went on with the story and testing?

      • She didnt know what the correct story was until she got back home.

        Shes the one who originally accused somebody, and as a result, they all went to the show. They make everyone involved take the test.

    • Rite scam doing anything to stay on air with lies

    • Yolanda, I could not agree more. SW is a ratings whore and acts all holier than thou.
      On one show, a sex offender was cleared of charges against him and Wilkos was visibly pissed that the guy was innocent and then declared to the audience..
      “You may have passed but you are still a child molester”
      Such a massive a-hole.
      He has already made up his mind…

    • The lady should sue him
      He has 6 million dollars. Cha Ching.

    • But why did she attempt suicide at an airport A BUSY airport bathroom stall as if she wanted to be found & it would definitely go public? Mmh idk but that makes me wonder. Sorry if she’s innocent. But the plan to attempt something in such a public place either really screams for help or she wanted to be found and for it to be made public To be looked at as actually innocent, ? idk that just is something not right with this.

  • Why is he still on TV boycott CW for even keeping him on his audience is even disgusting for cheering this crap on

  • Wilkos. You suck !!!

    • Why does he suck if u know your child was raped or abused by someone would u not want the damn truth and sorry she new her kid was abused she said it her self but didn’t want the truth about her damn self burns are way different the ring worms

      • But if Uve never seen either u wouldn’t know the difference.
        The fault lies with Steve. first off it shouldn’t have been aired once it was proven this was a fungal infection.
        Which it WAS proven and it was proven before he aired it. Yet he still let it air. That was a shit move on his part.

        • Actually, while the Steve Wilkos Show teased Anca Pennington’s story in its 30-second sizzle reel for the February 2020 Nielsen sweeps ratings period, they ultimately did not air it.

      • Are you a dermatologist or burn specialist? I’m married to one and it’s a common mistake. Did you even read the story? No one was guilty of anything but Wilkos condemned her in his kangaroo court which could effectively ruin her life. What he’s doing is slander. She would win a lawsuit hands down.

        • It is likely for this reason that the Steve Wilkos Show ultimately decided not to air this episode.

        • I’m betting guests sign releases and agree not to sue the show for any negative consequences arising from the test results.

        • Everyone is jumping down Steve’s throat but no one made her call his show. She reached out to him for help, not the other way around. As long as she knew she had gone thru proper channels and was getting her daughter the help she needed on her own I honestly see no reason she had to contact the show.

  • Everybody’s making these comments about how terrible Steve Wilkos is but what about all of these children and people he helps. I do agree to a certain extent sometimes he is a little hard on people but that’s if he has a reason to be. So let’s feel bad for some lady who burned her child with cigarettes then tries to commit suicide I’m sorry but that just seems like she’s guilty for sure. What about her child what about the kid she held down and burned with a cigarette. If you feel bad for the mother then you’re just as evil. Yeah let’s feel bad for all these monsters that molest their children and Scar them for life. Maybe if the world wasn’t so evil there would be no need for people like Steve Wilkos!!! He’s not going anywhere thanks CW

    • If you read the article, you’ll note that Anca Pennington did not burn her child with cigarettes. Her child had a ringworm infection.

      • Exactly well said

      • Prove it! This website is a joke.

        • Joe, you are a dumb ass with an obivious reading comprehension problem. Medical personnel administered an antibiotic and the ringworm infection was cured. This is what is called proof.
          Now your turn, please furnish an independent academic study showing that any form lie detection is better than chance.

          • An antibiotic treatment for ringworm? That would help with infection. Like cigarettes burns. You don’t treat ringworm with an antibiotic. It has to be an antiviral. So is she telling the truth about that? Just wondering. That’s two way different treatments.

          • Actually, THOSE marks were not healed by treatment. It was MONTHS later when she developed areas on her leg where it WAS ringworm that was treated. I am a nurse myself for over 15 years and 8bworked a 6 year term in the burn unit and I can say they DO look similar to burns, but I can’t say for sure so I highly doubt a nurse in a suicide prevention unit (where she was) looked at a picture on her phone and said “nope, that’s ringworm”. When I couldn’t tell either way from the videos. Not saying she was guilty, but not saying she was innocent. And if it WAS ringworm, how did it heal with no treatment? I have been following this since it came out and she said “they healed on their own so I assumed they were burns” when she blaimed the father and his new wife. Ringworm will NOT heal on its own. If left untreated, it will infect the blood and the patient will become septic and require LOTS OF IV ANTIBIOTICS AND ANTIFUNGALS! So, how did this ringworm “heal on it’s own”?. Don’t take everything you read on the internet for granted (and yes I know I am typing this on the internet for others to read).

            • I am a pediatric nurse with well over 20 years of experience. Although it is preferable to treat, ringworm can and does heal on it’s own. If left untreated, the skin can blister and break, leaving the person susceptible to infection requiring antibiotic treatment. That is not a given, however. Any break in the skin poses the same amount of risk as an untreated ringworm infection.

          • Not ANTIBIOTICS but it was an ANTI-FUNGAL. BIG DIFFERENCE.

        • Yet here you are…obviously watching it anyway….

    • Shut up she has proof he lied it was ringworm her daughter’s doctor told her

      • What proof is there that it was ringworm besides her flapping gums! Where is the report! Just cuz she says it does not make it true!

        • Entrapment, Falsifying records.
          If lie detectors are not permitted in a court of law then how can they use them against the guests .

          • They are admitted in criminal courts in over 20 states, used in all federal court and are allowed in civil court if both parties agree. They are used by FBI, CIA, ATF, SECRET SERVICE and ALL MILITARY COURTS.

    • Theres a reason they r not allowed in court as actual evidence. Because they r not accurate.

      • COVID tests and flu tests are not accurate. As well as treatment. But the government is mandating the treatment because the “numbers” of positive cases are up. Polygraph tests are more accurate than that.

    • Uninformed and biased. You clearly don’t know facts. I can’t even get mad at trolls such as yourself anymore. Be blessed

    • Those marks were not consistent with cigarette burns.

    • She didn’t burn her child. It was proven that it was a ringworm infection/virus. She should sue the show.

    • The argument that everyone is making (and if you fully read the article) than you would know that she did NOT burn her kids. It was determined that the child had ringworm. For the most part, lie detector tests can be accurate, but there is a reason they can not be used in the court system. They aren’t always accurate or consistent. lots of criminals have learned to “beat” the tests too. I believe the point of this story is that, lives should not be ruined without ANY other evidence other than a reality show lie detector test. I watched the show when it aired (I thought she did it too), but now, after reading this (and a few other stories of people committing suicide after a false positive polygraph on the wilkos show), I think the producers need to take a long hard look at their policies and procedures when pertaining to people’s lives, especially children. Wilkos has done a lot of good, but this story really tug at my heart strings. This poor mother did NOTHING and very well could have lost her kids after this show aired because of the false polygraph, it can/has happened to too many. Thankfully for her children, she was unsuccessful with her suicide attempt. The steve wilkos show should be ashamed of themselves, simply because they can’t even be bothered to publically acknowledge that she didn’t do what they said and that the polygraph was wrong. Definitely is a case of defamation of character. All because of a little ringworm. So, I guess my main point is this, before you comment on a story and start being rude to people and make wild accusations, you may want to read the entire story first.

      • Well said!!!

      • I agree with you 100%

      • No, she could’ve lost her kids for CHOOSING to go on the show. She didn’t take her child to the hospital first, she didn’t think to wait until the DCF case came back but instead decided to persist in her own lynch mob when she thought it was someone else. The people she brought could’ve been in her same position, but instead of investigating to be sure, she decided she didn’t care who life she ruined until it was her life on the line. Seriously, no one forces these people to go on the show, and most of these cases can easily be solved by going to the doctors and when something is found, report it to the police.

        • Saundra, I don’t agree with your tone, and your self-righteous attitude, but you are right about how no one should go on the Steve Wilkos show. This show takes advantage on non-educated and economically disadvantaged individuals and mocks them for “entertainment.”
          Governmental bureaucracies are notoriously slow about investigating abuse allegations since they tend to be heavy on staff positions, but low on line workers. Ms. Pennington probably wanted a quick answer to a very real concern that her children may have suffered cigarette burns.
          Also, as I mentioned many times earlier, I don’t fault a lot of Steve Wilkos viewers for believing the pseudo-science of so called lie detectors, because, lets face it, they did not have the opportunity to earn engineering and IT degrees like I have. What really galls me is how so many high ranking, and presumably well educated government officials believe in this pseudo science.
          Finally, you are also right by implying that Steve is not a real investigator, but just a TV entertainer

        • I am a father of five. No doubt the first thing I would do is take my child to a hospital emergency room first.
          Get my child medical care and then find out from the attending physician what actually is wrong with my child.
          In this case that was never done. Instead heavy accusations trying to ruin other peoples lives and a fast call to the Steve Wilkos show. Now I’m not supporting Steve for what he did because that was wrong.(now I know) i’m not happy with the way she handled it.

    • Reading isn’t your strong suit is it? No one burned the child. It was ringworm and easily treated.

    • A doctor proved it was ringworm not cigarettes burns
      She did nothing to her child

    • Ide usually be agreeing with you but did you even read the article???? The baby was medically proven and treated as having ringworm, not cig burns.

    • Please “READ THE ARTICLE!”

      • Why read this article? It’s all just opinion. The source is literally an anti lie detector site. Not biased at all

        • Really, what part of the article is BS?

        • Jake, the reason to read this article is to understand the real truth about the discredited pseudoscience of polygraphy.
          Now, please advise us of how Ribacoff cannot tell the difference between a real ring worm infection and non-existent cigarette burns?
          AP is honest is saying exactly what they are, and their mission to end the use of the polygraph and its related derivatives such as voice stress analyzers. It is the polygraph and VSA community that is dishonest and pushes fake science.
          Finally would you ever take a polygraph test based on what you have learned, or should have learned on this site?

    • The burns turned out to be ringworms by the dr. They were treated and now cured. Do your fact check before u criticize ppl. Yes I watch Steve and I think he does a good job in some cases but I know its for intertanment. I would never go on the show just because things can turn out wrong. If you go on the show please know this could happen to you. Lol im still gonna watch.

      • Ms. Ferguson, I do not approve of Steve Wilkos or tabloid television in general, however, this is a free country and you are free to do as you please. However, if you ever leave a bar with Wilkos, make sure you will be the one driving the car.

    • Wow you obviously did not see that the cause of the marks was ringworm not burn marks you dummy

    • How do you know she didn’t? Usually those things are not publicized. So for all you know she could be suing his ass right now! Why do you attack the victim for your crappy tv show? Is your head really so far up Steve wilkos ass you’re tasting his lunch? Wake up! It’s a television entertainment show Steve wilkos is not trying to help anyone but his own pocket

    • Do you even know what a cigarette burn looks like? The doctors confirmed it was ring worm if you’d actually read the article.

    • Read the whole story before you accuse people of being evil otherwise your just ignorant

    • Did you even read the article? No one burned the child. It was ringworm. He’s using antiquated technology to have kangaroo courts and condemn people on National television regardless of their guilt or innocence. He is not jury judge and executioner

    • Considering polygraph test are not realible and are no better than chance it’s debatable how many people he has helped vs hurt with his show.

      It’s just you are very likely to make a bunch of innocent people appear to be Child predators with these thing’s.
      Sure the odds are you will get some of results correct to.

      But is it worth potentially ruining a bunch of innocent people’s life?
      Well no it’s not.
      What needs to be done is a proper investigation and not rely on these junk machines.

    • She did not burn the kid. The kid had ringworm dipshit. Reading is fundamental.

    • Brandy – Did you even bother to read the article? It was proven to be RINGWORM which caused the marks, not burns. Reading is essential in keeping from looking like a jerk.

  • Latoya Brown was on the show, a mother who’s daughter dissapeared. She failed the test for having been involved. 10 years later, 2 men have come forward with information. The mother had nothing to do with it.

    • wait what where did you get that information ,i watched that episode the other day and i have to admit in that case i was kinda not sure it made sense , after reading this with Anca’s case now i wonder even more since its proven that she did NOT do that at all i mean that must be beyond horrible being accused on national TV of something you did NOT do this could have had catastrophic consequences..I think that in a lot of cases steve wilkos helped people and i liked him and his show but seeing that he did not publically bring her back and make a show on how the results for her were wrong to try to undo the damage that was done to her is just wrong as hell!..there is nothing bad about admitting you are wrong since they even say its 99% whatever accurate which would at least mean that 1 in a 100 is wrong ,with all the shows he had that makes a lot of wrongs so at least he should aknowledge these cases where they basically eFed up cuz that is some serious damage to ones life!! in a lot of cases you can see that the results are right but in the Latoya case and a couple others not so much ..

      • There is no evidence that Anca burned her children. Absolutely 0%. Yet some on this site are foolish enough to rely on assumptions while not even making a cursory effort to read the many times Anti-Polygraph has shown the Anca’s children had no cigarette burns – just ringworm.
        Ribacoff has no right to be judging others while he is apparently condoning his employees criminality by raping a surveillance target, and then trying to cover up the act. Ribacoff needs to be criminally investigated – like a criminal he does not have morals, otherwise he would not have lied on Anca, and then attempted to cover up the lie when she slammed dunked him on his Facebook account. Like a true coward, he deleted the entries, but not before they were copied and pasted on this web site. A real technologist would admit the mistake, and then document what led up to the mistake to lessen the chance or a reoccurrence. A pseudo-technologist, i.e, Ribacoff would attempt to bullshit their way out of the mistake. I have yet to hear of any polygraphist or CVSA analyst ever admitting to making a mistake. On the Gold-Smith case, we see the same behavior, condoning an immoral/criminal act, attempting to erase evidence, and then trying to make the act disappear. Ribacoff therefore has an established modus operandi.
        Also, I am getting tired of hearing the idiocy that Steve Wilkos helps people. This is as inane as saying astrology helps people. They are both totally fake and solely meant as entertainment, yet some of you all cannot make the distinction between real science and pseudo-science or real forensic techniques and fake entertainment.

  • Antipolygraph as you probably know, Anca is not the only one Steve and Dan has done this to. It is finally coming out now that Dan’s bogus polygraph falsely accused the mother of a missing woman named Latoya Brown of her death. After 10 years of the family’s agony further exacerbated by this mean-spirited TV show, the true culprits have at last come forward and it has been proven that Latoya’s mother is innocent. Just thought you might also be interested in this story if you decide to eventually cover it as well, thanks. Sincerely, Dimples

  • The lie sector may not be accurate that still doesnt have anyone trying to help the abused and some murdered children in this world I never hear not one person make a stand for abused kids there isn’t no talk show about abused and murdered kids or raising money to help bring the guilty to court that’s the most important thing here is abused kids that need help but are over looked all the time no one in the world pays a attention to them do what’s right stand up for abused kids help them

    • Brandy, the lie sector is made up of child molesters/abusers. Here are some examples. Michael Crowe was falsely accused of killing his sister based upon a “failed” CVSA. The CVSA is manufactured by “Dr.” Charles Humble – who holds a bogus Ph.D. from a defunct “university.”
      Not only did Michael Crowe have to endure the loss of his sister, he had to endure several months of juvenile detention. I am sure Mr. Crowe will have to endure the mental scarring for life because of the child abuse he suffered under Charles Humble. (see Humble, Brian Ross interview on YouTube)
      Here’s another example. Daniel Ribacoff was contracted by the Church of Scientology to spy on Leah Remini. The COS has a notorious record of child abuse that is well documented. Some quick examples of this abuse includes forced separations from parents, and child slave labor. Ribacoff knows, or should know the notorious record of child abuse attributed to the COS, but he agreed to work for them anyway. This means Ribacoff condones the child abuse of COS.
      Getting the lie industry to fight child abuse is like picking the fox to guard the hen house.

    • I absolutely agree. If she didn’t do it why didn’t she sue for false allegations and slander? No talk show has helped as many children as Steve wilkos and I got to say if I was standing in front of a child rapist, molester murder I would not be able to be as restrained as Steve Wilkos. If you harm a child or animal or elderly I cannot stand before you without snapping full throttle it would take many body guards.

      • I signed papers (contract/waiver) I did not read, and based on previous guest that did read the papers. It clearly states the show is for entertainment and they can add and take from your story. It’s a show not a court room, Steve is an entertainer no longer a cop. I understand that now. Don’t get the 2 confused, they could care less about these guests. They don’t go off evidence they go off a machine that has been proven to be faulty time and time again.

      • A voice for the voiceless, first off, Anca probably had to sign a waiver(s) saying she would not sue the Steve Wilkos show or any of the principals connected with the show. The multi-millionaires that own the show are easily able to bully those that are not millionaires.
        Second off, please share with us were you got the data that Steve Wilkos has helped more children than any other talk show.
        Thirdly, just because one calls bullshit on Steve Wilkos and the lie industry does not mean that he or she does not care about the plight of abused children. Keep in mind, Steve Wilkos and Dan Ribacoff are entertainers. They are not real investigators or officers of the court in spite of claims to the contrary.
        Finally, keep in mind that Dan Ribacoff is currently being sued for allowing his agents to rape and sexually assault a surveillance target.

  • I well know the pain of false polygraph results because I was molested as a child and the man who abused me passed a poly so yes I know only too well the agony of being a victim and then called a liar and accused of slandering “a good man” on top of that. It wasn’t until my perpetrator did this to multiple other little girls and that they finally came forward that he finally admitted to what he did to me. And yet for some strange reason this old pervo never served time and all the people who believed him over me never apologized to me. On top of that I was being abused by my parents and no one ever gave an f about me after that. I’m the one who was sentenced to a million lifetimes of trauma over this gross old creep’s evil actions and all the other crap I’ve been through ever since while he and others like him get away scot-free and continue to feel zero remorse. I don’t know why I’m still sane after all this but this is why I am very grateful for this site and all the lovely people like Anca coming forward and I hope that enough stories like this will finally prove the damage polygraphs ultimately cause to innocent lives. Lie detectors need to be permanently banned, and fast.

    • Your story is heartbreaking, but needed to be told. Another example of how this machine is bogus. I appreciate you sharing that with us. Thank you. Stay blessed!

  • Why would you go on a show like this in the first place? It’s like walking through dog poop on purpose instead of going around it. Lol. Just sayin.

    • Why would they gain the public’s trust and ask people to seek out their help?

      • Your choices are still always yours to make. I’ve been watching Steve since middle school and I’m a grown woman now. I have been thru hell lots of times I needed answers and never got them, had fleeting thoughts about calling Steve to help, but still no one could pay me to go on his show.

  • Maury Povich and Steve Wiclos have been ruing lives for at least a decade maybe more with lie detector tests and these tests are fucking bullshit. You could pass while being guilty and fail if your innocent of the accusations. This practice needs to be stopped anyone who defends the lie detector results have never done any fucking research but worse than this all of the DNA tests both these shows have done need to be questioned. How do we know these shows are using reputable DNA testing. We now know that there are many DNA kits you can buy but some of these company can’t even distinguish twins from each other because they are using the wrong markers. I saw a thing where two twins used the same type of kit in fact I think they got tests from a few comapanys and they came back as coming from two different locations on the planet.

  • With a cigarette burn it would swell up and cause puss around it which would there for leave a burn mark it would look like as if they where cut from the inside and skin would be peeling away after three to four days it and would then have a huge or little bubble of clear liquid inside it as if water was in the skin get the facts right Steve and for the people who booed be ashamed and not look into the pictures

  • Oh for petesake what kindve parent would not have that checked before hand and make sure it wasnt something else before accusing someone of burning their child with cigarettes? Ive seen ringworm on kids MANY TIMES while working in daycare …they can get if from playing in the sand or dirt and it looks pinkish or a slight discoloration in the centre with slight raised ridges on the side and the ones I saw were circular…a cigarette burn would be a BURN and look ugly and painfull…how does a parent not have that checked out first? That picture om the girls leg definately could be ringworm…Id know R away if I saw it

  • Ive seen ringworm many times working in daycre and that picture could definately be ringworm…circular pattern with a slight discoloration in the ecntre sometimes with raised edges on the side…they get it from playing in the sand or dirt etc that doesent even look like cigarette burn and why wouldnt a RESPONSIBLE parent get that ruled out first before accusimg someone with child abuse….a burn would be ugly and painfull looking with a blister…people are so stupid

  • The guilt was probably killing her and then when she was exposed on the show it was too much for her. I stand by Steve’s lie detector test 1000%. Watched a couple shows where he even asked people afterwards “was the test accurate?” to those who failed!! They are even admissible in about 20 states in a court of law. Keep exposing steve keep exposing!!! We love you!!

    • Gina, you suffer from extremely low reading comprehension. The test was invalid, the children had ringworm. Polygraphs are a junk pseudo-science like astrology.

    • Gina – learn to read. Seriously. Marks were medically proven to be RINGWORM. Says so in the post.

  • 1 inaccurate read. Millions of correct one. Which helped get monster off the street. If ur gonna take a test. Don’t get high or watch which med r in ur system before taken the test duh! It measure you. So don’t increase ur Anxiety. These ppl call him not the other way around. If ur trying to clear ur name then go into testing clean. Smh. So much more good has came from testing then bad so lets keep in mind it just tv. And does help hundreds of real life ppl.

    • Please cite examples of the good that has come out of polygraph testing, especially the good that has come out of Daniel “The Rapist” Ribacoff testing.

      • To our knowledge, Daniel Ribacoff has not been convicted, let alone criminally charged, or even accused of rape. There is no ground for your characterizing him as “The Rapist.” Facts matter.

  • What type of “parent” uses tv to get answers smh. Be an adult and get ur kids n loved ones help in private. Shame on u all for embarrassing ur family n telling the world ur kids molestation start on tv. That’s gonna traumatize them more later in life. These ppl use others problems to get there 15min of fame. For shame. Tv is for entertainment. U don’t like it don’t watch it. U don’t like what the answer “could be” then don’t call to go on a wide shown show smh. This all being said. The show obviously does more good then bad. Get these monsters n liars off the street. We love u Steve and ill be watching the to 2022 and hopefully longer!

  • Antipolygraph is Dan Ribacoff not on trial for encouraging/being an accomplice to rape of a woman named Susanne Gold-Smith at his investigative company in NY? Even if he was not a direct participant to the alleged sexual assaults I’m sure he can be rightfully held accountable for deliberately galvanizing his employees into these despicable crimes so how can he not be justifiably branded a rapist in some aspect? Just asking for clarification.

  • I believe this article has actually changed a core belief I had about polygraphs & Steve Wilkos actual need to really help the many where only a proven polygraph system can get at those who’ve managed to skirt the laws, due to outdated laws abused by lawyers knowing, yet not caring.
    So I’m back to believing polygraphs are 74% not the 99% I supported to validate my support of the Steve Wilkos to get some justice against the many immoral maggots of society which are blasted all over media, not protected 3rd time while real victims suffer for life.

  • Steve Wilkos is guy who was “security personnel” for the Jerry Springer show, because he was also a Chicago cop. Everything he learned about hosting a television show was from Jerry Springer. He became the poster boy for calling out people deemed as worthless by society. He’s a scumbag.
    But, I do have to ask, in this woman’s case, why the hell did she not bring the child to a doctor to confirm what the child’s injuries were? She took the time to call child services, make a report blaiming the ex and his girlfriend, etc. – all without even visiting a doctor once? A simple trip to the doctor would have cured the problem, and avoided all of this nonsense. I think she might have been more bent on getting the ex and his new gf in trouble, than she was actually protecting her child. I also would add that the suicide attempt doesn’t lend itself to showing her as a mentally stable parent.

  • I believe that Steve believes in the polygraph.

    Of course that doesn’t make it right or change the fact that the polygraph is nothing more than a hunk of junk, but I at least think he is genuine in his own beliefs.

    PS the “expert” drives me crazy. Like when he comes out to “explain” the results and he says numbers that don’t mean anything and gives it all that telling someone their “undeniably” lying or words to that effect.

  • Steve has helped so many people and I love Steve in all he does. All I can say is if you don’t like him don’t watch him if you don’t trust him then don’t be on his show. However Steve has changed the lives of so many people for the good and for that reason I am and always will be his fan.

  • One thing that has always perplexed me is how much the wives of Steve and Dan have evidently never rebuked these 2 wicked men for their actions nor delivered any public apologies to their victims. This sets horrific examples for their own children and Dan’s wife Barbara and their 2 children Lance and Lisa are even included in that lawsuit involving their plaintiff Susanne Gold-Smith. Steve’s wife Rachelle is also the head producer of Steve’s show and probably the instigator of much of this mayhem. If she and Steve genuinely loved each other Rachelle would just compensate all of his victims and demand of Steve to enter into therapy or whatever it is he needs to help stop all he is doing. Families this dysfunctional would never survive in the working-class world and normal women would have long since divorced these men or at least called them out on their immaturity. It’s clearly money not love that keeps the Wilkos marriage intact and of course they will continue to step on those who are helpless and considerably much less without material and other advantages to keep up their tawdry useless existences.

    • Exactly, Bareknuckled Brawlers. How would Dan like it if someone drove his daughter Lisa to near suicide by convincing her that her life was no longer worth living on national television? Steve plays a no-nonsense character on TV, kind of like Dr. Phil, albeit with a standard deviation or less of IQ (I think Steve is dumb enough to believe in polygraphs, whereas Phil knows they are BS, but whores himself out since they are a good ratings gimmick) and Dan makes believe that he is a real scientist. If anything, Dan absolutely proved polygraphs are ineffective since he failed so miserably in mistaking ringworms for cigarette burns. As of this writing, Dan still will not admit he was wrong. The arrogance of Steve and Dan nearly caused four innocent children to lose their mother. Steve also could have caused several deaths after his latest DUI episode. Instead of saying he was wrong to drive drunk, he blamed this criminal act on “depression” and tried to slick himself out of the charge. If a guest on his show had a similar event, Steve would have gotten Holier than Thou self righteous on him/her.
      The way Steve and Dan prey on folks undergoing severe economic/personal trauma makes me sick.

      • Heartily agree Anthony…however, at one point, Steve was in fact stupid enough to admit on an interview with Breakfast Club Radio that he passed a polygraph while lying that he didn’t know anything about a crime he witnessed, would never willingly take another polygraph ever again, and would never trust anything important in his life with one, as this video reveals: https://youtu.be/bDlZ2qeteCw

        I don’t even know how he still has a show after he stupidly released this disclaimer. And the fact that he admitted that he has no “go-to person” and no one to help him when he gets depressed and almost died in a dui because of it reveals what type of wife he truly has.

        • Steve and his wife can live as hypocritically as they want, they won’t be able to run away from the guilt forever because God sees everything.

          • @Dolly Imho Mrs. Wilkos might just be one of these weak-minded women who would prefer to keep an abusive husband than to be alone. She doesn’t want to lose that big beautiful house and all the other luxuries and riches she has. Material wealth and clout is clearly a priority over morals, ethics, and human welfare to these selfish debased creeps so what else can we expect?

            • BKB, good post, but I would like to expand of some of your previous posts:
              I was clearly wrong when I wrote that I thought Steve was dumb enough to believe that the polygraph as accurate. Around the 13 minute mark the truth came out that Steve was more like Phil than I realized. That is, the poly is junk science but one heck of ratings prop.
              Now with Dan. I still think Dan thinks he is untouchable since the Wilkos Show attorneys can write ironclad contracts that keep Dan from being sued. He was clearly wrong in the Pennington case when he wrongly accused Ms. Pennington of burning her children. He was later wrong to lie that cigarette burns later beget ringworms on his Facebook, and was also wrong to erase his earlier postings when the truth came out. Ol’ Dan thinks he is slicker than WD-40 on Teflon.
              Now, let us see if Dan can slick out of the Gold-Smith case of where well prepared opposing counsel has strong evidence including recordings and credible testimony.
              I hope the Gold-Smith attorneys are smart enough to Google Mrs. Gold-Smith’s name, come to this website, find the MO of slick Dan (remember – lie, deny and hide) and let Ms. Pennington get some well deserved payback.

  • I wish Antipolygraph could one day cover a story about how Steve Wilkos himself stupidly spilled the beans in his Breakfast Club interview. I don’t know how he could publicly screw himself like that but more people really need to know about his comically tragic self-disclosure to further protect themselves from the dangers of fake TV shows and the fraudulence of polygraphs.

  • I’m so so sorry this happened to you, there for awhile I wanted to go on the show to expose my step mom and ex husband’s lies, but now…… no thanks I think I’ll trust my instincts that I know they are liars… again I’m so sorry about this trauma you had to experience.

  • I believe my son mother’s boyfriend is abusing him because he told me that I tried talkin to her have you tried going to court I need your help thank you

    • You need to report your concerns to your local office of children’s services and/or child protective services. They would then be obligated to investigate your concerns.

  • As a mother of a child who at the age of 4 told me what his step Grandpa did (too graphic to say) I was on the phone in a snap to turn his azz in. He took a lie detector test and it came back inconclusive. Because of that the case was closed. Stop calling Steve out. It’s ignorant and dumb. Any man who fails is GUILTY.

  • Dd, sorry about what happened to your child. It appears to me that the authorities did a half ass investigation using the pseudoscientific polygraph rather than doing a real investigation. The polygraph failed your child.
    Ms. Pennington “failed” a lie detector test given by the Steve Wilkos show that was medically proven to be wrong. Should Ms. Pennington be locked up on the false charge or burning her child?
    Steve needs to be called out for saying in a public venue that the tests “are like 99% accurate” when he also stated that he beat the polygraph.
    Dd, there is no short cut to proper police work or forensics in general. Polygraphs, CVSAs, tea leaf reading, astrology, or psychics just cannot be substituted.

  • Anthony, you are the dumb ass because you’re out here defending child molesters/abusers. We need more people like Steve Wilkos.

    • Please advise what part of my post said I was defending child molesters/abusers.
      It appears you believe the fakeness of polygraphs should carry more weight that actual science and professional forensic procedures.
      An “inconclusive” polygraph appeared to let someone off the hook as per the post Dd wrote. Child services and/or the police should have done an in-depth investigation instead of just hooking the suspect to a polygraph machine, getting an inconclusive result, and then dropping the investigation.
      By the way, Steve Wilkos is an embarrassment to those of us who have cuffed and stuffed thugs. His buddy Dan runs a company that apparently sees nothing wrong with sexually assaulting surveillance targets.

  • Where is the proof it was ringworm? Just because she said her doctor said it does not make it true!

    • V the photos revealing the girl had ringworm are in this article in plain view. And the hospital paperwork Anca shows on her videos also prove that her daughter had ringworm and was prescribed medication for it, look it up.

  • Hi again Antipolygraph…just wanted to post a link to another livestream video showing Dutyron once again interviewing Dan Ribacoff despite having been informed about Ribacoff’s nefarious business dealings with his company and the Steve Wilkos Show in case you might be interested: https://youtu.be/UuKOg-ODGj4. Hope you enjoy your weekend!

  • Listen, if lie detectors were perfect, they would be admissible in court….

    At the end of the day they are only used as a tool. A tool to get people to confess to something. One tool in a TOOLBOX to be used in conjunction with one another.

    Steve is making money on a show that thrives on drama. Do you think that he is honestly not going to know the results, treat a person like shit, make assumptions that they are guilty, only to look like a fool when they end up being innocent?


    I would bet every paycheck I ever make that there have been multiple false-positive tests on that show. But even if there are only 1 out of a hundred, that one person who is deemed to have done terrible things, who actually did not do anything, that persons life is ruined. So they should make it very well known that it is not an exact science…

  • I looked at pic closely. The one closer to the ankle looks a bit like ringworm, or an old burn. The one higher on the leg looks just like a cigarette burn. I have firsthand experience with both.
    I still have evidence of the ancient cigarette burns; no remnant of ringworm. Maybe the state of the child’s wounds today holds the answer.

  • To start off, cigarette burns don’t cause Ringworm. Ringworm is a Fungal infection. I think he needs to make a public apology as well as pay out of pocket for the mental anguish and suffering he brought on this woman that led her her suicide attempt. I used to respect this show & Steve Wilkos until I started seeing his show wasn’t about helping people; it was about helping his ratings. How I got the gist on his show was that I had contacted the show asking they do a polygraph on me so I could prove some things regarding my life. What I was asking wasn’t powerful enough, because when they declined I waited a month and then called with a whopping bs story on his favorite topic, child sexual abuse, and the producer drove me crazy calling trying to get me on the show. He uses being an ex Marine & cop as a ploy to gain popularity like he’s Superman without the cape. He builds false hopes in people who look up to him, who he cares less about, but if their story brings him ratings he’s right there. He’s just like any other tv talk show host doing stories of horror and/or cheating and looking out for #1… himself and his ratings. Just try contacting him about a real public interest story and watch how fast it get’s tossed in the trash if it doesn’t present blood, guts, incest, rape, infidelity or child physical & sexual abuse. Not that they are stories of a certain public interest, but there are so many other topics well worth making known. I just have one question for Mr. Self-righteous that’s so concerned about a child’s well being….. Where’s all the concern for your own children you claim to love so much and say you’ll protect over everything; when you clearly have no concern about the fact that you have publicly embarrassed them by using other people’s suffering to line your pockets, and in the process ruin lives and destroy families and relationships. And his kids will carry that burden all their lives. How do you think those kids are going to feel when they have other kids approaching them saying their father is a phony or that he used people’s sorrows to make money off that cushy job. Big bad cop Steve…right, he’s a punk who traded in his badge for an easier way to make money and get rich off other people. Face it Steve-o, 40-50 years old isn’t too old to do the work of a police officer. I feel sorry for your wife and children to have to live with the public embarrassment and humiliation you brought on them.

    • Excellent post Darlene. I would like to add a few points. I wish the dishonor of this show stopped with Steve, but Steve is controlled by a corporation with executives that are willing to destroy people so they can live higher off the hog. I really wish people would stop watching this show and patronizing the organizations that advertise on the Steve Wilkos show. Hurting, and almost killing someone for profit is disgusting. I have no doubt if Steve dropped dead, they would find another clown to fill in for him just like Steve filled in for Jerry Springer.
      I am also sick of Ms. Pennington constantly being micro-examined by several self proclaimed experts on cigarette burns. Dan needs to apologize for the near death of Ms. Pennington and admit that his examination of her was clearly wrong. Medical professionals are clearly professionals. Dan is no more of a professional than a palm reader. Dan is an entertainer, he is not a criminologist, scientist or a professional. The fact that he lied about ringworm being caused by non-existent cigarette burns proves this beyond a reasonable doubt. If Dan had admitted he was wrong in this instance, I may have had an iota of respect, but I have zero respect for liars and for those that hire employees that sexually molest surveillance targets.

  • From the picture in the beginning that is not ring worm. That is a scab so I’m confused about how a doctor said that was ring worm.

  • Didn’t the inventor of the polygraph regret it? He didn’t even have confidence in his own invention

  • […] Anonymous on Polygraph “Test” Drives Innocent Steve Wilkos Show Guest to Attempted Suicide […]

  • As a parent if I was going through this and I knew that I wasn’t guilty I wouldn’t try killing myself… Because then who would be there to protect my child?… I mean honestly get a fucking grip did what you did now own your shit.. do fuckin better.. he’s a liar.. please take a moment she tried to commit suicide taking Tylenol pills then decided let me think about my child let me not die… You should’ve been thinking about your child the whole time you never should’ve did that.. just do fuckin better.

  • I don’t believe a damn word you are saying , you tried to kill yourself then called emergency services for your self? That sounds like a cry for attention.. I feel like you knew that you were going to create this blog the second you left the show . You are guilty and you know it so you should stop trying to destroy his name before he sues you for defamation , I don’t believe you or anything you say what so ever . You either accidentally burned her (because it’s happened to me as a child) or you purposely hurt your child. But either way you need to stop lying and trying to get sympathy and attention.

  • Why didn’t she take her child to the Doctor as soon as she saw this? That would of been the smart thing to do…. A doctor would of told her it was ringworm and saved her allllll this hassle.

    What a stupid thing to do! Call the Steve Wlikos show rather than your child’s doctor. Unbelievable

    • I completely agree. I watch Steve all the time. However I’m also aware that polygraphs aren’t always accurate buy either way. Shea just as at fault for this as the show is. She should’ve taken her to the doctor before calling the show and claiming that someone burned her child. Yes, she’s a victim if a false polygraph, but at the same time she could have also avoided the entire situation by taking her daughter to the doctor.

  • Lmao babies being babies. Does Steve put a gun up-to their heads and force them to take the tests? This horrible woman burned her poor child with cigarettes and got exposed live on tv. Maybe she should’ve taken more pills

  • I was also on the show in 2016 and they said I failed their polygraph test which I know there is no way he is edit the original video of where he was lying in the video I am trying to find the actual version before I even went on that show I voluntarily and requested a polygraph test by my local police department the detectors exact words was that I passed with flying colors they edited out the part where the pictures were found in my sister’s phone and if it is an actual polygraph test why would they feed you Red Bull before you take it when I took the one for the police department that I volunteered for they told me to avoid caffeine but yet I was still able to be given six to eight Red Bull 8 oz cans within an hour or two of the polygraph test he needs to be taken off air and make restitution for the people that can prove that he made false accusations I have been jumped had teeth knocked out lost partial vision in my right eye unfortunately I went on to the show with my own free will so therefore all the local police will do is tell me to press misdemeanor charges on these peopleand I took the polygraph test for my local police department in April of 2012 the original earring on my show was June 23rd 2016 I am trying to find an unedited version if someone can please help I would appreciate it very much so I can prove that he lied and somehow make this public I am trying to get the polygraph test results from my state police where I live the local police May request a polygraph test but a state police official must give it I had nothing to hide to them and I had nothing to hide on that show like most I felt the show was real but the only thing is real is the hell that is created for the people that are accused wrongfully that go on to that show I do not know how our government even allows it to go on

  • Hi antipolygraph I don’t know if you are interested in writing a story about this or not but it looks like Steve Wilkos and Lisa Ribacoff will be appearing at an event called Crime Con in Las Vegas on April 29 despite what Steve did to Anca and despite the crimes Ms. Ribacoff and her father committed against Susanne Gold Smith. Just wanted to share because I am personally upset about this and I imagine their hypocrisy and the impunity with which they harm others might be triggering to their victims.

  • Thanks Jem for the update. I checked out the web site and both Lisa Ribacoff and Wilkos will be speaking. By being at the same event with the daughter of the known racist Daniel Ribacoff, Wilkos is sending out a message loud and clear that he tolerates racism, as well as unethical business practices, the abuse of a woman that the Ribacoff family and their agents credibly engaged in, as well as coverups, attempted erasures, and erasures of evidence.
    Granted, Wilkos is an entertainer, and not a CJ worker, but for whatever reason, some look up to him, and Wilkos should have some level of ethics.

  • It’s crazy a website like this exists. The courts do not rely solely on the results of a polygraph test, but the tests do help a lot with pointing police in the right direction of collecting more evidence. At the very least, these tests lead to someone who knows more than what they are saying about the situation when they fail. The fact that people don’t want to trust the polygraph is because they have something to hide. I agree there should be other evidence besides the results of these tests, either to prove innocence or guilt. The evidence is out there and these tests help greatly. They have helped to put terrible people in prison and have helped to keep the innocent ones out. There is no reason to oppose these tests. If you fail it was for a reason and like I said more evidence for the truth will come out and vice versa for the evidence of innocence if you pass. The test are a guide and are used as such, to stop using them is just impeding a chance at truth and justice. Probably a bunch of Leftys running this site smh

  • The Anti-Polygraph website exists to point out the basic fact that polygraphs, voice stress analyzers and related devices like the Scientology’s e-meter are not scientifically based forensic devices, but pseudo-science non-sense to convince naive suspects into confessing to a crime they may or may not have committed. The reason so many do not trust these devices are the same reason people don’t trust Ouija Boards, astrology or tea leaves, that is, there is no real science to back up the claims the manufacturers of polygraphs or their proponents claim. In fact, most proponents of so lie detectors are anti-science and anti-academia, in spite of the fact that many principals in the lie industry buy fake doctorates.
    A bogus CVSA resulted in Stephen Crowe being locked up for several months until a DNA test (real science) linked his sister’s murder to a transient. Gary Ridgeway, one of the most notorious serial murders in US history passed a lie detector and was then able to kill several more women.
    Political affiliation has nothing to do with how one feels about lie detectors. Being able to call BS is not exclusive to the left.
    Since you believe so-called lie detectors are accurate, you are probably a Scientologist.

  • Rowdy, CJ worker means Criminal Justice worker. By that, I mean police officers, correction officers, prosecutors and defense lawyers/public defenders, probation and parole officers.

  • I would like for Steve and Maury to do a 1 hour show answering 5 audience questions, they have been making money off other peoples lie detector results,they should go through the same thing. Come on Opra do it ?

  • Steve Wilkos typical Chicago cop! Even thou he’s retired if he can lie on national TV kinda makes you wonder what kind of cop he was!!! Did he lie when he busted people just to look good with convictions? How many innocent people did he help convict by lieing? Once a liar always a liar!!! Maybe the city of Chicago should go thru his bust and double check them! It’s pretty bad when you can trust Jerry Springer over a retired Chicago cop!!!

  • Great comments everyone! Very insightful people here! Learned a lot today from everyone’s comments.

  • Cyndi, many people have recommended that Ms. Pennington sue the producers of the Steve Wilkos Show, but she probably cannot successfully sue because the producers, NBCUniversal high priced corporate lawyers had Ms. Pennington sign an iron clad contract.
    Remember, the purpose of the Steve Wilkos show is entertainment. Steve Wilkos is not an officer of the court, but just the dancing monkey for the man at NBCUniversal.
    Dan Ribacoff, or whatever polygraphist may replace this racist, is not a judge or a jury and there are no known unbiased research proving the efficacy of the polygraph or related voice stress analysis. The polygraph is just a ratings gimmick.
    As I mentioned many times before, I think it is unconscionable that a bunch of suits use desperate and hurting people to make ill gained profits.

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