Polygraph “Testing” at Issue in Canadian Armored Car Drivers’ Strike

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation mentions in a report dated 23 September 2010 that anticipated polygraph testing is among the causes of an armored car drivers’ strike in the provinces of New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island:

Armoured car drivers have set up picket lines across New Brunswick and P.E.I.
Members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who work for G4S Secure Solutions Canada went on strike at midnight Wednesday.
Union member Dan McPhee said wages, benefits and the expectation of mandatory polygraph tests are at issue.
“As it stands now, they can force us to take [a polygraph] and use it against us even though no one else follows that formula,” McPhee said. “If they suspect us of stealing they can bring us in, take one, and if it comes up inconclusive they say you must be stealing and ‘We’re letting you go.'”
The armoured car drivers stock ATMs for several banks including Royal Bank, CIBC and TD Bank branches. They also deliver money to several stores, including Costco, Wal-Mart and Canadian Tire.
The approximately 80 drivers are picketing busy areas, McPhee said, but their intention isn’t to hurt business.
“If they don’t wish to go into the bank because we are here on strike, that’s up to them,” McPhee said. “But we don’t want anyone to feel we are preventing them from doing their daily business.”
The union said company managers are filling in for the workers.
The company’s president couldn’t be reached for comment.
In comments posted to the article, “IslandMom” writes:
I know someone who worked for one of these companies for over 10 years. He was one of the hardest workers they had and he loved the job. There was some money missing and they forced him to take a polygraph. They said he failed and told him he either had to quit or they would fire him. He quit. About a month later, the boss was caught stealing money – turns out it was him all along.
Hope the guys and girls get the wages they deserve and better work conditions. Stand tall and fight!

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