Steve Wilkos Show Kicks Polygraph Operator Dan Ribacoff Off Team

Celebrity polygraph operator Daniel D. Ribacoff, who has been with the NBCUniversal tabloid television talk program, The Steve Wilkos Show, since 2009, is evidently no longer on the “team.” Until recently, Ribacoff was one of four people included on the show’s Team” webpage:

Steve Wilkos Show Team, 6 October 2021

But as of today, 28 October 2021, Ribacoff appears to be off the team:

Steve Wilkos Show Team, 28 October 2021

In December 2019, Ribacoff falsely accused innocent Steve Wilkos Show guest Anca Pennington of burning her infant daughter with cigarettes, leading to her attempted suicide. That didn’t get him kicked off the team.

In lawsuits filed in 2019 and 2020, Ribacoff was credibly accused of bilking a client of his private investigative firm out of millions of dollars. That didn’t get him kicked off the team.

In May 2021, Jesse Wayne Perkins, who passed a lie detector test on the Steve Wilkos Show, was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of a 15-month-old girl. The Steve Wilkos Show deleted video of that episode from its YouTube channel (we have a copy), but that didn’t get Ribacoff kicked off the team.

On 9 October 2021, published racist text messages Ribacoff sent to an employee of his private investigative company. This appears to be what got him kicked off the team.

Investigative journalist and California-based licensed private investigator Jeffrey Augustine reports on Ribacoff’s racist text messages and their implications for a racial discrimination case against the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Police Department in an article titled, “Racist Texts Allegedly Sent by Dan Ribacoff, Polygraph Expert at Steve Wilkos Show, IIGPI, Appear to Support Discrimination Accusations Against NY MTA.”

Correction: The original version of this article stated that Daniel Ribacoff had been with the Steve Wilkos Show since its 2007 debut. This is not correct. According to Ribacoff’s now deleted profile on the Steve Wilkos Show website, he “has been conducting lie detector tests for The Steve Wilkos Show since 2009.”

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  • I don’t know if Ribacoff’s racist texts were really the final straw leading to Dan finally getting terminated from the show. It could be a sequence of different things. They probably only decided to keep him on just to keep up appearances for as long as possible but other texts also seem to indicate that Dan was talking smack about Steve, so it is also likely that Steve the Queen of Butthurt did not appreciate this either

  • […] our request for comment. However, as the website revealed, Dan Ribacoff’s name and photo were removed the Steve Wilkos “team members” website and he was made a […]

  • […] our request for comment. However, as the website revealed, Dan Ribacoff’s name and photo were removed the Steve Wilkos “team members” website and he was made a […]

  • I am willing to bet various government entities are still contracting with Dan’s sham firm IIG. Think about this – what does it say about our various governmental entities that contract with an organization that even falls beneath the ethics of the Steve Wilkos show?

  • He had his chances. I believe that he should have been fired from the time he gave a false report of the polygraph result on any body. As you can see he nearly killed someone it is shameful.
    People believe in the polygraph test and people won’t know what to believe.
    It is really appalling.

  • I understand that a smear campaign by a disgruntled client is the source of this information. Has there been any trials, or convictions or just accusations?
    No one would be convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison based on a polygraph.

    • At this time, Daniel Ribacoff has not been charged with any crime. However, he has been credibly accused of billing fraud (in the millions of dollars) in a New York lawsuit that is currently pending trial, and criminal charges could be forthcoming. The information provided in this article is well-researched and is not part of a “smear campaign.” If you believe anything here to be false or misleading, please explain.

    • I’m with you on that. Especially since polygraphs aren’t allowed in court they aren’t submissible. I do have an issue with polygraphs tho. I don’t believe in them 100%.

  • Well Fan of the Show a man named Jesse Wayne Perkins was convicted of killing a little girl even though he passed Dan’s polygraph, look it up.

  • I deeply feel Wilkos cares and wants justice for the victims of molestation or anyone who commits acts of violence. However, his ratings are high and he would praise Dan all the time for “being the best” polygraph tester in the field, he’s said it many times. But, I back him ? for not wanting a racist jerk off on “his team”. Why would it take him all these years to figure it out? I’m mixed and u can feel it when someone is a racist. ?????

  • I dunno, from what the more recent episodes reflect, it looks like Dan is still secretly (perhaps illegally) performing polygraphs for the guests back stage. I am guessing they simply removed his profile from the site because they think it might make them look bad or something…? It might also be the reason they never officially released a statement…..whew! This show is run by snakes.

  • So I’ve binge watched probably three hundred Steve Wilkos shows avd in about ten of those I fully believed that Dan was messing with the tests .. there are just some people it’s obvious when they’re lying or not .. bur because they act like Dans results are the god honest truth for certain, people believe that whatever Dan says is gospel truth .. I felt like after about 100 shows that he was a great polygraph examiner but then came along an episode here and there where I just absolutely could not believe his results .. so I looked him up and low and behold. He had fabricated results ..

  • Dan ribacoff is a good person somebody had to go down for the criminal acts that were happening on this show. I can prove I did not cheat I can also prove the man I was with beat on me and cheated on me he told me before we left and supposedly he still passed his test and supposedly I failed mine I’m going to get another one done I’ve been with two men in the last 10 years and I’m going to prove that I’ve been faithful to both of them five years each I went to the show to show the man that I was with at the time that he was beating on me for no reason I wanted him to stop all it did was make him feel like he was doing something right and he beat the hell out of me more to the point he put his hands on my children and I had to leave him Dan Rebacoff is a very good guy he said Steve was a dick.

    I know Steve wilkos lied on my case ruined my name almost ruined my life this shit got brought up in dependency court


  • Ok Listen up. Lie Detector Tests (Regardless of what Steve ans Dan and The Guests and viewers) think, Is Not 100percent acurate. They arent even 80% Acurate. A compulsive liar can pass, as fast as a person with ADD can fail. They cant be used in court unlesx agreed upon the Judge, Prosecutor, and Defense attorney. As far as people taking pleas. Most people take pleas, because they rather do 1-5 years or probation-6mos, than face the maximum sentence. Sometimes you have to take the plea instead of Rolling The Dice with a Jury. As far as Steve Show. ITS A SHOW PEOPLE. USE IT FOR ENTERTAINMENT AND NOT LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

  • Want to pass a polygraph test take 800 mg of gapapentin six hours before the test it is not.a narcotic such as lyrica. Do not try to controll your breathing. Behave naturally. Also no polygraph test is 99. 5 percent accurate.steve allways says Dan is the most accurate in the world. This is nonsense. Only an idiot would get on that show to start with. Remember Ted bundy and John Wayne gacy both passed a police polygraph easily.

  • I hate this show!
    For one I have passed a polygraph and I lied. You can pass if your not nervous.
    For two: who pays people to go on national TV to air out their most grossest, unhuman, deceitful laundry.
    I think Steve likes DRAMA

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