Ex-FBI Agent Who Had Affair With Suspected Double Agent Passed DOE Polygraph

AntiPolygraph.org has learned that William “Bill” Cleveland, Jr., a retired FBI counterintelligence agent who has admitted to having had a longterm sexual relationship with FBI informant and suspected Chinese double agent Katrina M. Leung, passed a Department of Energy (DOE) counterintelligence-scope polygraph examination. The “Test for Espionage and Sabotage” polygraph format used by DOE includes a question about unauthorized contact with any representative of a foreign government.

Cleveland became chief of counterintelligence and later, security, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory after his retirement from the FBI in 1993.

An informed source has told AntiPolygraph.org that Cleveland was among the first to be polygraphed under the expanded DOE polygraph screening program adopted in 1999. Cleveland was polygraphed in Albuquerque, New Mexico and passed.

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