“Florida Terror-Alert Students Refuse Lie Tests”

NewsMax.com reports. Excerpt:

Three Muslim medical students who were stopped by police on Friday and interrogated for 17-hours after allegedly making jokes and threats related to the 9/11 anniversary have declined to take lie detector tests to back up their denials.

The refusal came after their accuser, Georgia resident Eunice Stone, said she’d be willing to submit to a lie test to prove her story, challenging them to do the same.

“While the young men were willing to take a polygraph … we didn’t want them to take a polygraph at this time,” said the students’ lawyer, Khummar Wahid, in an interview Tuesday night on MSNBC’s “Phil Donahue Show.”

“There’s some scientific problems with taking a polygraph,” complained Wahid, who is part of a legal team representing the three students assembled by the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Wahid said he also feared the test may be used as evidence against his clients, explaining, “At this time we’re not 100 percent confident that the FDLE or Georgia or the FBI won’t be in some way trying to file some sort of criminal charges here.”

Khummar Wahid is absolutely right in counseling his clients to refuse to submit to any lie detector “test.” If you are ever suspected of a crime — whether innocent or guilty — it would be wise for you to refuse to submit. The “test” is a fraud that has no scientific basis whatsoever. “Passing” will not necessarily clear you of suspicion, while “failing” one of these pseudoscientific “tests” is highly prejudicial.

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