DIA Video on Ana Belen Montes Espionage Case

AntiPolygraph.org has obtained and is publishing a copy of a “For Official Use Only” video produced by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 2006 about the Ana Belen Montes espionage case. This never-before-published video, titled The Two Faces of Ana: Model Employee/Cuban Spy, includes interviews with Montes’ colleagues at DIA. The video mentions (at 16:31) that she used polygraph countermeasures to pass a 1994 DIA polygraph screening “test,” which facilitated her espionage:

The polygraph test in 1994 made her even more dangerous. By deflecting suspicion away from her, she was freer to pursue her espionage. And to pass the polygraph, she had used a countermeasure taught to her by the Cubans.

Regarding the significance of the Montes case for DIA polygraph policy, see Ignoring Science After Cuban Spy Ana Belen Montes Beat the Polygraph, DoD IG Recommended More Polygraphs. Regarding the ineffectiveness of DIA’s polygraph countermeasure detection efforts, see Leaked Documents Point to DIA’s Inability to Detect Sophisticated Polygraph Countermeasures.

You may also download this video as a 138 MB MKV file.

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  • My conviction is an admission by the government that; 1) Anyone can “beat” the polygraph test by simply knowing the difference between the relevant and the control questions and learning to relax on the relevant questions and how to show a reaction on the controls and 2) The polygraph industry is incapable of detecting the use of these so-called countermeasures. Knowing this – and my conviction is proof that they do in fact know this – it is incomprehensible, (and inexcusable) that the government continues to rely on the polygraph to protect our national security and the integrity of the criminal justice system. It is the very definition of insanity to continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome. The polygraph doesn’t work as a “lie detector”, it has never worked as a “lie detector” and to continue to use it as a “lie detector” is foolish and dangerous in the extreme!

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