Hatfill Attorney Says Kristof Wrong on Polygraphs

In a 13 August 2002 op-ed piece titled “The Anthrax Files,” New York Times columnist Nicholas D. Kristof reported that anthrax investigation “person of interest” Dr. Steven J. Hatfill had “failed” three polygraph “tests” since January and declined a fourth. In an article titled “New Anthrax Clue, Same Hatfill Focus,” Hartford Courant staff writers Jack Dolan and Dave Altimari report that Dr. Hatfill’s lawyer, Victor M. Glasberg, has contested Kristof’s claim. Excerpt:

On Tuesday, New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof said Hatfill has failed three successive lie detector tests. In a statement issued through [Hatfill friend and spokesman Patrick] Clawson, Glasberg said, “Kristof is wrong on the polygraphs.”

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