“Marion Jones Wants BALCO Founder to Take Lie Detector”

Dick Patrick reports for USA Today:

Continuing efforts to clear her name that includes a $25 million lawsuit filed this week against Victor Conte, Olympic sprinter Marion Jones on Thursday challenged the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative founder to take a lie detector test.

Conte has accused Jones of taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Jones, whose defense team arranged a lie detector test that she passed, wants Conte to answer three questions:

•On April 21, 2001, did you observe Marion Jones inject herself with performance-enhancing drugs?

Conte told ABC’s 20/20 newsmagazine and ESPN The Magazine that he did see the five-time Olympic medalist from the 2000 Games do so.

•Have you ever leaked any grand jury testimony or other evidence related to the current criminal proceeding pending in federal court against you?

Conte has been indicted on federal charges of steroid distribution and money laundering.

•Have you ever observed Marion Jones illegally taking any performance-enhancing drugs?

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