Final Exam: CBS 60 Minutes II Report on Polygraph Screening

On 12 December 2001, CBS 60 Minutes II aired an investigative report on polygraph screening. Produced by Shawn Efran and reported by Scott Pelley, the report takes an in-depth look at the U.S. Government’s misplaced reliance on polygraph screening. The concerns raised in this report remain as valid today as they were five years ago. Indeed, despite overwhelming scientific evidence against polygraph screening, governmental reliance on it has actually grown.

For discussion of this report, including an unofficial transcript, see the message board thread, Poly Segment on 60 Minutes II, 12/12/01.

(The following video is 33 mb in size and may take some time to load)

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  • An examiner with 15+ years experience as a polygrapher, told me after I volunteered to take a polygraph exam, reference my involvement in an armed robbery. He stated a polygraph examiner can make the results of a polygraph exam give any result he wants it to give. If he wanted me to be deceptive I would have been deceptive. Following my exam he reported to the Police the only thing I wasn’t sure of was how much money was taken, all other statements I gave regarding the robbery was true. A funny side note the same examiner gave me a screening for 7/Elevyn stores as a clerk.

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