“Police Union Asks City Leaders to Evaluate Polygraph Policy”

Ryan Panitz reports for KTVB News. Excerpt:

The Boise Police Union wants the city to re-evaluate the polygraph policy.

The union says the police department’s internal rules about taking lie detector tests are not fair if Boise Police Chief Don Pierce does not have to take one.

“The police officers are asking that the chief be held to the same standards as are they,” said Boise Police Union attorney Brian Donesley.

The Boise police union voted “no confidence” in Pierce on Monday. Union leaders took the step after Pierce refused to answer questions on a lie detector about his involvement in the administration of former Mayor Brent Coles and the investigation into misuse of public money.

The union argues if the chief can say no to a polygraph, then the current policy is not fair or consistent.

“The integrity of the whole thing is under challenge by his refusal to use it,” said Donesley. “He shouldn’t be able to order others to do it when he won’t submit to the same process.”

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