Steven Hatfill to Sue Nicholas Kristof over Polygraph Claim?

In an article titled, Anthrax ‘Subject’ Explores Filing Lawsuit against NYT Columnist for ‘Malicious Lies'” Internet writer Matthew Drudge reports that anthrax investigation “person of interest” Dr. Steven J. Hatfill is contemplating a lawsuit against New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof. Excerpt:

A foreshadow of legal fireworks over what has been reported about the Department of Justice’s anthrax “Subject of Interest” Steven Hatfill emerged Sunday after the germ warfare specialist declared to the cameras: “I am not the anthrax killer!”

Sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT that Hatfill has told his lawyers he wants to sue the NEW YORK TIMES and its terror columnist Nicholas Kristof for reporting last week: Hatfill has “failed three successive polygraph examinations since January.”

“This is a total lie,” Hatfill warned on Sunday. “I have not taken, let alone failed, three polygraphs on Anthrax since January. I had one polygraph session which the FBI did administer to me in January, and I was told I passed, and the examiner was satisfied that I had told the truth. Mr. Kristof never called me about this allegation, nor did he call my attorney.”

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