“Russian Army Trained Lie Detector Operators”

The Russian News & Information Agency Novosti reports:

MOSCOW, March 11 (RIA Novosti) – Last month a team of 26 lie detector operators, certified psychologists trained under a three-week program, graduated from the Russian Military University, reports Nezavisimoye Voennoye Obozrenie, an independent Russian defense weekly.

In the U.S., lie detectors, or polygraphs, have proved an efficient means of criminal and intelligence investigation, and personnel selection, while its use in the Soviet Union was perceived as a means of “torture, pressure, and human rights abuse.” From this day on, a new team of “electronic investigation officers” will help the Russian military to solve crimes.

According to Professor Vladimir Kruk of the Military University, who is in charge with the psychological re-training department, this program is the second attempt to train lie detector operators in Russia. In the first one, Americans helped Russians to train specialists for transportation of nuclear materials.

Experts say lie detector operators will be needed as the Russian Armed Forces attract more volunteers. Lie detectors will help to discard candidates for voluntary service, who might try to conceal unfitness or play down negative stories they have been involved in.

Alexei Ladchenko, a certified polygraph operator with the Moscow City Police, said polygraph was in extensive use in criminal investigations. Some polygrams, that is, papers or files with lie detector results, have been used as evidence in courts. The expert argues lie detectors could also help fight corruption.

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