NITV Hires Disgraced Ex-Cop Jerry W. Crotty II as Director of Law Enforcement Operations

The National Institute of Truth Verification, which markets a voice-based “lie detector” called the Computer Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), has hired disgraced ex-cop Jerry W. Crotty II to serve as its “Director of Law Enforcement Operations”:


NITV Federal Services (NFS) is pleased to welcome Detective Jerry Crotty as its Director of Law Enforcement Operations. Jerry will oversee all aspects of law enforcement operations for NFS and provide direct advice and assistance to law enforcement agencies worldwide, as well as oversee our Technical Services Division.

Jerry joins the NSF team from the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida where he served for 20 years in various positions, including supervisory positions in such specialized disciplines as Crimes Against Children, Domestic Violence and Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC).  While assigned to the State and Federal ICAC Task Force, Jerry developed ground-breaking techniques for using the CVSA® to identify and bring to justice serial child predators, which are now taught nationally.  These techniques were so significant and effective that in 2015 he received the National Association of Computer Voice Stress Analysts (NACVSA) annual Professor James L. Chapman Award for Excellence.  Jerry is considered an expert in interviewing and interrogation and has a confession rate well above 95%.  He is also an expert utilizing the CVSA and is highly experienced in conducting specialized covert and structured examinations.  Jerry holds a Master’s Degree in Science from the University of Central Florida.

Charles Humble, Founder of NITV Federal Services and the developer of the CVSA, states “We are very excited to have an individual with the qualifications and strong moral character of Jerry Crotty joining our team.  With his law enforcement background, especially in the ICAC arena, Jerry will bring a new dimension to an organization that is already recognized as the Gold Standard for our industry.”

In February 2018, Jerry Crotty, then a supervisor in the Manatee County, Florida Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Investigative Division, “retired to avoid a demotion and discipline,” as Jessica de Leon reported in April for the Bradenton Herald. Excerpt:

Former supervisor of Manatee sheriff’s child protection division opts to retire after demotion and facing suspension

April 04, 2018 06:08 PM
Updated April 05, 2018 09:46 AM

A former supervisor in the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office Child Protection Investigative Division has retired to avoid a demotion and discipline after an internal affairs investigation concluded he had been inappropriate and demeaning toward child protective workers. His supervisor was suspended and reassigned after a related internal affairs investigation concluded he did nothing to stop the behavior and participated in the berating of others.

Former Sgt. Jerry Crotty announced he would be retiring in a letter dated Feb. 4 to Capt. Brian Schnering in the Professional Standards Section. According to an internal affairs investigation concluded on Feb. 20, allegations that Crotty violated three general orders — harassment on the basis of disability, conduct unbecoming and failing to adhere to general orders — were sustained against him.

“Over the last year, my physical and mental health has been pushed beyond its limits and this time off of work has given the clarity that I need moving forward,” Crotty wrote. “When I started my career in 1997, I told my family that the day it was no longer fun and felt like work, I would resign. That day has come now.”

Crotty had been on medical leave but anticipated being cleared by his doctors on Feb. 19, he said. His resignation as a result was effective Feb. 20, just two days after his demotion to deputy in the Crime Against Children Section became effective, according to his personnel file. Crotty also said in his resignation letter that he wished to discuss the investigation with Schnering so that it could be closed properly and because he did not wish to resign while he was under investigation.

After a related investigation, Crotty’s supervisor, Lt. Barry Overstreet, was suspended for six days without pay and reassigned to the patrol division.

Crotty and Overstreet both supervised the Crimes Against Children section of the Child Protection Investigative Division, which handles criminal investigations, often working investigations in tandem with the Child Protection Section. The Child Protection Section handles all child welfare investigations in Manatee County for the Florida Department of Children and Families.

“Based upon a review of all documentation, evidence and interviews, it is apparent Sgt. Crotty demonstrated harassment based on a disability when he purposely spoke in a diminished tone in an effort to force Deputy Director Connie Keehner, a hearing impaired employee, to ask him to repeat himself,” Sgt. Paul Davis stated in the internal affairs report. “Furthermore, it is evident Sgt. Crotty utilized a pattern of influential comments, actions and/or omissions, as well as deliberately phrased electronic communications to forge a mindset of separation and contempt between his subordinates and the employees of the Child Protection Section.”

Read the rest of the story here.
It may seem curious that NITV founder Charles Humble would consider Jerry Crotty to be an individual of “strong moral character.” But then again, Humble doesn’t think there is anything wrong with his passing himself off as a Ph.D. based upon a “diploma” received following a 6-hour course of study at a strip mall Bible school.
It should also be noted that the National Institute for Truth Verification has admitted in federal court that the Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer “is not capable of lie detection.”

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  • Jerry Crotty is a disgrace to the criminal justice profession. Also, a total slob. The boy needs to learn to push himself away from the table and learn to work with others instead of stirring up trouble.

  • Jerry Crotty is a very talented individual. Unlike Anthony R, who obviously is a very jealous pos.

  • If so, why is Jerry Crotty wasting his time with a failing organization like NITV?

  • How is Jerry Crotty talented? I just see an individual that was forced out of his job due to a probable anti-social disorder since he thought it was funny to make fun of someone with a hearing disability and had to work for someone like Charles Humble, who himself is jealous of educated people to the point he paid for a fake doctorate from a bogus non-credited and now non-existent university.
    He could not possibly be talented in using the CVSA since Charles Humble admitted the device cannot detect if someone is lying.
    Finally, someone like me could never be jealous of someone like Jerry.

  • I saw Jerry Crotty on Court TV. They used him to analyze a woman’s body language who’s also a person of interest in the murder of her Ex Husband. Her name is Wendi. The thing is they already arrested the responsible party for it which was her own family because they had animosity towards her ex-husband. Well, they think Wendi was an accessory to it. Vinnie Politan who is the nighttime host on “Court TV” always expresses animosity towards Wendi. He has all of these sexist bigot conservatives on his show whenever she’s the topic of the conservation. As far as Jerry Crotty, I never heard of him until I saw him on Court TV. He immediately raised my suspicions, so I googled him, and it immediately led me to this page. Maybe someone can alert Court TV and let them know this Jerry Crotty guy is a fraud a not a true Body language expert.

  • Jerry Crotty and his partner in hucksterism, “Dr.” Charles Humble have made a living promoting pseudo-science like the computer voice stress analyzer and so-called body language analysis appear as legitimate forensic science for scientifically ignorant individuals. Court TV is an entertainment show, much like the Steve Wilkos show. While body language analysis is cute entertainment, I doubt any court would allow an “expert” witness in body language to testify in any sort of proceedings.

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