A Final Appeal from Doug Williams to Stop the Madness of Polygraph “Testing”

A week before he is to begin serving a two year federal prison sentence, Doug Williams, the founder of Polygraph.com, has made a final appeal to the U.S. government to end its misplaced reliance on the pseudoscience of polygraphy. Williams, a former police polygraphist who offered training and instructional materials on how to pass a polygraph “test,” was targeted for entrapment in a sting operation dubbed Operation Lie Busters conceived by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection polygraph unit.


2 thoughts on “A Final Appeal from Doug Williams to Stop the Madness of Polygraph “Testing””

  1. Using the junk science polygraph hurts the government and the country, and the national security of the country, by excluding the best and the brightest: scientists and engineers who know how to study, how to research, and who are naturally curious. Every such scientist and engineer is going to research the polygraph at least a little bit, and learn that it is junk science, and that the rate of false positives is extraordinarily high. It is trivially easy to learn this on the internet. It is also easy to learn this by reading the academic peer-reviewed literature.

    National security would be improved by eliminating the polygraph, and doing good gumshoe detective work.

  2. The real villains are people like our DNI and the leaders of the military and three-letter agencies. They and most likely their families are protected from polygraph witchcraft yet they allow their subordinates to be subjected to this fraud and often ruined. Our leaders claim they undergo the same scrutiny, but I’ve never heard of a high-ranking government official who lost his/her clearance or job due to a polygraph. The question remains, are they all super good people or is there corruption and nepotism at the highest levels of government ? Our ‘leaders’ choose personal gain over their duty. I have often learned of high-ranking government officials whose sons and daughters follow them in obtaining sensitive government positions. Maybe I’ve missed something, but I’ve never heard of any of their children ever having a problem with the polygraph either.

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